Best Vibrators For Women: 
The Ultimate Vibrator Buyers Guide

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: May 14th, 2023

The Vibrator Champion: My #1 Favorite Vibrator

Okay, so this category was a bit harder to narrow down a #1 since there are just so many different kinds of vibrators. The Lovense Lush managed to grab my top spot. Don't let the 3 inch insertable length have you fooled, this vibrator proves size can matter, but it doesn't have to.

The Lush is the most perfectly shaped, user customized vibrator. With app-control no pattern of vibrations or pulses is out of the question. All this comes together nicely to make for a vibrator I'll probably have a miniature funeral for if it ever stops working.

It gets points from me as well for being Bluetooth enabled for long distance play but I realize that's not everyone's number one priority. Luckily for them, it isn't the Lush's #1 priority either. Lovense just happened to make a toy that's great in and of itself Bluetooth or no Bluetooth.

I've tried a bunch of different models of vibrators over the years, of all shapes and sizes.

On this page I'm going to be touching on which vibrators have touched me in the most memorable way.

There's a lot that goes into a good vibrator, and I like having a couple different ones for different occasions.

If I like a slow session full of teasing and trying to gently coax myself into going over the edge, something a little less in-my-face is necessary like a bullet vibrator.

Other times its just because its nice to not have to hold and maneuver a giant toy just to get a little bit of release.

That doesn't mean I never like to go all out with full penetration and clitoral stimulation, but what I'm trying to lay down is that vibrators can be very versatile in the grand scheme of things.

Without wasting any more of your time, lets get into my top favorite vibrators.

Different Types Of Vibrators

There are several different types of vibrators and all of them serve a slightly different purpose.

  • Clitoral Vibrators: No surprises here, these vibrators stimulate your clit. There are a few different types of vibrators you can use to stimulate your clit, the next four types on this list will stimulate your clitoris in different ways.
  • Wand Vibrators: These are used for clitoral stimulation and if you find the right one, they can provide intense clitorally induced orgasms. They'e great for incorporating into sex or to use with other vaginal toys, but they are also satisfying enough on their own.
  • Sonic Vibrators: Similar to wand vibrators, sonic toys are meant to stimulate your clitoris. They use sonic pulse technology, which uses an oscillating disc to create sonic waves which are capable of penetrating deep into clitoral tissue. This may sound intimidating and it definitely sounds a lot less satisfying than it actually is, but these toys are powerful. They're my personal favorite way of targeting my clit.
  • Bullet Vibrators: Bullet vibes can be used to target your clit or they can also be inserted into your vagina for vaginal stimulation. Many of them are very great multi-purpose vibrators.
  • Rabbit Vibrators: Rabbits are the ultimate vibrators if you enjoy simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation. They are a very unique experience if you've never tried one before. They aren't for everybody but I personally can't get enough of them.
  • G-Spot Vibrators:  Ah, the illusive g-spot (unless you've taken to time to get to know you're body that is). G-Spot vibes are absolutely fantastic at providing leg-trembling orgasms, for my taste anyways.
  • Wearable Vibrators: As the name suggests, these vibrators are meant to be worn under your favorite pair of panties. You can use them in the comfort of your own home or out in public (if you're brazen enough). These vibrators are controlled remotely either via Bluetooth using a remote control or via smartphone.
  • Nipple Vibrators: Nipple toys can be very fun to experiment with. I was very skeptical when I initially heard about using a vibrator on your nipples/breasts but it's now something my husband and I love incorporating into sex.

I've also written a post about the quietest vibrators that I've tried if stealth is a concern of yours.

My Favorite Vibrators (The Best Vibrators By Category):

While I probably have enough vibrators for it to be considered obsessive, there are a few that I find I keep closer than others. Over time, here are the five vibrators I've noticed I reach for with the least hesitation:

My Lush probably gets the most love out of all of my toys. It's a wearable vibrator that hits the mark perfectly. It's shaped the right way for maximum feeling plus essentially a limitless amount of unique vibration patterns.

