Cobra Libre 2 Review:

Testing Out The Cobra Libre Penis Head Vibrator

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: May 8th, 2023

 Most male toys focus on the entirety of the genitalia to get the job done, but what about the Cobra Libre II?

Just the tip, baby.

This toy looks like an adorable little vacuum cleaner, and it is as endearing as it is functional. This toy is not meant for whole penis stimulation, it instead focuses on the glans more or less exclusively through vibrating motors. It's of German design and if my Volkswagen was any indication those krauts know a thing or two about quality engineering.

Design & Specs

The main part of the glans it works to stimulate is the "corona," a term fairly foreign to me. The corona of the glans is the edge of the glans where the penis is most round and wide.

These vibrating stimulating pulses work their way towards the underside of the glans as well as do all the right things to the frenulum, making sure not to neglect any inserted portion of the glans.

It is the 2nd generation of the Cobra Libre line of male vibrators, and as such Fun Factory has gotten with the times to ensure it isn't lacking in the modern features that are now not only desirable but to some essential. These features would be that the toy is rechargeable, waterproof, and made with 100% medical grade body safe silicone in the insertable portion and ABS plastic on the control portion.

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How Does It Work?

If you're only looking at pictures online of the device, you'd think it's a fairly large unit. I was surprised when I took it out of to box to discover it's just short of six inches long in total with the insertable portion being approximately thee inches, although inserting three inches worth of penis isn't really possible.

The opening itself is one and a half inches wide, but I'd say this is a feature as opposed to a bug as it makes for a very snug experience once the penis is inserted.

It is marketed as a "guybrator" and while I find that term corny, I'd say the term was coined because most people would assume a "male vibrator" goes up the butt instead of on the penis, so I'll let it slide.

The Cobra Libre II is a male vibrator that's meant for the glans to be inserted into and then taken care of by two alternating motors and up to 11 different vibrating patterns of which the intensity is controllable. 

The original Cobra Libre was released at a time where there was really only two options in the way of male toys: strokers/thrusters or prostate stimulators.  A toy dedicated just to the glans just wasn't registering as a viable option for people who'd rather make a full sized toy. This toy changed that forever. It's allegedly loosely based on an old British car known as the AC Cobra, which would make sense with the name, but I'll never not see a miniaturized vacuum cleaner whenever I stare it down.

What was improved in the Cobra Libre II is that the finger touch controls were changed to dedicated buttons for ease of use purposes and the motors were tweaked in where they apply pressure to the glans.

They upgraded the variety of vibration patterns and it allegedly charges faster than the original model, although I only have the Libre 2 so I'm unable to verify that claim myself.

They come in a few colors too which is always nice, I suppose.

The Cobra Libre II is completely waterproof which is helpful since this toy 100% requires the use of some kind of lubricant, plus the ability to bring it in the shower with me always makes for an interesting time.

My Experience Using It

I had some free time when I got first got the Cobra, so naturally the first thing after I did after unboxing was make sure it was fully charged and taken for a proper spin around the block. Yee-haw, right?

Inserting the glans inside the toy without lubricant is ill-advised,  while it may be soft and accommodating, it's fairly cramped even for those who aren't particularly well-endowed.

The addition of lubricant for pure comfort's sake is necessary and it helps to fully transfer all of the vibrations to the body. As it is a silicone-based toy, do not use any silicone based lubricants unless you want to warp the already delicately shaped interior (you don't, trust me).

Thin water based lubricants are your best bet for getting the most out of a session.

Since there were so many complaints about the controls on the original Cobra Libre, Fun Factory kind of went above and beyond in designing the button controls for their second edition.

There are three buttons: FUN, plus, and minus. FUN functions to turn the toy on and off or lock the toy to a specific setting or off entirely.

The toy comes locked and you need to hold the FUN button down for about a second before it is unlocked. After that, a quick additional push of the FUN button will turn the toy on or off. The plus and minus buttons work to increase or decrease the intensity of the toy, respectively.

So, after it is lubed up and turned on there are two options: using it while standing up/sitting down with the toy inserted from a lateral angle or while laying down and bringing the toy down onto the penis.

I'm personally a fan of using it while standing up because I like how gravity affects the toy more in that position, there's more pleasurable sensations to the top and bottom of the head of the penis as opposed to more pressure going onto the tip, but it is still worth experimenting to see how you can get the toy to manipulate your banjo-string (the piece of tissue on the underside of the glans) best, as the Libre's motors do wonders on the frenulum.

The toy starts at a medium vibration level so if you pre-insert and turn it on it might be a bit too much too fast, so use caution. Sometimes I like to pre-insert because of how finnicky the entrance is, but with enough water-based lubricant and starting at the lowest setting with a raging hard-on I don't have too much trouble getting to where I need to go.

The low intensity levels are sensual and caring while the higher levels are impassioned and fierce. I would like to warn my readers that this toy is loud. It's pushing the limits at the lower settings and completely noticeable at the higher settings, so it is not what I would describe as discreet.

I can't tell the exact difference between each and every single of the 11 different vibration modes, but I'd say there are 3-4 different "base" modes with 3-4 different "modifications" each. The two vibrating motors stimulate the entirety of my glans in ways that usually have me forced to sit down once the intensity is cranked up sufficiently.

The biggest downside of the small insertable area is that upon ejaculation this is probably one of the messiest toys I own, liquids take form of whatever container they are in and if there isn't any room left there's nowhere else for it to go but around my head and out the sides, withdrawing the penis a bit before this happens makes it more manageable.

All in all, I really like this style of toy and I'm interested in what competitors will come up with to try and top the Libre II. It's shockingly intense and the amount of different vibration modes make it far from a one trick pony. Feeling the edges of the head of my penis getting taken care of while the other motor teases my banjo string is like having someone with Gene Simmons level tongue ability go down on me.

I can get several sessions from a fully charged battery, I've seldom had the toy conk out on me mid wank and it comes bundled with an 8 inch long USB charger. It does not come with a wall adapter so you'll need to hope you have an extra from a phone charger or be stuck with the slow-charge from a computer.

You can see what other customers had to say about the Cobra Libre II by reading verified customer reviews!

Where Can You Get One?

If you'd like to pick one up for yourself, the best price I was able to find when shopping around is at We've also been given the opportunity to pass some savings on to you guys by Lovehoney themselves by offering a 10% discount redeemable if you click any of the buttons or hyperlinks on this page. Remember, you should have the Cobra Libre name copied (highlight) so you can paste it as the link takes you to the homepage, wish we could change it.

I bought mine from Lovehoney because they offered the lowest price I could find and it comes with free shipping to boot. Lovehoney's shipping was discreet, there's nothing that gives away what's inside that box that comes in the mail.

Lasting Impressions

If you absolutely need some kind of friction or the ability to stroke/pump into a toy, this is not the choice for you. A light shake is possible, but nothing more. It functions explicitly in a stationary position and lets the two internal motors do all of the work, which it accomplishes spectacularly.

Charging without a wall adapter is a long process and I don't recommend it, so try and find an extra USB power cube laying around and plug it into the wall. There's an LED display that shows how far along the device is in the charging procedure.

In conclusion, the Cobra Libre II is loud, proud, and ready to make you feel things beyond your wildest dreams.

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