The Best Anal Beads:

The Top 12 Anal Beads On The Market

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: May 3, 2023

Wait! Don't Put Anything Up Your Butt Until You Read This.

fun factory anal beads

This playful little guy known as Flexi Felix is bar none the most enjoyable set of anal beads I've ever laid my hands on.

It's just rigid enough for insertion to be a breeze, but flexible enough for things to not be 100% the same each and every time. I can't for sure whether or not his smirk grin and cute ears didn't also help win me over, but I definitely reach for Felix an overwhelming percentage of the time.

  • The diameter of each ball is 1"
  • It measures 15.5 inches long
  • It can be boiled for 3 minutes
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  • Friendly Face for Easy Chain Withdrawl
  • It measures 10 inches long
  • Made with 100% Silicone and Non-porous material
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  • Also known as jiggle balls
  • Weighted inner balls bump and roll when you move
  • Your movement controls the motion of the inner balls
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It's pretty easy to gain an affinity for anal play. I knew right from the very first time I'd welcome it each and every time I had sexual contact.

Of course, showing the bum some love requires some pretty specialized tools. 

Luckily for people like me I don't think there's ever been a shortage of anal beads.

If you aren't familiar with what I'm talking about, they're those sex toys that are made up of multiple beads that are all connected to the same shaft. Moving the beads in and out make for some sinful sensations, plus you could also leave them inserted while you get busy with a partner. There's not really a standard size for anal beads, I'm assuming lots of manufacturers are just guessing what's going to work out size wise.

So this has made a wide variety of philosophies in anal bead design. Many of them have bead sizes that vary wildly on the some toy while some others try to be as consistent as possible. No matter which one anyone happens to settle on, they should make sure there's a proper base to the beads so you don't lose them in your anal cavity. It just isn't a good look in the emergency room.

Here are the anal beads that have some major staying power in the industry:

My Personal Favoritedctblv2-table__imageFun Factory Flexi Felix
  • Friendly Face for Easy Chain Withdrawl
  • It measures 10 inches long
  • Made with 100% Silicone and Non-porous material
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dctblv2-table__imageSmoky Onyx Gemstones
  • The diameter of each ball is 1"
  • It measures 15.5 inches long
  • It can be boiled for 3 minutes
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My Wife's Favoritedctblv2-table__imageFun Factory B Balls
  • Also known as jiggle balls
  • Weighted inner balls bump and roll when you move
  • Your movement controls the motion of the inner balls
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dctblv2-table__imageThe 50 Shades of Grey: Pleasure Intensified Beads
  • Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Collection
  • Good for beginners because of gradated bead sizes
  • It can easily be removed using the finger hole
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dctblv2-table__imageLovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo
  • Made with borosilicate glass material
  • It measures 8 inches in total insertable length
  • It can be heated or cooled. Perfect for temperature sex plays
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dctblv2-table__imageFun Factory Bendy Beads
  • The toy is 10.5 inches in length with 8 inches of insertable length
  • Handle loop at the top for easy retrieval
  • More rigid than Flexi Felix
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dctblv2-table__imageTantus Progressive Vibrating Anal Beads
  • It comes with 3-speed vibrations and an entirely waterproof design
  • The size of the beats are ranging from 1.4 inches in diameter to 0.75 inches
  • Perfect for prostate massage and anal play
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dctblv2-table__imageBeaded Black Anal Dildo with Suction Cup Base
  • It measures 6.5 inches long with suction cup for hands-free fun
  • Made up of 6 beads for oscillate sensations
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dctblv2-table__imageAdam And Eve Vibrating Silicone Anal Beads
  • It measures 7.75 inches with an insertable length of 6 inches.
  • Made with waterproof material
  • Let you start slow with a .25 inches tip up to 1 inch for a thrilling, filling feel.
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dctblv2-table__imageDeluxe Vibro Balls
  • Enjoy the anal pleasure by popping one ball in at a time
  • It has a retrieval cord for easy handling
  • It has a diameter of 1.25 inches
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dctblv2-table__imageBooty Call Booty Beads
  • Made from premium silicone
  • E-Z pull handle
  • String of anal beads with a total length of 12 cm
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dctblv2-table__imageWaterproof Silicone Anal Beads
  • It measures nine inches long and made from Phthalate-Free silicone material
  • Long set of heart beads starting at 18mm and scaling gradually up to 25mm
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The Top 12 Anal Beads On The Market

fun factory anal beads

#1 - Fun Factory Flexi Felix (My Personal Favorite)

You've no doubt seen this cheeky bastard hanging around the internet in random pictures, well, his name is Flexi Felix and he wants to go up your ass.

