The Best Remote Control Vibrators:

My Top 13 Favorite Bluetooth Vibrators

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: May 27th, 2023

  • The app lets you control it in a couple different ways
  • Has different intensity level and patterns
  • Has sound activated mode
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  • Wireless, connected via WiFi
  • Can be controlled from 26 feet distance
  • About 3 and a half battery life
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  • The toy is wonderfully curved to dip towards the front
  • Has one of the longest and most comfortable handles
  • Controlled using the app
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Looking For The Best Of The Best? Here It Is:

The OhMiBod Esca 2 takes home the distinction of being the best remote control vibrator currently out there.

It secured it's position by being the strongest, longest lasting, and furthest reaching of all of the remote control sex toys on the list below. Using the app to customize vibrations beyond what the average remote can accomplish makes for unique sessions each and every time. Explosive orgasms are the Esca's bread and butter.

The Esca 2 was actually voted the "#1 Pleasure Product of the Year" of 2020.

Today's vibrators are nothing like the vibrators of old. What used to be pretty basic plastic tubes that were probably just a way to use up excess plastics from other industries without much thought put into the final product.

They were all pretty much just cucumbers that you slipped a AA battery into and hoped for the best.

Luckily for all of us at home, vibrators have since evolved to much better compliment the wide array of shapes women come in as well as their varied tastes.

From the The Domi that reinvented the wheel when it comes to wand vibrators to the Ina Wave that coupled a run of the mill rabbit vibrator with a "come-hither" motion, technology has evolved past what we'd have ever expected when it comes to sex toys.

But this technological wave is far from coming to an end, in fact I believe it is just beginning. We now have remote controlled vibrators that put all of the settings right in your hand.

For the purposes of this article, I consider any kind of vibrator that you can change the controls of without having to touch the toy itself as it is controlled, well, remotely.

Sometimes this isn't necessarily a remote that comes with the toy, but instead an app controlled vibrator that connects through Bluetooth.

Since everybody has a smartphone these days, many manufacturers choose instead to rely on an app and release a Bluetooth vibrator that can satisfy all of your needs.

The bottom line is, there are a lot of ways to control your toys now.

My Top Pickdctblv2-table__imageThe OhMiBod Esca 2
  • Wireless, connected via WiFi
  • Can be controlled from 26 feet distance
  • About 3 and a half battery life
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Runner-Updctblv2-table__imageThe Lush by Lovense
  • The app lets you control it in a couple different ways
  • Has different intensity level and patterns
  • Has sound activated mode
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Best Alternativedctblv2-table__imageThe Rave by We-Vibe
  • The toy is wonderfully curved to dip towards the front
  • Has one of the longest and most comfortable handles
  • Controlled using the app
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Nora by Lovense
  • Hands down one of my favorite vibrators, period
  • Motors in the vaginal and clitoral arms have exactly the right amount of settings and intensities
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dctblv2-table__imageThe Lelo HULA Beads
  • Best thing about this toy is the rotating head
  • Has 8 different settings
  • Completely waterproof
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My Top 13 Favorite Remote Controlled Vibrators

#1 - The OhMiBod Esca 2 (My Top Pick)

The Esca 2 is another egg vibrator that gets major points for managing to stick all of the extra features into their remote control app that us vibe lovers could ask for. If you're looking for a wireless remote vibrator that can go the distance by allowing your partner to control the action no matter how far away you happen to be from each other. Assuming you both have access to WiFi, of course.

This silicone egg vibrator can be controlled by a phone up to 26 feet away and also has a rather impressive battery life of about three and a half hours. The remote control features extend past things like vibration patterns & intensity since the app also allows you to control whether or not the light on the end is turned on. For maximum power saving ability, ensure to turn off the light during every session.

I also appreciate the fact that there is a physical button to switch through a few built in vibration patterns at the end of the antenna for those times where you don't need the extra fanciness that comes from having to involve your phone, sometimes I just want to grab my remote control vibrator and get going without any extra fuss.

It's powerful, it's intuitive, and it lasts an almost excessively long time on a single charge.

#2 - The Lush by Lovense (Best Connectivity)

The Lovense Lush is a wearable vibrator that is controlled exclusively by the Lovense Remote app. 

