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Lovense Diamo

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 14th, 2021

The Lovense Diamo is a vibrating cock ring that is supposed to make your orgasms that much stronger and also give you a harder and prolonged erection. Angela was telling me all about this, so I decided to pick up this ring for my cock and see if it gets Don’s seal of approval.

For those of you who haven't dabbled in cock rings before, they are supposed to make your erections larger and longer. They work to limit the blood flow to your weapon down there, making you last a little longer in bed as well. Trust me when I say being able to have sex for longer without cumming is a great thing.

In this Lovense Diamo review, I'm going to share my own personal experience with the product along with the specs and design along with any other important information. Hopefully by the end of this you’ll be able to decide if you want to give the Lovense Diamo a chance with you or your partner’s cock.

Specs and Design

Let’s talk about what comes with the Lovense Diamo first. Inside was, of course, the Lovense Diamo cock ring, a magnetic USB charging cable, a nice black bag for storing it and concealing it, a user manual, and a quick setup guide.

Because the Lovense Diamo does have Bluetooth capabilities, this user manual and setup guide quickly teaches you how to take full advantage of all of its features.

Looking at the material of the Lovense Diamo, it’s made of a high quality completely body safe silicone. The material is actually quite comfortable and I was surprised with how it felt when around my penis. 

I was also impressed to find that the Lovense Diamo is 100% waterproof, making cleaning it extremely easy after I’m done wearing it. Some of our sex sessions can get rather messy as well if you know what I mean, therefore being able to submerge it without worry is amazing for a toy with a motor.

Taking a look at the sizing of the Lovense Diamo cock ring, it’s got a diameter of 1.75 inches where you insert your penis. This should be perfect for most people and the ring is also quite elastic. The vibrating end of the Lovense Diamo is about 1.3 inches wide and the base near the ring is 2.55 inches. 

Overall, the Lovense Diamo is 5.24 inches in length. I find the Lovense Diamo is a nice size, with it being discreet, but still providing a great deal of power on the vibrating tip.

Roughly you are going to be getting about 2.5-3 hours of continuous use with the Lovense Diamo before you have to charge it again. You won’t really need to worry about it running out of battery if you are using it in the bedroom as long as you make sure you charge it after every session. If you do want to get a little kinky and wear the Lovense Diamo out in public, you might run into a few issues with battery life.

One of the final things to talk about is the noise of the Lovense Diamo. I love that it is very quiet and discreet. I can go about my day wearing the Lovense Diamo and have it vibrating on my cock quite heavily and no one will be the wiser.

Moving on to the functionality of the toy, what makes the Lovense Diamo stand out is how powerful it is when vibrating my penis. If you want to use it manually, there are 8 pre-set vibration patterns to choose from. 

Playing around with them, I did love some of the more customized vibrations, however I wish there was more than one button on the Lovense Diamo to change presets.

One of the shining features with the Lovense Diamo is that, like most Lovense products, it can be connected via Bluetooth to a phone for remote play. All you need to do is download the Lovense App on your phone. It's both Android and iPhone compatible, so don’t worry about the type of phone you have.

Lovense Diamo

The features on the app are standard with most Lovense products but I still love them.

  • Remote: You can control the intensity of the Lovense Diamo from the phone
  • Music: The Lovense Diamo syncs up with the music from your phone so you can orgasm to the beat
  • Sound: I personally love this one. The Lovense Diamo responds to the noise around it and increases in intensity as things get louder. If you can really make your partner moan, this thing is going to be vibrating a ton for you.
  • Alarm: If you want to be right in the mood when you wake up or set a time for sex, the alarm will get the Lovense Diamo vibrating when you specify
  • My Patterns: This is another fantastic feature of the Lovense Diamo as you can program your own custom vibrations and use it. I love starting off slow and then pushing the Diamo as fast as it can go before bringing it back down again. This gets me to edge quite a bit and when I finally orgasm, it is one of the best feelings ever.

The final thing I want to note in the specs and design of the Lovense Diamo is that it can be worn in a variety of different ways. You can wear it around your balls, just on the shaft, or in several other ways to change up the experience each time. The manual does a nice job of showing you these positions as well so don’t worry if you are having trouble visualizing this.

My Experience With the Lovense Diamo

It’s time to get to the good stuff, the part all of you have been waiting for. How does the Lovense Diamo feel when it's wrapped around my cock? After everything was lubed up properly, the Lovense Diamo felt great around my shaft. It gave me that pleasant tightness I was looking for, but it wasn’t painful.

I first decided to go through the modes by myself and try them out. As I mentioned before, the Lovense Diamo has standard presets in manual mode so it wasn’t too different from anything I’ve tried before. 

The single button on there can be a let down if you are quickly wanting to jump from one pattern to the next, but overall it’s not bad. Let’s face it though, one of the reasons why I was so excited about the Lovense Diamo was because of the remote play ability, not the manual mode.

I paired the Lovense Diamo to my phone and gave it a try and I can say that this was a fantastic experience. I moved the cock ring to various positions to try out how things felt. My personal favorite was when the Lovense Diamo was around both my penis and balls with the vibrating arm resting on the top of my shaft. Those powerful vibrations were fantastic and I was having trouble staying quiet.

I now decided to give my phone over to Angela and let her play around with the settings and give me pleasure. I love when someone else controls the Lovense Diamo because I never know what to expect yet. Angela is an expert working with things like this and let me tell you, I was getting shivers down my spine.

Finally, we both had enough of the foreplay and decided to try the Lovense Diamo out during a nice session of passionate lovemaking.

The Lovense Diamo was able to make me last a lot longer than I normally would, which Angela was incredibly happy with. 

We tried the sound setting out as well to see how it would work and it was quite interesting. You do have to be overly loud if you want it to pick up your voices and react accordingly, so make sure you’re vocal in the bed. After about a minute I decided to joke around and yell extremely loud to get the Lovense Diamo really vibrating.

While I laughed at first, that thing kicked into overdrive and really got me going. Let’s just say that because of how good it felt, I was able to get someone else rather vocal in the bedroom, which then continued to power the Lovense Diamo. It’s a great setting and you should definitely try it out at least once or twice to see what it feels like.

After that great sex session, I submerged the Lovense Diamo in water and gave it a nice cleaning with some soap. Make sure you get all of the lube off of it, you don’t want to have a dirty ring left on your penis. Once I dried it, I simply put it back into the bag and kept it near the bed, ready for use for another day.

Final Thoughts

I have to say that I was rather impressed with the Lovense Diamo and what it can do for my friend down there. The elastic soft Silicone makes it so that the toy is tight, but it isn’t painful. It’s a great cock ring for experienced users and new users and I love that fact. Whether you are looking for discreet play, or simply want to last longer in the bedroom, the Lovense Diamo will be a great companion for you.

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