Seriously though, it's a pretty classic toy and has some pretty smart features. The finger holes that make up the eyes of Felix are comfortable to use and allow control of the relatively small beads. Felix is made of silicone, flexible, and devilishly smooth, especially with the right lube.

Reminder: if you're ever tempted to just rip out anal beads as if you're starting a lawnmower, you should stop and reconsider this plan. It isn't going to be pretty.

This group of anal beads is for the well initiated anal enthusiast. The diameter of each ball is 1'' which isn't too large, but each ball is an inch and a half away from one another, making it a pretty long set.

Despite the gemstone name it's made from 100% safe and hypoallergenic silicone from Vixen Creations, I'm personally a big fan of the texture of their silicone. They're nice and firm thankfully, so there isn't much struggle to get the balls inserted.

I won't lie, I very seldom use the majority of this toy, it's pretty darn long. But whenever it's more about being full than going for something like prostate play I know I'll have more than I can handle.

#3 - Fun Factory B Balls (My Wife's Favorite)

They call these jiggle balls, but they're clearly anal beads. I wouldn't normally include a meager chain of just two anal beads on a list like this, but there's a hidden benefit inside the B balls.

These little balls are my wife's favorite of all the toys on the list, which I figure is worth mentioning.

Weights inside each ball ensure that with each and every minor shake creates some inner movement completely independent of an electric motor. I can't think of any other toys that work in this way, the best way to describe it is as reactive sensations based on whatever movement the user happens to do. 

Pretty good concept with a pretty good payoff, I'd say. The substantial handle makes it easy to move these in & out and are the best option for those who want the bare minimum when it comes to anal beads but still have a memorable time.

Now time for some less intimidating looking beads. These taper down to a fine point where they can be inserted and gentled work their way up to a much larger size. If I was going to use any beads explicitly for getting as deep as I could, these would be the most comfortable.

Something like this is probably the most stereotypical guess for what anal beads must look like, and there's a reason for that cliche.  They're satisfying and very accessible for any level of anal experience. 

Removal is a cinch thanks to the finger hole.

As great as silicone in, I like having a few different materials to work with so it isn't all toys of similar smoothness and firmness. Did I mention you can use silicone based lubes with glass toys? Yeah, that alone is worth it for me.

Silicone lubes just have much more slickness & staying power. The only downside of glass anal beads is that you can't have thin connectors between beads as the toy would easily shatter. The smoothness of glass and ridiculously easy cleaning process is what keeps a few glass pieces in my collection no matter how gung-ho I am in my spring cleaning.

Not to mention, this bad boy measures a whopping 8 inches in total insertable length.

What's better than just throwing a toy in some boiling water for a few minutes for guaranteed sanitation?

I'm glad Fun Factory is around ,since they provide a lot of affordably priced safe toys that are pretty simple, we're talking the under $50 stuff here. It's hard to find these toys from the more "luxury" sex brands so I'm glad there's someone worth trusting. I do think that their catalog isn't 100% bulletproof in that regard, but enough things are. Make sure to always read as much as you can about any toy you plan on buying.

These bendy beads are more rigid than say, Flexi Felix, but still have a good amount of give to them. Leverage can make all of the difference when it comes to anal toys, and that applies to both men and women.

Of course these needed to be mentioned since they fill an important need, sometimes you need just a bit of flexibility.

This puppy is a must have if you absolutely can't go without vibrations but still want a full sized set of anal beads.

With three speeds to choose from and an entirely waterproof design, there's a lot of possibilities for these bad boys. I highly recommend them to anyone who's just starting out and wants to feel as much as they during play time so they can decide whether or not anal beads are truly for them.

The widest beat is 1.4'' in diameter while the smallest is 0.75'', it's also a good toy for testing just how big you like your anal toys. This can come in handy when shopping for a butt plug or prostate massager, so don't underestimate just what you can do with some quality anal beads.

