Fleshlight Alternatives: 
 8 Products That Are Better Than A Fleshlight

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: November 12th, 2019

Whenever someone mentions the term male masturbator, what comes to mind first?

Fleshlights, of course. 

They have a significant market share of the masturbation sphere, the Fleshlight is more often than not the first toy someone looking for a better experience goes for.

That's not to say Fleshlight's are the only option, though. Some people even find the Fleshlight design to be lacking in certain ways.

For instance, since the toy is made from a hard shell the only way to adjust the toy is with the suction cap on the end, which isn't appreciated by everyone.

Not only that, Fleshlight toys are made more or less exclusively from TPE and depending on how well endowed you are their entrances can be a bit constricting.

All this article is really about is showing the different options there are for a discerning masturbatee.

Despite what your initial searches might suggest, there's actually a lot more options out there than you'd think, each with their own differences that might make them more appealing to you than the standard Fleshlight design.

Variety is the spice of life, after all, right?

The Products I'd Recommend:

Our Top Pickdctblv2-table__imageThe Titan by Kiiroo
  • Manual style stroker
  • Equipped with 9 vibrators
  • Easy to use
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Flip Zero by Tenga
  • Made from a blend of TPE
  • Easy to clean
  • Works with three individual buttons
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dctblv2-table__imageTenga Eggs
  • Discreet and disposable
  • Has a variety of textures to choose from
  • Extremely flexible
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Extreme Ridges Double Stroker
  • Reversible
  • Made from TPE
  • Clear design
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Sue Johanson Head Honcho
  • Clear design
  • Ribbed interior
  • Has three different chasms
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dctblv2-table__imageThe BlowYo Sensation Swirl
  • Can be added to a blowjob or used on its own
  • Affordable
  • Includes a black travel case
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Screaming O Textured Stroker
  • Minamalist design
  • Made from TPE
  • Affordable
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Doc Johnson Super Sucker
  • Allows you to manually control the amount of suction
  • Entrance shaped like lips
  • Creative inner sleeve design
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#1 - The Titan by Kiiroo (My #1 Choice)

For guys who'd prefer a manual style stroker that also comes with built in-vibrators, the Kiiroo Titan is a toy that will not let you down.

This toy comes equipped with nine vibrators arranged in a triangular fashion and Kiiroo has their very own in-house blend of TPE making up the sleeve.

The four buttons on the toy are used to control the toy and they allow you to easily customize your experience, the buttons can also be used on an "as needed" basis for specific and targeted stimulation.

The two manual modes deal with this, you to use three of the buttons to provide targeted vibrations to different areas of your penis.

Four other modes that are completely automatic are available, these range from an automatic blowjob simulation, vibrations moving up and down pulsing from low to high, and also a totally random mode which they've coined "endurance mode". Fun stuff!

The Titan is a fantastic toy that is definitely better than any Fleshlight I've ever used, if only for the electronic bits.


In terms of pleasure, the Titan ticks all of the boxes. The built-in vibrators provide add a dimension to the experience I didn't expect, who'd have thought vibrators work so well on the penis?

Ease Of Use

After a quick thirty second look at the manual, I knew everything I'd ever need to know about using the Titan.


You'll save about $50 when choosing the Titan over the other automated Kiiroo Toy, the Onyx. It's a pretty reasonable price but definitely isn't the cheapest option on this list.

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5

(Use coupon code "DRCLIMAX" for 15% off!)

#2 - The Flip Zero by Tenga (A Close Second)

The device pictured to the left is none other than the Tenga Flip Zero EV. Made by the same people who make the disposable Tenga Eggs, this is a much more permanent unit meant to be reused several times.

The interior sleeve is made from a blend of TPE not unlike Fleshlight's, but Tenga's TPE has more points put into raw pleasure than into trying to precisely replicate how a female vagina really feels. So it does have a more synthetic feel to it, but it definitely doesn't feel worse.

By pressing any of the three individual buttons on the main body of the toy you're able to more carefully tailor the amount of pressure being applied and where.

The toy is already tight on its own, but a little extra hugging works wonders, especially on the tip of the penis.

It's one of the easiest male masturbators to clean I've ever handled on top of it all, there are two distinct sides that open up in a clamshell design to make returning it to like-new a breeze.

There aren't many bad things to be said about this one.


It's the nice Tenga style TPE except it doesn't go right in the trash afterwards, it's great for those who want something a bit more "artificial" than Fleshskin but amazingly responsive.

Ease Of Use

Using the toy is extremely straightforward. I love the clam-shell design come cleaning & drying time, no more hair dryer necessary just to put my toys away.


