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My Review For The Playmate iryna Stroker: Why It Gives All Other Masturbators A Run For Their Money

Is It Really Worth It?

The Playmateiryna Stroker, June 2021

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: July 10th, 2021

Pocket pussies are all fun and games until you discover your new favorite porn star. Whether you’re sitting there happily busting your nut deep inside your favorite masturbator or sleeve while watching porn or if you’re going the non-visual route and just relying on your imagination and the feeling of the toy, nothing gets you more excited than seeing a new model (with all of her curves, smiles, and oh so many sexy possibilities) on screen.

You start to frantically search her up, look for any video or picture that can get you going and then happily introduce your cock (and cum) with your new girl. It’s the classic X-rated fairytale--a match made in… your bedroom.

In this case, this time my horniness magically fapped its wings all the way to Voronezh, Russia, right into the ridiculously sexy life of Iryna Ivanova, who is literally wet-dream fuel for anyone who has eyes.  

Better known to many as @playmateiryna, the voluptuous, perma-horny tease of Instagram and other social media outlets, she has partnered up with Doc Johnson and his Main Squeeze product line to give us all something to be fappy about: the Playmateiryna Stroker.

Playmateiryna has about 5.5 million followers and is likely growing daily, but tonight and for as many nights as you want, she’s all yours, and she’s begging for you to give her your entire load.

Who is Playmateiryna?

With her 44E tits, neverending ass and perfect face, Playmateiryna first rose to prominence in August 2011 after being Playboy’s Playmate of the Month and has been killing it since.

Standing at 5’4” too, she’s showing that she’s a little minx who can pack a huge punch into our horny tendencies, and with her pocket pussy at our disposal, we can put her to work and see how well she can prove it.

As mentioned above, she has 5.5 million followers throughout her social media accounts, so she is universally regarded as ridiculously hot--go check her out yourself if you don’t believe me!

About the Playmateiryna Stroker

As one of the biggest competitors to Fleshlight, Doc Johnson’s Main Squeeze product line features some grade A porn talent, with Blair Williams, Mia Malkova, Faye Valentine, Sasha Grey, Remi Lacroix and now Playmateiryna on their successful line of male masturbators.

After having Doc Johnson mold their pussies into identical replicas for you to purchase and fuck, they have produced many a happy customer, and the newest addition of Playmateiryna only adds to that success rate.

Material & Dimensions

Made with the unique, supple and soft Ultraskyn material, the Playmateiryna Stroker provides the most realistic experience imaginable, given its smoothness and soft caress, and the fact that it will warm up according to your body temperature to enhance the feeling of every thrust.

The entire Ultraskyn stroker features a sleek hard case that has a squeezable grip on it to allow your hand to do all the adjustments you want to bring your fap session to the next level, whether you’re stamina training or just trying to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Main Squeeze male masturbators pride themselves on the customizable capabilities of their products, so the squeezable grip is a huge plus for this brand--Fleshlight products, on the contrary, do not usually have the squeeze feature.

Like most Main Squeeze and Fleshlight products, there is an end cap that you can twist completely on, off, or stop anywhere in between, to control the suction of your male masturbator. 

When it comes to dimensions, the Playmateiryna stroker compares to most pocket pussies. Coming in at 9 inches long (8.5 inches of insertable length), 3.5 inches of width and 10.5 inches of circumference, the male masturbator is capable of taking most dicks of varying lengths and girth. 

Inner Chambers

I always cum a lot whenever I use this pocket pussy--probably because it’s an Ultraskyn stroker, and that texture just really gets me going.

Aside from the Ultraskyn, there are four different chambers going on inside the stroker, making each inch feel uncontrollably awesome.

First, you will feel vertical, spaced out stripes hugging your cock. Secondly, you will feel varying tightness with 4 alternating loose-then-super-tight horizontal circles that squeeze your junk.

Thirdly, there are tight yet spaced out nubs that feel like bumps that greet your man meat. Finally, there is just one very tight chamber at the end that is just the perfect final touch to your dick’s head. 

All of these working together with the Ultraskyn texture just feels unreal, to say the least.

Doc Johnson vs Fleshlight

Doc Johnson’s Ultraskyn stroker is far and away my preference when it comes to male masturbator textures to feel on my schlong.

It feels much more realistic, smooth and when it gets warm, I almost literally lose my cool and finish earlier than planned. 

The Playmateiryna stroker, as well as other Ultraskyn strokers, have that squeezable grip for its hard case, whereas Fleshlights’ hard case is much too hard to be squeezed. When it comes to jerking off, I’d much rather have the ability to squeeze my cock--although the stroker just by itself feels pretty amazing too. 

Fleshlight is the more popular and trusted brand, but you really can’t go wrong with either. In terms of cleaning, they both were about the same. 

Where I Bought My Playmateiryna Stroker

I bought my Playmateiryna stroker on the Amazon website

If you are interested in the highest quality and attention to detail, you should shop on the official site as well or with an official retailer like Amazon as well. Amazon is nice because of their Prime deals and the convenient shipping. You can also catch some pretty great deals, especially around holiday seasons. 

Final Thoughts

While 5.5 million followers are staring at her, Playmateiryna is focused on you.

With her successful porn career already, the Playmateiryna stroker is what Doc Johnson’s Main Squeeze brand needed to further enhance its product line. 

Composed from its unique and smooth Ultraskyn texture, along with a squeezable hard case on its outside and featuring 4 unique chambers on the inside, the Playmateiryna stroker is the ideal male masturbator for anyone who wants to get the job done quickly, or take their time while watching their favorite Playmateiryna videos.

Give this naughty Russian star a try--in return, she’ll try you back. Enjoy! 

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