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Written by: Don Watson | Updated: June 26th, 2021

There is nothing like a blowjob. I’m not even going to lie, sometimes I can’t even decide if I prefer a good session of sloppy toppy or real sex--it’s usually the Mrs who decides on that front.

Both are amazing, but I will always have a special place in my heart (and pants, and her mouth I guess) for blowjobs.

There is nothing like her slobbering your junk up and then sucking it all back, only to get it wet again; there are few things better than the swirling tongue combo with her hand rubbing your shaft up and down; feeling her tighten up or loosen her grip on your dick with only her lips and some air makes you believe in God again.

Any blowjob is great, but there is something to be said about human blowjobs versus blowjob machines. While taking breaks and taking time to get the right angle, wetness and getting hard again are all hot as hell, what if a machine exists that never requires correction?

What if there is male masturbator that does all the work, where all you have to do is stick your member in and enjoy?

For me, that’s where the Blowmotion Warming Pulsating Male Masturbator picked up my interest. I have a lot of male masturbators, but I never tried this one before. I figured at its best, I’d have found the way to get the greatest orgasms of all time, and at worst, I’d get a pretty decent blowie.

It’s really a win/less-of-a-win-but-still-a-win situation. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s dick around and find out what this Blowmotion male masturbation can offer us.

What is the Blowmotion Warming Pulsating Male Masturbator?

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Made by the sex toy giant, Lovehoney, this male masturbator is just one of the many products that men have come to know and love--after all, men aren’t that hard to please. 

I’ll admit, its name is definitely not a selling point, but it has some features that we can really get behind (or inside.) As a basic explanation, this is a penis vibrator that warms up on the inside while vibrating along your penis, similar to a blowjob. 

It’s a small and portable masturbator, so don’t expect anything too crazy like a complex machine that will take you by the dick and completely empty you out like a tube of toothpaste. If anything, it might not even cover your whole cock. 

However, it’s worth mentioning that Blowmotion products in general function this way--instead of swallowing your bone whole like a sleeve, it stimulates and focuses on different parts of your junk.

With just an opening at the bottom (where you stick your dick in) and a closed top, all the magic happens inside. I’ll get into how it works later on, but if you’re into getting straight to the point, that’s all you need to know for now!

Specs And Measurements

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If you’re size conscious, the Blowmotion Warming Pulsating Male Masturbator might not be the toy for you (depending on what side of the size spectrum you are in.)

The total length of the Blowmotion male sex toy is about 5 inches and its internal canal is only 3.5 inches. In terms of width, the male masturbator is about 1.5 inches wide and tapers a bit at the top.

While you might not fit your entire willy in there, you can get a lot of great action on the tip of your dick and right below it. 

The Blowmotion Warming Pulsating Male Masturbator is entirely made of a silicone and ABS blend, making it pretty soft in addition to being body safe and non porous.

You can completely squeeze the masturbator to get more pressure--if you squeeze right under your head and find that sweet spot, it’s actually pretty great and almost justifies its short length. I do find that I miss some action to the rest of my dick and my balls though.

Features And Packaging

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As mentioned earlier, Blowmotion male sex toys in general are moreso catered to stimulating parts of your cock instead of the entire thing.

As such, with the Blowmotion Warming Pulsating Male Masturbator, you get a lot of action on the upper parts of your one eyed snake as opposed to the full thing, tip to balls. 

So, having said that, if you have a really sensitive dick head, you’re in for a good time. It only comes in black and has green accents, so if you are not a fan of black coloured toys, you’re out of luck.

It’s completely rechargeable and splashproof, but not waterproof. Luckily, you wouldn’t want to use an electric machine like this under water anyway.

The Blowmotion Warming Pulsating Male Masturbator has 4 simple buttons: power, plus (increase vibration speed), minus (decrease vibration speed) and a button that switches the vibrations to pulses that gradually heat up.

There are 6 vibration modes and 3 speeds. Men are easy to cum, but the variations of patterns and speeds isn’t really anything to write home about, especially considering that it only covers the top part of your dick. 

The male masturbator is completely rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries and finding out which type of battery is needed. Unfortunately, it comes with a pretty short USB cable, but if you have others lying around, you can use those. 

From a completely dead battery to a full charge, you would need about an hour to charge it fully. Once completely charged, its lifespan is just a little bit over an hour for unplugged play--I guess you would be the one plugging in to the toy at that point.

In terms of packaging, I found it to be pretty perfect except for one thing. It comes in a classy looking box where its black colour scheme and green accents really complement the toy’s presentation. It is discreet as well, so nosy neighbours wouldn’t really second guess what it could be. Inside the box, everything is spaced out nicely and there is an instruction manual to familiarize yourself.

The thing I really felt short changed on was that there was no sleeve to put it in. Considering its material and texture, I found that this toy gathered dust pretty easily as well. Luckily, I had some spare bags to put it in, although I do wish one had been provided.

My Experiences and Tips

I liked my experience with the Blowmotion Warming Pulsating Male Masturbator within the context of foreplay, edging and cumming. If you’re trying to use the toy to build up your load, change your current fap session or to keep yourself hard during a sex break, you could do a lot better.

The main selling point of this vibrator is its pulsating and heating. At the click of a button, you can switch from vibrations to pulses that gradually heat up. I easily found that to be the best feature because it felt pretty realistic to a BJ. Actually, the highest temperature it can go is 104F, which feels fantastic. 

The 6 vibration patterns were standard, and I liked the differences between the low, medium and high speeds. A lot of vibrators barely have any difference between the 3 speeds, but I felt them here. On its own, it’s pretty good, but I found that I had to squeeze the toy a little bit to give that extra sense of pleasure. The higher speed you go, however, the toy gets pretty noisy. If you have thin walls, you may want to stay at a lower setting and squeeze.

Post Nut Clarity

All in all, the Blowmotion Warming Pulsating Male Masturbator is pretty decent. Its small size definitely has its limitations, but where it is truly unique--warming and pulsating sensations--it really does well. I find that I usually just stay on the pulsating warming setting and seldom switch over to the vibrations.

I liked using the masturbator to tease myself into edging or foreplay, but I found that I usually opted for other toys when I wanted to do the entire journey, start to finish, with them.

Where to Buy Yours

I bought all my Blowmotion products from Lovehoney’s official site because they always offer the best deal and are often the first place you will see with deals, especially on holidays.

With the actual site, you can be sure that the quality will be top notch, and any of the links on this page will lead you directly to Lovehoney’s site.

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The Blowmotion Warming Pulsating Male Masturbator is a small penis vibrator that does a pretty decent job getting you off when used in the right context, which to me is edging, foreplay or actually cumming, as opposed to building up from the start and eventually finishing you off.

Although I wished that it came with a sleeve to put it in, a longer USB cable and that it covered my entire cock, I felt that its strengths outdid these weaknesses.

With its simple packaging, rechargeable battery, 6 vibration patterns, 3 speeds and especially its pulsating and warming settings, the overall satisfaction in using it is pretty good. 

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