Fleshlight VStroker Review:

Testing Out The VStroker By Fleshlight

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: June 30th, 2023

No matter what your opinion is on their toys, there's no doubt out there that Fleshlight absolutely dominates the male masturbator space both online and offline.

Because of that, it's just about the only toy out there that actually has aftermarket parts & accessories.

Want to mount it on a wall? You can do that.

Want to have the toy fuck you instead of the other way around? You can do that.

Any quick & easy physical modification to the Fleshlight you can think of is represented somehow in aftermarket Fleshlight parts. But what about digital modifications?

Sure, there are videos out there that you can sync the Fleshlight Launch and a number of other toys to, but ultimately that's just changing the toy based on the video. How about changing the video based on the toy? That's exactly what the Vstroker sets out to do. V as in virtual, stroker as in you stroke your genitals with it.

The Vstroker allows the movements of the Fleshlight to be translated into movement on a video, bringing us another step closer to being able to have sex with our favorite adult actresses.

What Is The Vstroker?

If you want to make use of the Vstroker, let me preface this by saying you need a regular, full sized Fleshlight to enjoy what the Vstroker has to offer.

For the purposes for this review, I used my trusted Fleshlight STU.

On to the item itself. The Vstroker is made up of two parts, the cap and the USB receiver.

It works just like the Wii does, actually. The cap can be considered your "controller" and it attaches to any classic Fleshlight case except for the clear models, although the Flight can be used if you have the adapter that was initially designed for it to be used in the Shower Mount.

This cap transmits the movements of the Fleshlight to the USB receiver, which in turn communicates with your PC and the interactive video.

It's a pretty simple concept, but the Fleshlight Vstroker over delivers for its cheap price tag.

All this mention of videos, what am I talking about?

Well, this toy is ingeniously made for Vstroker enabled videos where every movement of the Fleshlight turns into an on-screen movement. Every thrust, pull back, and movement is replicated on screen with all of the moans and groans you'd expect. Most well known pornstars have their own Vstroker enabled videos, with a few up-and-comers here and there.

Buying the toy gives you access to 2 free videos for life and a 14 day trial subscription to their website. As of this article, there are 66 videos available to be bought from their website. Their website does mention compatibility  with third party videos as well, though I've yet to use my Google-fu to track down any. Also included is a pair of 3D glasses to further engage the senses, it's the red-and-blue variety, not the more modern kind of 3D, but still.

To top it all off, it's powered by two AAA batteries, so as long as you have a few of those laying around there's nothing stopping you from enjoying virtual sex.

What I Think About The Vstroker

As impressive as technology has came, for less than $40 from Fleshlight I was expecting more of a gimmick than anything else. A controllable gif was pretty much what I expected. Luckily, I was proven wrong.

The cap itself doesn't add enough heft to a Fleshlight for it to be too noticeable, plus I personally say that the balance of the attachment was thought out pretty well. Long story short, it doesn't change how easy a Fleshlight is to use or tire out your hand prematurely.

Two AAA batteries later and away I go! All scenes are in POV and the actor in some of them was nice and slightly-out-of-shape just like myself! Nice to know they picked an everyman for the job.

I was surprised at how much audio and video footage there was for each scene and that it never felt like I was just watching a video set to loop at different speeds. Going from blowjob to missionary to doggystyle all while Lisa Ann cheers me on was something I never thought I'd get to enjoy, even if only virtually. My biggest possible gripe was dealt with in one fell swoop, this is a lot more than some re-purposed Wii innards.

Standard videos where I decide how rough the session is going to get are just one thing, I still use the Vstroker Hero function to this day. It's just like Guitar Hero except you have to use the Fleshlight as your controller. The goal is to keep pace all while not reaching orgasm yourself, it added a whole new routine for me to add to my normal STU experience. Go too slow or too fast and you'll fail, and if you cum too quick you won't get the benefit of the interactive ejaculation scene at the end.

Once they figure out how to pair this with pornography already available for the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, we'll be able to enjoy a fully immersive pornographic experience right from home. With some of the more affordable options coming from Oculus, that means once they do that it's just around $700 for the kind of virtual porn experience you'd expect a Black Mirror episode to be centered around.

Where Can You Get One?

The cheapest place to get yourself a Vstroker is without a doubt the official Fleshlight website.

Not only will you get the best price and free shipping but you'll also get the piece of mind that you're going to receive a genuine Fleshlight product in the mail in a few days.

Also, use coupon code "DrClimax10" to get yourself an extra 10% off. Click here to redeem!

I wouldn't recommend buying a Fleshlight product anywhere but directly from the manufacturer. This way you'll avoid the possibility of receiving a fake product and get a great deal.

What more can you ask for?

Final Words

Okay Vstroker, you got me, your Fleshlight add-on isn't just a waste of conductors and microchips. It's a fully immersive and surprisingly well thought out VR add-on with very few noticeable seams.

If your average Fleshlight + porn experience just isn't doing the same things for you as it used to, or you just like to see what exactly this bad boy can do, it is absolutely worth the time and money. I'm hoping for more third-party content myself, but their library is currently big enough for me to not talk too much smack.

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