So this one might only toe the line between dildo and anal bead, but it's meant to go up your butt and it's beaded, so that's close enough for me. The picture might make this toy seem intimidating but the toy actually measures 6.5 inches.

Why I felt it merited inclusion was the suction cup base.  This enables the user to just stick it to the wall and slowly bring themselves back further down the shaft instead of being stuck forcing your anal beads in your hiney yourself. I'm all about options, okay?

There's a little bit of flexibility in this unit that further adds to why I'm a big fan. It's pretty forgiving so I recommend it to any novices to the world of anal play.

Another good option for those who like vibrating anal beads. There's seven different patterns this time around, so everything from intermittent pulsing to escalation and descending vibration patterns on are offer. Not too bad, you never know what kind of sensation is best for you until you give it a shot.

It's also a good choice for those who want more bead than divider in their toys, each bead is practically touching the one before it for a much fuller experience overall, but don't be surprised if you don't manage to get the toy in all the way.

It's pretty easy to change settings while in use, I wouldn't worry about the button being too much to press while in the heat of the moment.

These types of beads allow for a much more dynamic  type of stimulation than balls with more rigid connectors. Because of how flexible they are it's essentially a guarantee the balls won't be in the exact same place they were last time.

One thing I didn't know I liked as much as I was going to would be the weighted countermeasures in each ball. How it works is that every minor movement translates into these weights rolling around and creating a massage like experience while in use. The more you move, the more the weights well, so customize accordingly.

They can be a bit more of a challenge to use than the more rigid balls, but you'll be able to figure out quickly how to best manipulate them. Be careful if you do insert all four balls (unlikely), you'll be at risk of losing the retrieval ring.

Now here's one that has a nice curve on the end that can be used to great effect no matter what your gender identity happens to be. Women will delight in how the angled bead can play with the shared wall between the anus and the vagina, while men can get some quality prostate play in thanks to the slight curve.

Hell, even if you manage to get past the first bead the second does a good job at scratching at the prostate. It's a set of anal beads that requires a bit more careful placement & you should also care not to move too quick, but for those wh know what's up it's very much worth the extra effort.

The widest bead is only 1.25'' in diameter, it's far from a gigantic toy.

Silicone far too often means "black, boring, standard." So that's why these nice light blue beads were a good break up in the monotny of barely different black beads.

You'll notice all of the beads lead directly into one another, this nine inch long string has beads each 0.75'' in diameter shines best when each individual bead is making it's way inside. The consistent rise and drop in pressure is divine, it's one of the better choices for those who like consistent insertion and remval of their anal beads.

The playful and inviting colors makes it way less intimidating i'll tell you that much.

What Do Anal Beads Feel Like?

Unlike a male masturbator, dildo, or vibrator, constant non-stop sensation isn't really the name of the game for anal beads. While it's entirely possible to dedicate a session to anal bead only-play, they'll typically used as sexual accessories to be used as foreplay or to be worn during more involved sexual contact.

Most of the pleasure from using anal beads comes from each individual bead pushing it's way past the contracting muscles around the sphincter (entrance of the anus). As each bead makes its way through or out of the sphincter there's a seriously addicting wave of pleasure that overcomes the user. Some anal beads are less individual beads and more like wands that have beads throughout. Those beads are much better at playing with specific portions of the anal cavity or even massaging the prostate, but the same principle applies with both rigid and free-floating anal beads.

Anal Bead Guidelines

Here's a few useful tips to help you in the purchasing process as well as the actual utilization of anal beads:

  • Carefully check the integrity of the structure  of your beads before purchase, these are some cheaply made beads that are tied together with cheap, poorly knotted strings. You wouldn't want to lose a bead inside of you thanks to a faulty connector, now would you?
  • Only use anal beads after the whole toy has been adequately lubed up. Anal play always requires lube since the anus is not self-lubricating.
  • There's nothing wrong with starting small and working your way up to bigger beads. It's one thing to be underwhelmed by beads that a too small, it's another to end up hurting yourself because you dreamed too big.

That's mostly it, with this list and those tips there's pretty much nothing stopping you from a night of anal pleasure.

Go out there and enjoy yourself!

Be sure to let me know your favorite set of anal beads down in the comments below!

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