Two parts make up the Lush, the extendable Bluetooth antenna and the main body of the vibe itself, which is an egg vibrator for those curious. Because of this long antenna that extends far past the body of the toy itself, the useful range of the Lush is probably one of the longest out of any of the remote control vibrators I've used. If you're going at it from the front, there's a full thirty feet usable length. That means I've been in the kitchen puttering away when Don's on the couch having his fun making it extremely difficult for me to walk our snacks over without keeling over in pleasure.

The app lets you control it in a couple different ways. You can either work up the intensity in a sliding scale to make alternating patterns, choose between consistent low-medium-high vibrations, sync it up to music, or make custom vibration patterns of every shape and size. There's even a sound activated mode, and having my husband talk dirty into his phone and having the Lush vibrate in kind is an experience I am so glad I was able to have.

As far as the raw power of this device goes, it does fantastically. There's a huge range from a gentle murmur to an explosively powerful kind of vibration that is able to penetrate pretty deep into my tissues. For a vibrator that doesn't rely on rumbly low frequency vibrations, that's a pretty big accomplishment.

#3 - The Rave by We-Vibe (Perfect For G-Spot Lovers)

The We-Vibe Rave is a vibrator specifically made for targeting the G-spot, and if you use the remote control offerings right I find it is extremely useful for people who might have difficulty finding & staying with their G-spots.

The toy is wonderfully curved to dip towards the front of the body and track down the elusive bundle of nerves that make every woman moan in delight. It has one of the longest and most comfortable handles out of any vibrator I've used, G-Spot or otherwise.

What helps this remote control vibrator to really stimulate all of the most sensitive parts of the vagina is the subtle ridges along the sides of the toy, if you rotate the shaft just right you might find yourself feeling sensations you've never been able to feel with any other toy in your war chest.

The reason why the inclusion of app control makes this vibrator so worthwhile is that with most G-spot vibrators you need to fumble about with the buttons on the toy to change the settings, which risks you losing your place inside of your body.

If you use the app with your other hand, you can keep the sex toy in place while you cycle through different settings to see what kind of vibration rocks your world the best without any risk of the edges moving away from that G-spot of yours that you just spent so much time trying to reach.

#4 - The Nora by Lovense (A Wide Range Of Sensations)

The Lovense Nora is hands down one of my favorite vibrators, period. The motors in the vaginal and clitoral arms have exactly the right amount of settings and intensities on each for it to be the one vibrator I'd bring with me on a deserted island if I had to pick just one.

Besides the ergonomic curves throughout the shaft of the vibe, the head even rotates in a full 360 degree range of motion for some utterly stimulating fun.

The remote controls on the Nora are very expansive and pretty much all of them are worth taking a look at. It's the same app that controls the Lush, so the full range of options are there, just a little switched up. You can tailor how quickly the head spins to exactly your preference and make whatever vibration pattern suits you best.

Of course, syncing it up to some music is always an entertaining time, I've been serious with it and went for sexy songs or songs of a certain intensity, but getting my jollies out of a novelty/funny song is also rewarding in it's own right.

If you find the clitoral vibrator to be too powerful, you can very easily tailor it to fit your preferences while still keeping the rest of the toy as gentle or powerful as you need to get the most out of it all. The benefits of being able to do this on the fly with your phone make it that much easier to see what you respond well to and what you don't.

#5 - The Lelo HULA Beads

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So it's not quite a vibrating egg, the HULA beads are something better entirely. The beads not only vibrate, but they rotate as well for one of the best hands free g-spot experiences available out there today.

As per usual with Lelo toys there are a full eight different settings, each with a little bit of variance depending on how much vibrating you want versus how much rotating you want, or the perfect mixture of each. They are technically Ben Wa balls with a bit of weight to them so using them for kegel exercises is also a possibility. I personally find this vibe works best as a pleasure creator than a kegel exerciser though. The vibe part isn't extremely powerful, I'd say that the main course here is definitely the rotating head.

It's also completely waterproof, I highly recommend using it in the shower at least once. I quickly found myself using one hand to hold the remote while the other I used to brace myself against the wall due to the stimulation caused by the rotating head. Lelo's remote is very easy to use with only three buttons to worry about.

The fact that the head actually moves around is what makes this one of the better remote control vibrators out there. It isn't completely stationary with you having to depend on the vibrating power to get you over the edge, let the rotations hunt down your sensitive spots and an orgasm is all but guaranteed.

