Kiiroo Onyx+ Review: 
Testing The New & Improved Onyx Plus

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: January 29th, 2019

It's not often I find toys who's next iteration impress me enough to write a full on review about them, the Kiiroo Onyx+ shattered that for me right out of the box.

As a quick rundown, the Onyx series of male masturbators from Kiiroo all work to completely automate the jerk off experience.

Once turned on, the ten contracting rings within the device work to get you off without any need to move the toy itself.

Luckily, there's still enough airflow for it to be a competent stroker in its own right for adding some friction to the experience. I first got involed with the Onyx when it was in its second iteration, very cleverly named the Onyx 2.

My readers wanted to know more about the toy, I can emphatically say that their interest wasn't misplaced. The full Onyx 2 review can be found by clicking here.

Kiiroo upped the stakes by taking all of the best parts of the Onyx 2, giving them a huge upgrade, while also getting rid of all of the things that were holding the toy back.

Let's see exactly what's been improved upon in the Onyx+.

Specifications & Design 

This toy strikes to be an automatic male masturbator that functions mainly like a blowjob machine. Lots of thought has been placed into how to best replicate those complicated sensations. Most toys just automate a stroking motion and call it a day, that's not the case here whatsoever.

The exterior casing is made out of ABS & POM plastics, the whole toy weights no more than a kilogram much like it's predecessor. Size wise it's 10.3'' X 3.1'' X 3.5'', so 95% of men will be able to fit inside and take advantage of everything it has to offer.

Particularly well endowed men might need to adjust how deeply inserted they are to better position the glans during the blowjob modes, but besides that its absolutely a one size fits all kind of arrangement. If you grab it from the sides it is comfortable to grip even though it is definitely on the bigger side.

A major difference on the exterior of the Onyx+ compared to the Onyx 2 is that the places where you'll put your hands have a matte finish that is much more conducive to comfortable gripping. Even with some of the expected lube spillover it still won't get so slick that you won't be able to use it comfortably. As far as quality of life upgrades go, that's perhaps one of the most outwardly noticeable changes.

There's also been a change to the control panel portion of the toy. The middle portion of the toy where you can adjust the intensity of the toy has been made slightly wider to make changing the settings easier and the design of the plus and minus symbols have been changed to arrows that help make it easier to understand that you need to swipe up in a long motion than just tap the upper or lower controls. A less noteworthy change is that the grey/silver strip where the power button is has been changed to black and the button itself made easier to hold down with the thumb since it's a pinch bigger.

Let's move on to the sleeve now. It's a RealFeel sleeve born from their partnership with Fleshlight that's a little bit different from the average Fleshlight design. It's still made from Fleshlight's Superskin material, for what it's worth. Instead of being a thick skin tone sleeve it's a lot more flaccid and completely white. The simplest way to conceptualize it for those who are a little confused is as a particularly thick condom. Just because it's been made a lot softer than the average Fleshlight sleeve that doesn't mean it is without texture though, pictured to the right are the multitude of bumps that go along it's length.

These work great to add more sensation to each individual contraction of the sleeve while also making it a worthwhile stroker. Since the sleeve is made from TPE you should only use a water based lubricant, oil based or silicone based will end up causng the sleeve to break much more quickly.

Remember, the picture to the right is the sleeve inside-out, those bumps are meant to be on the inside.

The first charge will likely take the full four hours specified but after that it's more like three. Should you charge proactively instead of only once it's dead the charge burden isn't too long at all. Since it has a lithium ion battery there's no worry about the memory effect. All in all it should be expected to receive a full hour's worth of play for every charge cycle.

Make sure not to lose the warranty card that comes with the device. Users are protected from defects for a full year after purchasing the toy, I also wouldn't be surprised if you could get a new one even if you used the toy broke for reasons relatively under your control, within reason of course. So if you think your toy is too loud or not working properly you should not hestitate to send it out for a new one immediately. You deserve to get what you paid for, after all.

A new & improved motor means it provides more stimulation and it also has a more efficient battery.
  • 10 contracting rings make for a kind of pleasure completely unique to the Onyx +
  • Syncs to interactive content (including over 500 free videos on Pornhub)
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How Does The Toy Work?

That's all of the standard aspects of the toy out of the way, now to get to the fun bits on how it works on the inside. Inside are ten contracting rings that are all independently controlled which work together to provide up to 140 strokes per minute.

That's the same number of rings as the Onyx 2, but the motor is much quieter overall.

Also, the motor design has been changed completely from the previous iterations of the toy. As opposed to a standard motor it uses a rotating motor that's much more suited for this type of work.

Each of the contracting rings work together to simulate the sensation of a mouth or vagina depending on the settings. There's a total of six different settings including the Bluetooth mode.

  • Bluetooth Mode

Once you've downloaded the FeelConnect app onto your phone and connected it to your device when the toy is displaying a blue light, you can take advantage of the high tech functions available. With Bluetooth, you can sync the toy to either another Kiiroo device (including their female toys), your computer with interactive videos via your phone, or to a VR headset. I'll be sure to explain more later in the review to give a better idea as to what you & your penis can expect from the experience.