Compared to their disposable Tenga Eggs, the Flip Zero will easily cost a tenth of the price for the same amount of wanks over say, a year.

Overall Rating:

4.6 / 5

One of the few male masturbators to be as iconic and recognizable as the Fleshlight is, the Tenga Egg secured its place in the nightstands of men across the nation nearly a decade ago.

These discreet and disposable male masturbators were meant to satisfy people who didn't want to keep a sex toy around after it has been used and also not drop a huge amount of money to have toy-assisted wanking.

There's a ton of different textures to choose from (way too many to count), but the one pictured is the Wavy texture that has the most mass appeal. 

A six-pack is available for people who want to explore what Tenga has to offer. I'd recommend grabbing a 6 pack to start to see whether or not these eggs are for you.

Despite the small look, the Tenga Egg is extremely flexible, everybody but the most unrealistically well endowed can rest easy knowing they'll be well taken care of.


I like the Wavy texture the most, but they all have their pros and cons. I'd recommend getting the six-pack first then just buying based on what you like best.

Ease Of Use

One look at the hole and you've figured out everything there is to know. Just insert, stretch, and voila!


As far as disposables go they're affordable, but any disposable is going to be more expensive over time than a dedicated unit. Great for travelling or special occasions.

Overall Rating:

4.4 / 5

After a while, it can be difficult to pick out one of these toys that is truly unique and different from the rest. Just when I thought I'd seen it all, the Extreme Ridges Double Stroker sent me for a loop.

Why exactly is it called a double stroker? It's because the toy is reversible, so it's technically two toys in one. Talk about bang for your buck. Atrocious puns aside, this TPE male masturbator has one side that is full of repeated textured squares while the inside has hair-like protrusions along the length of the toy.

It's 5.75 inches long and very tight. Some people might appreciate this toy's lack of anatomical parts and clear, non-threatening color compared to some of the more uncanny valley-esque toys you can buy. The toy itself has a completely closed design, so you're free to fill it up to your heart's content and worry about clean-up once the deed is done.

Tight, just right, and ready to deliver a good time. Just remember to have some water-based lube on hand, the tightness definitely means some extra help is necessary. I personally found it air dries rather quickly, probably thanks to the reversible design that lets me expose all parts of the to to the air over a 5-10 minute period.


Since there's two different sides to use, the pleasure factor is definitely present, I like the square textured side the best.

Ease Of Use

It's easy and simple to use, turning it inside out to switch textures is straightforward and it doesn't fight back while you do it.


Ludicrously inexpensive, I think I bought two the first time and a few other things just to qualify for free shipping.

Overall Rating:

4.3 / 5

I'm not going to lie to you guys and pretend I have even the foggiest idea who exactly Sue Johanson is, but she means business when it comes to making male masturbators.

It can be difficult to see exactly what's going on in the picture thanks to the clear design of the Head Honcho (I still don't know if I like the name or not), there's an anatomically correct insertion, however the ridges & bumps inside make for an experience that's much different than sex with a flesh and blood woman.

The toy itself is very tight with just the perfect amount of give for it to never feel restricting. There are five inches of toy with a quarter inch opening, although with a bit of stretching it can accommodate a bit more than five inches before returning back to its original size once the pressure is removed.

There's no case to speak of so tightness of any part of the toy is completely customizable, any part of the amazingly ribbed interior can have pressure applied to it. Something worth bringing up would be the three larger chasms inside the toy along the ribbed sleeve itself, these function to allow more air into the toy to add suction into the equation

For something that's less than half the price of a Fleshlight, there's an awful lot of careful design choices, making it one of the best cheap fleshlight alternatives I've ever laid my hands on.


What made this toy so fun to use is how you can tailor the tightness based on grip strength really well. The three different chasms all behave differently based on the airflow tightness, I like it!

Ease Of Use

Honestly, very few of these toys are difficult to use, this one included. Insert and hump, simple as that!


Another fabulously low-priced option, the Head Honcho delivers Fleshlight like feelings at generic brand pricing.

Overall Rating:

4.3 / 5

Too many male masturbators are out there trying in vain to live up to the name pocket pussy. Simply put, there's no replacement for the real thing, although some can get pretty close.

This toy, playfully named the BlowYo Swirl, allows for a different kind of stimulation. Besides being able to be moved back and forth, if you twist it along your shaft it adds a whole new dimension to the masturbator experience.

It's a pretty small toy, in fact, it's only about two inches long. Why I like it a lot is that it can be used during oral sex with my wife for a much more involved blowjob session. The two ends have solid rings inside of them, so the toy always retains its shape and putting fingers on the squishy middle section won't compromise its structural integrity.