#6 - The Lelo IDA 2

The Lelo IDA 2 is a couples vibrator intended to be used during sex to provide stimulation to the vagina as well as the clitoris while also giving some added vibrations to anyone who happens to have themselves inserted inside as well.

The IDA 2 is a bit on the bigger side as far as couple's vibrators go but it does come with a very responsive remote control that allows the user to switch between the eight different vibration patterns without having to move the rest of their body whatsoever. The vibrations start from the clitoral portion and make their way further into the body through the body of the vibe.

I've used it with my husband several times and find the added size does help keep it in place during some more adventurous positions unlike some of the other couple's vibrators we've tried. Switching up who has the remote control can add an extra dimension to the session since they can work to control the intensity of the situation.

Another great way to make use of this toy is to use it like you would a normal vibrator but have the remote in your off hand. This way, you can change settings on the fly mid-thrust! Anyone worried about noise will be happy to know the vibrator maxes out at about 50db, perfect for stealthy public play.

#7 - The We-Vibe Ditto

There's no rule out there that a good remote control vibrator needs to be for vaginal use exclusively. I love my Ditto for anal play because it's made that aspect of my sex life so much easier to enjoy.

One of the most annoying parts about using any anal sex toy is having to awkwardly reach behind yourself and hope you manage to press the buttons the right way. With either the physical remote control or my phone I can easily change the settings on this toy without having to lose the position I've invested time into getting into.

As far as it's place as a butt plug it's very accessible since it's on the smaller side at 1.2 inches in diameter at its widest point. As far as beginner plugs go, the Ditto is the best option in the higher end range without a doubt in my mind.

The inclusion of the physical remote was also a great addition since applying lubricant to your toys can sometimes end up being a messier process than expected. It allows for switching between ten different vibration modes, each with their own purpose to keep things interesting.

That still doesn't hold a candle to how the app lets you have total control over the power levels of the toy in a fantastic way. Don't let the smaller size fool you, this plug has some serious oomph to it.

#8 - The Lovense Ambi

Naturally a lot of options from Lovense are going to be featured on this list because they're one of the few brands with an explicit commitment to remote control sex toys. The Ambi is yet another type of vibrator that's been given the remote treatment, namely a bullet vibrator.

It's a bit of a new spin on the average bullet vibe since the hammerhead design makes things a bit different overall. What it does allow is for three different possible surfaces to be used, either the main body of the toy for some shallow internal stimulation or either end of the hammerhead for either broad or targeted clitoral stimulation.

To this effect, it's a pretty worthwhile toy. It's made from 100% body safe silicone and comes in at a total length of 3.39 inches.

One thing I love about Lovense toys is that besides you being able to create custom vibration patterns yourself with the app, you can also use patterns made by other people. I've managed to find some custom made ones that are over thirty minutes long! Since the name is all I have to go on, it's always a fun experience seeing what kind of adventure someone else has cooked up and wanted to share.

The USB rechargeable battery will last about two hours on a single charge which is great when you consider the toy's overall power output. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the Ambi because it lets me do a lot of different things all within the same toy.

#9 - The Lyla 2 by Lelo (Big Fun In A Small Package)

Now the Lyla 2 is a great option if you want a remote control vibrator that actually does come with a remote as opposed to having to rely on an app for your smartphone.

The Lyla 2 is a combination bullet/wearable vibrator. As a bullet vibrator, it is very satisfying on most vibration modes, but it doesn't really have much in the way of pinpoint stimulation. There is the end, but it is gently rounded and not as pinpoint a bullet vibrator as say, the Tango.

It does however fit the bill perfectly as a wearable vibrator. It fits well, the strong vibrations do great at radiating deep into the surrounding tissues to make up for the lack of length, and controlling it with one hand on the remote while it does its thing inside of me is relaxing and makes me tremble at the knees.

The remote on this bad boy works up to 39 feet away, and I applaud Lelo for not just rounding it up to 40 and expecting us to never know the difference. So not only can you yourself play with the remote while you use it, somebody else sitting at the end of the bed or even across the room while you wear it casually can have their fun as well.

The Lyla 2 is also pretty quiet, it typically registers about 50db at the maximum setting, which is about as loud as a normal conversation. When it's inside of you the sound is muffled considerably, especially if you're under some covers or wearing clothing overtop.

#10 - The OhMiBod Fuse

A few reasons exist for why someone would want to choose a remote controlled rabbit vibrator like the Fuse. The first one could be just a simple desire to want to focus their main hand on comfortably gripping the toy while using their off hand to change the vibrations as they see fit.