No buttons, just the Lush and a smartphone. From there, it's entirely up to my particular whims that night and away I go. I can't get enough of this toy for a few reasons.

It's dang powerful in a comfortable way. Some vibrators care just for raw power and not how well the toy carries that much force, the Lush is the right shape & weight for the vibrations to transfer into my body almost seamlessly.

What's your  favorite kind of vibration style: steady, pulses, waves, undulations, a mixture of all three? The app lets you do that. I think it's really fun.

To cap it off it's nice and quiet. I don't favor sex toys that sound like construction equipment, the Lush is quiet enough to tune out easily. If I wear underwear and jeans on top, it's essentially complete silent unless someone puts their head right beside my crotch.

The Lush happens to be my favorite wearable vibrator (I've written about in a separate post).

The old school Hitachi magic wand vibrator is one of the most recognizable vibrator designs, its been around since 1980s or something similar to that and it is frequently used in films or other media as an obvious vibrator stand-in, kind of like how every unapproachable business-type in a movie has a Blackberry phone. As lovable and unforgettable as the Hitachi is, it is definitely dated and a product of its time.

The Domi by Lovense modernized the concept by building it from the ground up as a vibrator instead of Hitachi's tongue-in-cheek "personal massager" label, whether they intended it to get popular as a source of female pleasure is up for debate, they make microwaves and toasters after all. Gone are the cords and head reminiscent of a grindstone, the Domi is a completely updated take on the classic wand vibrator. 

What makes the Domi particularly nice to use is that the head itself doesn't rotate, there are two motors housed inside a silicone shell that vibrate and move around to bring forth mammoth sized stimulation. While it isn't suitable for penetration, the strong vibrations transfer pretty far down, so I seldom find myself not satisfied. It is insanely powerful, I don't know if most women will even end up using the highest settings for very long. The battery life is pretty stellar, to boot.

I've written separate post about my favorite wand vibrators (spoiler alert: this toy is ranked #1)

The Lelo Sona is a sonic clitoral vibrator that is hands down one of the best vibrators in my collection.

In my opinion, sonic waves do a way better job at stimulating my clitoris than other types of vibrations. This is because the pulses are able to properly go through the deep layers of tissue that make up the clit. It's an experience which is completely unique compared to the more traditional methods of clitoral stimulation.

Whoever said that vaginal sex toys needed to be penis shaped clearly never owned or heard about sonic clitoral vibrators. I'm a huge fan and the Sona is definitely my favorite.

It's made out of medical grade silicone and is shaped in a way that is totally different to any other toy I own.

I'm able to get a little bit over an out of use per battery charge and it only takes around 90 minutes to charge. 

While it might not be the cheapest vibrator on the market, it's worth every dollar I spent on it.

When it comes to sonic vibrators, this toy is second to none.

I've written a separate post about my favorite clit vibrators, in that post, the Sona was my top pick.

I don't know what kind of companies got into the sex toy industry in the early 2000s, but their products seemed like a way to pawn off all of their sub-par or leftover materials on unsuspecting people who weren't likely to report getting ripped off or make too bit of a fuss. The need for high-quality and safe sex toys has always been present however, so I'm extremely happy that 2010 and onward has ushered in what are referred to as "luxury" sex toy brands like We-Vibe.

The Tango changed my opinion on what bullet vibrators are capable of.  The first ones I bought I thought of them as only useful for 20 minute romps for some light clitoral stimulation, kind of like an impulse buy at a gas station kind of product. Buy it, use it once, throw it out. The Tango is oodles of pleasure crammed into a 3.5 inch package that's about the size of the inner tube of a lipstick. This design not only makes it pretty concealable and nonchalant, it allows me to switch between pinpoint stimulation by using the very tip of the toy or just focus on a more broad-spectrum kind of fun. The vibrations are channeled perfectly throughout the whole device.

I'd say a single charge gets you about two hours of fun. I really like it when I need powerful clitoral stimulation and just a little bit of penetrative play.

I've wrote a separate post about my favorite bullet vibrators, in which the Tango was named #1.

