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Eva Lovia Fleshlight Girls Review June 2021

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: June 23rd, 2021

Discovering pornstars is the horny equivalent of winning the lottery. There are few things in the world as good as the first time you find her, then searching her up and finding out she’s been in a lot of smut.

Next thing you know, you’re frequenting her videos every time you’re left alone. This was my experience when I first stumbled upon an unfairly gorgeous Japanese-Spanish, former Hooters girl-turned-model named Eva Lovia.

I thank god every day for the talent recruiter who first saw her and enticed her into our horniest dreams.

Now, we can also thank Fleshlights for creating a product that turned our insatiable and insanely hot sexual muse into a ridiculously addictive sex toy. I’ve never had a small load while using the Eva Lovia fleshlight.

Prepare to literally be drained out every time you use this, especially when you’re accompanying your fap session to any video of hers.

About Eva Lovia

There are models who are just too good looking for porn. Eva Lovia is easily one of them and my cock has zero complaints about that.

Whether it’s her Spanish skin’s complexion, her cute freckles, ridiculously tight body and an ass that just won’t quit, Eva Lovia is the complete package.

She’s horny as hell, which has been proven time and time again from her porn debut in 2013 and winning the 2015 Digital Playground Star award, and she’s still going strong as ever. 

Eva Lovia Sugar Fleshlight (Vagina)

The Eva Lovia Sugar fleshlight follows the usual formula: open up the cap, lube up your willy and the fleshlight, stick it in and have a field day (adjust the cap at the end for tightness and release.)

However, the Sugar is relentless in terms of pleasure after dicking around in it. It has four completely different chambers that can honestly make you cum individually. 

The first chamber (0 - 2.5 inches in) is made up of angled, circular ribs and a narrow entrance. 

The second chamber (2.5 - 4 inches in) also has a narrow entrance and horizontally angled ribs.

The third chamber (4 - 7 inches in) is where all the magic begins. There is a slightly narrower part with multiple small nubs that are placed close to each other. 

It later widens up and features larger oval shaped dots that have more space in between them.

The fourth chamber (7 - 9.5 inches in) is where the magic really happens. You’ll feel a ridiculously tight chamber with spiral like ribs that are close together, each one tightly wrapping around your lil guy. If that’s not enough, at the very end are three pronounced dots to greet the tip of your dick with a climactic greeting. 

Eva Lovia Sugar - Post Nut Observations

I loved every second of this fleshlight. 

There is a lot of ribbed action going here (as opposed to other fleshlights that have more dots or nubs) so if you’re a fan of ribbed textures, the spirals and spacing of each one really makes all the difference for a decent finish to an explosive orgasm. 

I’m just above average in terms of dick length, so I only got some hints of the fourth chamber, but mainly “operated” in the first 3 chambers. Admittedly, the Eva Lovia fleshlight targets more well endowed men, but most Fleshlight products do the same. 

Overall, the Eva Lovia fleshlight is a guaranteed great time, but if you’re packing more than 7 inches down there, you can really enjoy all 4 chambers to your dick’s content.

Eva Lovia Spice Fleshlight (Butthole)

If you’ve seen Eva Lovia’s butthole, you’d want to get inside it as quickly as I do. It operates the same as the Sugar--lube up and stick your cock in it--but obviously, because it’s supposed to replicate a butthole, it’s a lot tighter. There are the same two caps, the cover and the back cap that adjusts tightness and release.

The Eva Lovia Spice fleshlight contains two chambers, but is equally orgasmic in terms of its combination of features and ridiculous tightness.

The first chamber (0 - 2.5 inches in) is made up of an accordion-like texture, where the many numerous ribs are placed very close together. 

The second chamber (2.5 - 9 inches in) makes up most of the fleshlight. You’ll feel a narrow texture with dots, and then many flat circular nubs all surrounding your rocket until about 6 inches. After that, you’ll start to feel long vertical stripes, which really add to the tightness aspect, but nothing really beyond that.

Eva Lovia Spice - Post Nut Observations

Not as thrilling as the Eva Lovia Sugar, but still pretty good. The tightness of the fleshlight was really amazing to feel (I had to use a lot of lube as you can imagine) and I liked how there were two chambers, so you didn’t have to be a size king to really enjoy it.

However, it got pretty bland relatively quickly. Luckily the Eva Lovia fleshlight comes with both, because between the two, I’d pick the Sugar every time.

Where I Bought Mine

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With the actual site, you can be sure that the quality will be top notch, and any of the links on this page will lead you directly to Fleshlight’s official site.

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It’s unfair how hot Eva Lovia is, but that will never be a problem for anyone who enjoys porn.

With the Eva Lovia Sugar fleshlight, modeled after her vagina, you get 4 fantastic chambers that can make you cum instantly if you lose control too fast. With ribbed textures throughout, with dots and nubs making sparse appearances, your cock will undoubtedly feel every feature of this well-detailed fleshlight. If you’ve got a smaller dick, you won’t feel the last chamber, but even so, you have enough features to empty out your load to the last drop.

With the Eva Lovia Spice fleshlight, modeled after her butthole, you get a remarkably tight, two-chambered fleshlight that will hug your dick to the point of orgasmic release. Although the chambers can get a little boring, you can really get off on the tightness alone.

I hope my Eva Lovia fleshlight review has been helpful to you. If you’re still on the fence….Why? Just take one look at her!

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