  • Manual Modes

To get to the other modes, simply press the power button again after starting it up to cycle through them all. The other modes that don't require Bluetooth at all are: Manual (swipe touchpad for full control), Full Stroke (obvious), Power Up (ascending and descending power), Handjob (similar to stroke but a bit more organic feeling), and Storm (slight up and down movement with intermittent surges of extreme contractions).

So that means even though it looks very similar to the Onyx 2 visually & uses the same 10 ring desig, the new motor design makes it an entirely new toy in its own right.

My Experience Using The Kiiroo Onyx+

I'm no stranger to how the Onyx series works after diligently testing out my Onyx 2. For that reason I was a lot more knowledgeable than a beginner but I'll still do my best to put myself back in that mindset so I don't forget to mention anything.

Most automatic male masturbators leave much to be desired once you actually charge them up and start using them. They're either just cheap gimmicks or end up being so convoluted in their operation that you wonder why you didn't just get a less expensive Fleshlight and call it a day.

Thankfully, there's enough effort put into the Onyx+ that it really does contribute to the overall male masturbator industry instead of just being all flash and no substance.

After the rather long initial charge cycle (proactively charge after that, people!) it was time to get going. I actually didn't realize this the first time around with the Onyx 2, but there's a little plastic retaining device that's meant to be removed around the base of the toy. Once that's been removed you can then insert the sleeve & put the retaining device back in place to keep the sleeve inserted. The sleeve has bee improved from the earlier Onyx in that it folded apart easily within 30 seconds instead of the ten minutes or so it took me to get the sleeve properly unfolded the first time around.

The experience is surprisingly on point with the sensations felt from a blowjob once it's been adequately lubricated. It's entirely necessary to lubricate both your genitals as well as the sleeve itself. If you don't it won't be the easiest task to get yourself inserted comfortably.

Like most male masturbators it's entirely necessary to get erect before you try and insert yourself inside the toy. It simply isn't possible or fun to do it any other way. Prep yourself with a bit of fluffing & lube the toy up first then your genitals. I suggest having a towel handy to clean up your hand after the initial lube up so you can more comfortably grip the toy. Then just use your opposite hand to fiddle with the controls since your lubed up hand won't be able to do much for you.

What took me by surprise is that they managed to make the device even quieter that it was previously. Someone in their dorm room should be able to get away with using this stealthily so long as their door is closed with nobody putting their ear up against it.

There's really no chance in hell that I'll ever expend the full hour long charge life. I was worried the contractions would be nice but not enough to ever put me fully over the edge. The new motor design on the Onyx+ zapped that worry away pretty quickly. I actually like the staggered manual modes for this reason since each stroke will slowly bring me closer and closer to orgasm in a way that takes the best parts of edging and the best parts of just going for gold.

All of that coupled with the smartly dimpled sleeve design? I found myself making some rather embarrassing noises a lot more than I expected to!

I'm a big fan of the Storm mode since it's the easiest way to use the toy at maximum power as quickly as possible. Each surge in storm mode is like a quick succession of donkey kicks right to the most sensitive areas of my penis. Let's just say I don't last very long.

The other modes I find are best used to slowly build up tension over an individual session. Power up is especially good for this, since right when you'll want a bit more oomph it'll teasingly withdraw power then return it at a moment's notice. Full stroke & Handjob are fairly similar but I find Full Stroke better for a consistent experience while Handjob is a bit more sultry in stroke length & max speed. I don't use the manual mode all that often since I prefer just being able to set the toy to a specific speed setting instead of constantly moving my finger up and down.

Bluetooth mode is absurdly fun. Inside there's a 50% off coupon for some tailor made interactive porn videos for those interested. At the moment there's something like 500 free interactive videos on Pornhub so you don't have to pay for anything to take advantage of the sync ability. All in all the Bluetooth mode is actually a lot more complex & worthwhile than I can write about in this section, keep reading if you awant to learn more about what it can do in Bluetooth mode.

When it comes to making sure the toy is cleaned properly after each use it's perhaps the easiest to clean TPE toy in existence. Just take off the retaining device again then run the sleeve under warm water. Since it's so floppy it's really easy to turn the sleeve inside out to carefully wash out each nook and cranny then dry it out using a towel. I'd say it takes me no longer than 5 minutes to wash the toy, dry it, then tuck it again until my next craving.

The exterior doesn't need anything more than a quick wipe down with a damp cloth. Don't run the case itself under the faucet as it isn't waterproof and your toy will surely be bricked afterwards should you try.

What Other Are Customers Saying About It?

Don't just take my word for it, here's what other respected sex toy reviewers had to say about it...

This is what our good friend, The Virgin Michael had to say about it:

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What Comes In The Box?