This toy here definitely breaks the mould as far as female sex toys are concerned. It's a G-spot vibrator, but how it chooses to get the job done is downright groundbreaking.

See that small flattened area at the bottom of the toy in the picture? It isn't a place for pinpoint vibrations, but instead a small slit of silicone that bounces up and down kind of in the same way a bass boosted speaker does. What this does is essentially tap your G-spot repeatedly until there's no option left but orgasm. 

It has a great range of intensity as well, from light love taps to Mike Tyson speed bag levels of intensity. 

That curve might seem harsh, but the G-spot isn't very far into the body, so it the rest of the body functions to be a much more convenient handle than what most people are used to when holding on to a sex toy for extended periods of time.

If you want to finally find your G-spot and give it a good rub, the Osci is a great choice.

I wrote a separate post about my favorite g-spot vibrators and the Osci was at the top of the list

I'd say it's about time I got around to one of my favorite rabbit vibrators that covers all of the bases: the G-spot, penetrative action, and clitoral stimulation.

The thought that went into the subtle curvature of the longer arm of the Nora had me floored quite literally once I started using it. Just the perfect amount of curvature to effortlessly seek out my G-spot with extreme prejudice. I pick up the Nora when I want some great clitoral stimulation to go along with my main course of penetrative action. The clitoral arm has just enough weight in it and a near equally powerful motor as the main arm which is probably why I often find myself daydreaming about picking up my Nora after a particularly stressful day.

I may be slightly biased about the Lovense Nora because of how it can be used for long-distance play. I frequently let my husband fiddle with the settings via the app when he's gone on business to help keep the intimacy going strong in our relationship, so I do have a fondness for the Nora as I definitely associate my husband's touch with it more than any other toy in my pretty big arsenal. Still, it's a very functional toy.

More Top Vibrators I'd Recommend (Honorable Mentions):

The Soraya is my runner up to the Nora because sometimes I like a softer approach than what the Nora gives. I'd say the Nora is good for a feeling of fullness but the Soraya is great when I want a bit of a more relaxed experience.

It's got everything your typical rabbit vibrator needs but with one extra bonus, a cutout in the handle that makes it one of the easiest vibrators to maneuver while in use. It is whisper quiet, versatile, and practically effortless when it comes to leaving my bed sheets just a little more soiled than when I started getting down to business. The clitoral arm is pretty strong without sacrificing much power, so that was a pleasant surprise to discover. The 8 different vibration patterns aren't too shabby either but I tend to stick with my favorite three or so.

I'd say its the great choice if you're looking for a vibrator that hits all of the basis expected from a strong and useful vibrator with only a fraction of the noise compared to most of the competition.

I'll admit I do have a bit of a soft spot for Lovense products, but I assure you it is well earned. Very few companies look at common products and actually figure out their main drawbacks before deciding to put money into designing their own.

The Ambi is meant to remove the main problem with most bullet vibrators: they are just too darn small to hold on to sometimes, especially if they are particularly powerful. The Ambi was designed to be really grippable and looks like a miniature toy hammer, with each end of the handle portion also doubling as a different way of concentrating the vibrations, with one end serving as how the device delivers pinpoint stimulation and the other end can cover both my clitoris as well as the majority of my labia. Not only that, it is a bullet style vibrator that provides a fair bit of fullness when inserted fully, which also allows the two ends of the handles to play with the clitoris and surrounding tissue very nicely.

It's a bullet vibrator that's trying to be as different as it can, and I praise it for its efforts. Thank you, Ambi.

Another sonic vibrator, some argue that the all others are trying to steal the Womanizer Pro's thunder.

If you really don't like bulky sex toys and want something you can easily wrap your whole hand around, the Womanizer Pro is great for keeping carpal tunnel at bay.

See, the stimulation offered by toys like the Womanizer pro is much different than your usual clit vibe. Technically, there's no contact at all since powerful sonic waves work their way through the soft tissues of the clitoris. In practice, usually there's a bit of suction around the edges so don't ever put it right up to your clitoris when beginning.