Another reason is that they'd like to give remote control of their toy to their partner, same-room or otherwise. That's a big reason as to why the Fuse came to be in the first place. In fact, the OhMiBod Fuse can even sync up with a male toy known as the Kiiroo Onyx 2 for an extremely high fidelity long distance sex experience.

As for the Fuse itself, this 7.1 inch long rabbit vibrator has a gentle curve for those who love a little bit of g-spot titillation and some powerful motors in both arms. Far too often I've purchased rabbit vibrators where the power levels are lopsided between the vaginal arm and the clitoral arm. Thanks to the amount of customization allowed via app control, that isn't a problem at all when using the Fuse.

Outside of the remote control settings it's a very worthwhile toy in and of itself as well, a touch sensitive mode is included where the intensity scales based on how far inserted the toy is.

Sometimes it's also the little things that end up making a toy the most memorable. It isn't extremely easy to see in the picture but a portion of the toy has a small raised ridge portion of it that adds a lot more pleasure to the experience than I thought it would.

Overall, it's extremely fun to use and makes use of what makes a remote control vibrator worthwhile thanks to the app's broad range of features.

#11 - The Sync by We-Vibe (Perfect For Couples)

This remote control vibrator is a little different from all of the others on this list, as it is intended to be used as a couple's vibrator.

A couple's vibrator works by putting the U-shaped device inside of the vagina to deliver clitoral stimulation and vaginal stimulation to the wearer while the partner also gets to take advantage of the vibrations offered from the toy.

The Sync has three options for control, the buttons on the toy, a bundled in remote control, or the WeCare app. So, this one is both a Bluetooth vibrator and a remote control vibrator all in one.

The device has enough pivot points to allow anyone to have it fit their personal biology so there's less risk of the toy moving around when it's in use and moving off of all of those sweet spots.

With the remote, you can cycle through all ten different vibration patterns and enjoy the strong rumbly vibrations on offer, while the WeCare app allows for much more customized vibration patterns if that's what you're looking for. I personally keep to the remote as I like all of the different options that come out of the box.

With a powerful rumble to their motors and two hours use time before it needs to be charged, I'm very impressed with the We-Vibe Sync.

#12 - The Vibease (An Awesome Clitoral Vibrator)

This vibrator from Vibease is a combination clitoral vibration and wearable vibrator that has one of the most developed apps I've ever used with a sex toy.

The gentle tip is great at caressing the clitoris and while it isn't the most powerful toy on the market, it's earned its place as a valuable tool for people who like sharing their experiences together long distance.

The app comes with a full chat client that includes text and video and it allows the person on the other end to play with the toy while you're chatting away. On top of it all, there are even some e-books on the app you can use and have the toy respond in intensity that matches up with the story. There are some free e-books to try it out, with a few paid options if you end up really liking it.

It's also stellar as a wearable vibrator, it fits over the clitoris nicely and with the right pair of panties you can wear it out just about anywhere without anyone being wise to the game.

#13 - The Lovense Hush (A Fantastic Remote Control Butt Plug)

Here's another great option for a remote control sex toy, in fact it's my husband's favorite butt plug of all time.

The base model of the vibe is of a medium size, coming in at 1.5 inches in diameter but the more experienced anal lover can acquire a 1.75 inch model if they so choose. There are a lot of nice features on this plug that serve greatly as quality of life improvements.

First off, there's a corkscrew like design around the base that works to wick lube around base to improve comfort during longer sessions. Next, the silicone used is just squishy enough to reduce the level of struggle associated with insertion while still being hard enough to go the distance. These added features make it very easy to use which is what everyone should want out of anything they're putting up their rear end.

The Hush is superbly powerful at the max setting, Don sometimes even manages to get some prostate stimulation in thanks to the power on hand. Controlling it with the Lovense app allows for a great level of personalization that most other plugs just don't have. 

All in all, it's a great thing to have in the world of remote control sex toys.

Why Choose A Remote Controlled Vibrator?

Now the real question is, what does a remote controlled sex toy do that a regular one cant? Why go ahead and add a whole new way of controlling your sex toy when buttons have served us all so well in the past?