Upon unboxing the Kiiroo Onyx+, this is what to expect:

  • The Kiiroo Onyx+
  • RealFeel Sleeve
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Authenticity & Warranty Card
  • Quick Setup Manual

Bluetooth Pairing & Virtual Reality Features

Most of these features were prety much untested when the Onyx 2 first came out, now there's been a lot more time to work out the kinks and I find them a lot more functional than they were previously.

My wife loves her Kiiroo Pearl 2 vibrator and we use it a lot when I'm out on the road for business. Our relationship is long distance a lot more of the time than I'm personally comfortable with but I'm hoping my work situation changes soon enough. That's all I'll say before this turns into a diary submission, the point is that we use the long distance function to pair our toys together whenever we can't have sex due to distance. The ability of the Onyx + to both convey sensations as well as receive them has been improved significantly. Whenever my wife uses the Pearl 2 the rings contract in a much more realistic way when compared to how deeply inserted the toy is as well as how quickly she's thrusting. I really do feel as if the Onyx + brings us that much closer to 1:1 long distance sex.

Angela also says that me controlling the Onyx+ has a much better feel to it compared to the Onyx 2. Relative intensities are a lot better matched and the more subtle maneuvers are also better represented. Should I ever want to kick things up a notch I absolutely can, while I can also use the controls to tease an orgasm out of her slowly by exploiting sexual tension.

Interactive pornography is completely out of this world. The ten ring design of the Onyx + makes it just about the only interactive toy I consider worthwhile. That's because an amount of sensation analogous to what's on screen is a lot easier to replicate with the rings. If there's a blowjob on screen where her mouth is fairly close to the tip but her hands are around the base, you're damn right you'll be able to feel it just at the base and head with only the middle contracting if she's stroking that area. Quick, deep strokes are also represented with a shocking amount of fidelity. 

It's actually gotten to the point where I select videos based on there being performers who are really into it versus just selecting based on my personal tastes.

When I connect the toy to my Oculus Quest headset and use the interactive features that way, it's also a rather interesting experience. The VR porn experience makes you want to actually reach out and grab some booty, throw the Onyx + into the fray and I'd say it's the best VR porn experience available at the consumer level currently available. I just hold the toy in place and let the video speak for itself. Ten minutes later I'm in front of the sink washing the darn thing out.

All things considered, the Bluetooth functionality is a fully fleshed out experience and not just something thrown in at the last second to trick people. Thanks for that, Kiiroo.

Where's The Best Place To Buy One?

Those interested in the Onyx+ should only purchase directly from the official Kiiroo website. That way you can be sure to receive their full support if necessary and have your warranty honored.

You claim a 15% off discount at Kiiroo that they've so graciously provided us for their website, further cementing why I wouldn't suggest you go anywhere else but directly to the source for all of your automatic masturbatory needs.

Did I mention free shipping? Yeah, they'll do that too.

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The Final Verdict


  • Great new motor design
  • Enough different settings to satisfy any style of wanker
  • Works great both hands free and as a stroker
  • Fully fleshed out Bluetooth & VR capabilities
  • Little to no learning curve


  • Modestly expensive toy
  • Battery life/charge time could use improvement
  • Some might find the toy awkward to hold

Does The Onyx+ Have My Recommendation?

With a resounding yes I can say that the Onyx+ is a great toy that has made a memorable impression on me moving forward. I really do hope more toy manufacturers try to find new ways to bring quality stimulation like how Kiiroo has instead of just defaulting on vibrations all the time.

There's just so much to talk about with regards to the toy itself that makes it hard to ignore. Even without any of the fanc y setting it fun to use out of the boxwith enough settings that I'm still figuring out how to best use them all.

Throw in how it's made long distance sex with my wife both easy & supremely satisfying and there's yet another point in favor of the Onyx +. It's just great at communicating back and forth while the sensations offered are absolutely on point.

A new motor design that's even better pleasure wise while somehow being even more silent, I'd say it's one of the few "sequel" toys that actually justifies having it's own name & reputation versus a meaningless "upgrade".

Final Thoughts

If you're a bit on the fence about spending as much money on this toy as it commands, I can expect that the Onyx 2 will be put on sale sometime soon so they can clear out their available inventory. That'll be a great opportunity to get into the automatic male masturbator scene at a fraction of the price most premium devices go for.

I'm going to start sounding like a broken record but this toy really did meet & exceed my expectations as far as a penis milking macine is concerned. It has a little something for everybody, each of the included features feel fully completed. At no point was I ever thinking that I had made a mistake by picking up this toy, that feeling of avoiding buyer's remorse comes far too often for me so I appreciate that I din't have to worry about it this time around.

Still, our coupon code works for anything on the Kiiroo website and I highly recommend that you take advantage of it so the barrier for entry gets shattered just a little bit.

I appreciate the time you've taken to read my review and I hope that all of your questions have been answered. If they haven't don't hesitate to leave a comment on this page so I can get back to you as quickly as I can.

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