The small length shouldn't worry you though, the middle portion is extremely stretchy. It's tight enough to hold itself in place at the top of your penis while you grab the middle of the toy and stroke up and down to your heart's content. As far as versatility goes, this toy can't be beaten. It's great as a stroker, and a blowjob aid, all while delivering a fantastic swirly texture that's hard to find these days.

Also included is a black plastic travel case, something more of these toys need to come with since it effectively prevents anything from getting stuck to the toy in-between uses, not to mention the added hygienic and discreetness advantage.


Added to a blowjob or used on its own, the swirl texture is absolutely fantastic. Toys that can be spun around always end up making me let out some pretty strange moans while they get the job done.

Ease Of Use

One thing that takes a second to learn is how to stretch the toy without the top end moving, but once you've got that down pat it's smooth sailing.


Surprisingly affordable when you consider the pleasure-to-price ratio.

Overall Rating:

4.2 / 5

For those who prefer a more minimalist design, the Screaming O works wonders. Despite looking like a futuristic taco shell, it has some serious mettle going for it.

It's made from thermoplastic elastomer (a fancy word for special, spongy plastic) and has several ribs placed horizontally throughout the toy. I'd highly recommend it as a starter toy that has minimal upkeep and practically zero room for error. I enjoy that the toy has some plushness going for it and the ribs are significant enough to be extremely noticeable

One of my favorite things to do with this toy is make tiny movements back and forth with the underside of my glans repeatedly moving over one of the ribbed portions, I've made the mistake of not having tissue papers right beside me on more than one occasion.

The low price also attracted me to this toy as I often buy one of these every few months to take with me while traveling. It's useful and I know I won't risk developing death grip, but the few times I've had to chuck one out for miscellaneous reasons didn't have me crying foul. All in all, I think they picked the perfect name.


The ridges are far enough to be noticeable but close enough for the right parts of my penis to be stimulated all at the same time, they did well designing this toy.

Ease Of Use

These open concept male masturbators have a bit of a learning curve to them, getting the right amount of force & pressure takes some experimentation.


We're at the part of the list where few of these toys even scrape at $40 when shipping and handling is included, including this toy.

Overall Rating:

4 / 5

Don't let the kitschy design of the box fool you, despite the fact that it's advertised like one of those decals you'd expect to see on the back of a pickup truck that's just cut you off in traffic, it'll have you cursing for a whole different set of reasons.

One thing many non-Fleshlights don't often include is a wide array of different bumps and ridges inside the toy, in fact, Fleshlights tend to be the most creative when it comes to inner sleeve design. The Super Sucker is a fantastic addition to the world of male masturbators that actually does hold a candle to the different sensations offered by a traditional Fleshlight sleeve.

There are minute dots interspersed between the different ribs inside the toy, so each fraction of an inch feels a little different than the last. Not only that, Doc Johnson has allowed you to manually control the amount of suction present by squeezing on the toy. I was surprised at how close it came to feeling like a real blowjob, to be frank. It's supple and elastic like skin but didn't cross over into too-tight territory.

The entrance is also shaped like lips but without the weird look of a pair of cut-off lips lazily set on top of an average stroker. Far from average, the Super Sucker still has me breaking it out once every so often to take it for yet another spin.


For once a mouth toy that has an entrance that's properly shaped like lips and the right amount of suction, not an easy find, I'll tell you that much.

Ease Of Use

So long as you brought along a bit of lube, using the Super Sucker couldn't be any easier.


Probably the cheapest blowjob toy on the market, all things considered.

Overall Rating:

4.3 / 5

Final Thoughts

In a world full of cheap Fleshlight alternatives, finding those that are better described as inexpensive as opposed to cheap can be a bit difficult. After a while, even I can have trouble trying to figure out what the real differences are between two different strokers, as many of them follow the simple concept of soft material + repeated friction = orgasm.

After much experimenting, torn toys, and boxes of tissue paper later, these are the toys that I'm willing to put my name behind as reliable Fleshlight stand-ins that are actually worth the time and money. Making a continuous plastic/silicone tube is easy, but making a memorable male masturbator is a whole other story. What I like most about these toys is that they tend to be less expensive than a name brand Fleshlight, which lowers the barrier for entry for people who are just considering getting a male masturbator.

Besides feeling better than your hand, I'd recommend that all men use male masturbators because it lowers the risk that you'll desensitize your penis over time. These work to spread the force from the hand much more evenly throughout the shaft, plus it allows you to dial back how tightly you have to grip your penis for maximum effect.

So, best of luck to anyone out there who's going to pick up any of these toys, you're in for a treat!

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