Well, these sex toys can function in a whole new way than I even thought possible before I knew about them. Namely, long distance vibrators are now a thing. The relationship I have with husband is occasionally long distance, with him taking long business trips frequently. I've fill the physical intimacy gaps myself for some time, but I was always lacking in the emotional intimacy department. Enter a Bluetooth enabled vibrator.

Now when I'm using a vibe, I can pair it to my phone and then go on the app and allow my husband to remotely control the toy from his phone as long as we're both connected to the internet. Whether he's in Chicago, Milwaukee, or Atlanta, I can have him help bring me to climax thanks to these toys. For that alone, they're great. I love knowing that my husband is out there teasing me and gradually playing with the settings in all the ways he knows I like despite being separated from me by several hundred miles. For long distance couples, these toys are a godsend.

The same kind of enjoyment can be had with your partner in the same room as you. Allow them to control the settings while they watch what gets you off the most and do their best to push all of your buttons. I personally enjoy going at my own pace but letting Don have at it with the individual settings. Of course, the typical sexual power dynamics come into play and there's a lot of room for some fun.

Of course, using it all on your own can make the entire experience of using a sex toy much more comfortable overall. Instead of fumbling with hard to use controls on a vibe I'm already reaching down with, there are times where I've held the remote in one hand or laid my phone down beside me to change settings on the fly. The level of customization that comes with app controlled sex toys is unparalleled, there's essentially now no limit to what kind of intensity and patterns you can create. Some even sync up to music, for Pete's sake.

Not all of these remote vibes are the same as your regular vibrators, either. Some are completely wearable and can only be controlled remotely, which is fun in and of itself.

So that's the draw to these remote control vibrators. Let me get into some specifics of what my favorites are capable of to give you a better decision:

Remote Control Vibrator Tips

There are a few things you can do to make sure you're getting the most out of your experience with a remote control toy. Some people can find these types of toys have a bit of a learning curve to them before you can utilize them as best as possible. To help reduce that, try these on for size:

Understand What Kind Of Play You're Looking For

To avoid disappointment you should pick toys that will give you the kind of stimulation you want and can be controlled in a way that will work best with their intended use. There are some remote control toys that are wired, these can work great but remove the possibility of using them in public or with panties on.

Other remote control toys come with app support as well as a remote, while others solely have app control. People who don't want to involve their phones should read up on this before committing. Besides that, just make sure that you understand the limitations of each individual item. Don't expect an egg vibrator to cover a lot of distance, for one.

Are You Buying With A Partner In Mind?

Whether or not you plan on including a partner into your remote control play will affect what kind of toy will be best for you. Any of these toys that allow for app control are perfect for couples since one person can sync the toy to a nearby phone while the other can control it remotely from anywhere else in the world with an internet connection. You should take some time to explain to your partner what it is about the toy that you like the most so they can exploit it to their fullest ability in bringing you loads of pleasure.

If In Public, Be Discreet

Naturally the ability to use these toys in public is a huge factor in why people look into them. Remember that the entire point of public use is for you to be getting off in plain sight with everybody none the wiser. Be kind to your fellow humans, don't use a loudly whirring remote vibrator inside a quiet library and don't look like you're having a seizure on a public bus because your vibe just found your sweet spot. While you and your partner have consented to what's happening, the general public hasn't.

Parting Words

Getting a remote control vibrator makes things a lot easier to manage while you're in the act, and open up great possibilities if you plan on using the toys with a partner. The addition of sex toys is exactly what some couples credit to the revival of their sex life into one of adventurousness and spontaneity where before it was stuck in a bland routine. These toys just do things the human body can't, plain and simple.

The inherent level of trust required to use remote control sex toys is great for maintaining intimacy between each partner. Hopefully one of the many items on this list will kind you the kind of sex you and your partner are looking for, try to find the best remote control vibrator for the kind of stimulation that works best for you for maximum effect.

Bluetooth sex toys in general are fantastic since they add the ability to add your own personalized touches to how your toy interacts with you that previously wasn't possible. Not to mention the fact that they open up marvelous opportunities for long distance sex, something I've always appreciated Bluetooth enabled toys for.

Leave a comment down below if you have any questions about any of the toys on this list!

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I'm a sex therapist by day and a sex blogger by night. I love to crush the taboos surrounding sex toys and help people become more sexually liberated. There's no topic too risqué for me to cover and I hope to educate and inform my readers on all things sex. All things that concern the female anatomy or require a more clinical approach than my husband Don can provide is covered by me. Have any questions? You can contact me via email.

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