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In this article we're going to be going over all of the top vibrators on the market. There are many vibrators that are currently available therefore to the average consumer, it can be quite difficult to find the best vibrator to satisfy your needs. 

We will be going over which vibrator is best for each individual user so that our readers can make an informed buying the decision and find the perfect sex toy for you. 

Types of Stimulation

How you'd like your toy to service you is strongly associated with what kinds of sensations you find pleasurable. Some women want a toy that focuses on vaginal vibrations on the interior of the body, others prefer their stimulation to be more superficial and confined mainly to the clitoris and labia, and finally some women want the best of both worlds. Luckily, manufacturers are well aware of what women want from their toys and the market is pretty flooded with all sorts of toys. The real challenge is sifting through the bad and finding the good, which has always been the main aim of this website: to educate consumers as to which toys are worth the time & money invested.

What comes next is whether they'd like the vibrations offered to just be the icing on the cake that gently nudges someone towards a climax while others want something capable of shaking their entire body to the core and leaving their bed sheets sopping wet. Some women don't have a taste for turbulent vibrators however, and there's nothing wrong with that! Now instead of being all or nothing many vibrators have variable speeds allowing a fully customizable experience.

Types of Vibrators

Classic Vibrators​​​​

The simplest vibrator of all is the classic straight tube vibrator. They range in size and in strength of vibrations. Typically they are made from ABS plastic, the hardness of the plastic is ideal for allowing the force from the motor inside to flow through the outer shell and provide vibrations that work their way deep into the vaginal tissues.

Rabbit Vibrators

Favored by many as they tend to leave no base uncovered, rabbit vibrators have a secondary vibrator protruding from the base that allows for clitoral stimulation while you use the main part of the device. One of the main things you have to watch out for when buying a rabbit vibrator is to check reviews that both the vaginal and clitoral aspects were given equal care. Many rabbit vibrators have weak motors powering the clitoral portion, making it more of an inconvenience that it's there as supposed to skyrocketing your sexual pleasure.

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are similar to classic vibrators but are much smaller. The one pictured to the left measures in at 3.25 inches long. They are intended to be used in a pinch since they travel really easily and get the job done. A bullet vibrator's advantage is that because it isn't very bulky, it lends itself well to stimulating other parts of the body like nipples, the outer portions of the vagina, or even parts of the male anatomy during sex.

G-Spot Vibrators

A G-Spot vibrator is curved at the end with the intention of allowing the user to find and stimulate their G-Spot. These vibrators tend to be pricier but the added dollar amount is usually a deal for the amount of intense stimulation they can bring. Most of the G-Spot vibrators I've used have two motors inside of them, one for the head at the end and another for the main shaft. G-Spot vibrators are my personal favorite.

Clitoral Vibrators

The massively underappreciated clit vibrator is a must-have for anyone who is a fan of sex toys. While you won't receive much in the way of vaginal stimulation, these vibrators are designed from the ground up to provide next level vibrators that pulsate deep into the clitoral tissue. While it might seem like these are only good for superficial stimulation, a well crafted clitoral vibrator will send its sensual payload deep inside of the user for oodles of pleasure.

Wand Vibrators

The classic Hitachi wand vibrator was once considered the best in the business as far as sex toys are concerned. Now that position is debatable with advantages in technology and the fact that a wide variety of tastes are now serviced, but it will always have it's place among the greats, it is a real hall of famer. The original Hitachi Magic Wand was notable for it's solid construction and ability to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner.

​Wearable Vibrators

Hands-free phones, soon hands-free cars, it was only a matter of time until someone came out with a hands-free vibrator. These vibrators come in two main varieties: those designed for solo play and those designed for sex. The only difference between the two is that those designed for sex don't completely take up the vaginal canal and leave room for male genitalia or a substitute to be inserted as well. These usually come with an included remote or app support that allows you to control the sensations remotely while the toy goes to town.

That's just seven different types of vibrators available on the market to help get you acquainted with what's available today. There are many, many more different styles of vibrators that offer a myriad of experiences, but those seven are the most commonly found. I cannot stress enough the importance of thinking through what kind of sensations you're looking for before diving into the buzzing world of vibrators. Some minor forethought can go a long way towards ensuring you get the level of care you deserve.

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