You'll quickly noticed an engorged clit that's much more sensitive and from there you can bring the toy in closer. The sonic vibrations penetrate very deep into the clitoris, so expect a quick orgasm with a great opportunity for follow up orgasms.

The Lelo Ora 2 is a pretty straight forward vibrator, it was designed to stimulate the feeling of oral sex.

While it definitely doesn't feel anything like my husband going down on me, as that would be as impossible feat for any sex toy to achieve in my opinion. The Ora 2 does, however, provide a very unique form of stimulation that really isn't similar to any other toy I've tried.

The toy itself has 10 different modes which provide different types of stimulation. Something else worth mentioning is that The Ora 2 has been equipped with what Lelo is calling SenseTouch technology.

This basically means the harder you press down the device onto your body, the more strong the vibrations will become and also the faster the tongue will flick. You have the choice of using any of the 10 modes or you can also just switch it to SenseTouch mode and let the Ora 2 automatically take care of your needs for you.

When it comes to the "tongue" of the toy, Lelo has done their best to replicate a real-life oral as best they could by designing the Ora 2 to tongue to flick back and forth or swirl around. 

Other products that have been designed similarly don't do a good job at simulating a human tongue, plain and simple. The Ora 2 on the other hand, does a pretty decent job.

If you're looking for a unique vibrator that will do a good job stimulating your clitoris, consider this toy.

This is a silicone based vibrator with a total length of 7.9 inches that looks pretty standard, but it has a lot going for it underneath the hood.

The outer shell is slightly plush but mostly pretty solid, there's a girth of 4.5 inches and pretty much five inches of it are insertable before you start getting close to the ABS plastic control button.

Besides the usual varying vibrating strengths, there's something referred to as Touch Sensitive Mode. When in touch sensitive mode, the toy will change vibration intensity depending on how much of the toy is inserted. It isn't as good as sliced bread, but it's definitely on the same scale.

It can also be paired with the Onyx 2 much in the same way the Max and the Nora can, opening up avenues for long distance sex. It's the only pairable toy to my current knowledge that can be paired with another female toy (Pearl 2 - Pearl 2) so that is an exciting development for lesbian couples.

I suppose there are only so many different ways to make a vibrator before you have to start thinking up new ways to make your toy new and interesting.

How Lelo decided to make rabbit vibrators all the more interesting with the Wave is by including a "come hither' motion that will gently move the insertable arm of the toy forward in a beckoning motion. The main goal here is to tickle the G-spot and upper vaginal tissue in a way that isn't accomplished by most normal toys.

Battery life takes a bit of a hit when the come hither motion is engaged, but you won't need that extra time once it turns on. The clitoral arm is also very well placed to get some extra pressure put on the clitoris, it is a very well rounded toy even without the beckoning motion that gives it it's name.

There's enough power and different vibration patterns secondary to the waving motion so it isn't a one trick pony either, it is a great rabbit vibrator on its own and stands out for it's rather bulbous clitoral arm. No matter how recessed or differently shaped a lady may be, this rabbit vibrator will hit the spot.

Another quality body safe silicone toy from Lelo, if I say so myself.

This is another vibrator that changes things up a little. Namely, this is what is referred to as a couple's vibrator because it can be used during sex.

The way it works is that the U-shaped toy is inserted inside the vagina and the bulkier end rests on the clitoris. There is a vibrator in the clitoral end while the other end doesn't have a motor that vibrates, but I imagine that's to keep that end small and accommodating to whomever or whatever else you want inserted.

Even if you don't have a partner present, letting the Tiani 3 focus on the clitoris while you use another well lubricated silicone toy to deal with the penetrative aspect you'll be well serviced by the Tiani 3.

You'll have to work with gravity with this toy, it works best in positions where gravity will keep the toy anchored against the clit for some primo vibrating power.

I'm going to continue to add to the above list of vibrators as I get around to it and also as I find new favorites. When I find myself using a particular toy over and over, that's typically a good sign that it's a good vibrator that probably will make this list at some point in the future.

Anyways, that's all I got for now. Until next time, vibe on everyone.

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