We-Vibe Tango Review:
A Small But Powerful Vibrator

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: December 23rd 2018

Want to put the "bigger is better" notion to bed, literally and figuratively?

We-Vibe Tango has the motion of the ocean to make you reconsider your whole outlook on size.

Good things can in fact come from small packages. The We Vibe Tango is most comparable to the colored cylinder inside your lipstick. Personally, I think it's a lovely product.

It's very manageable at 3.5 inches long, it's discreet, superbly powerful, as well as affordable.

I explain it like how a 1 megaton nuclear bomb is smaller than an entire megaton of TNT, it is simply sexual engineering at its finest cramming a whole lot into a whole little.

It can be used internally and the vibrations are pleasurable but it is by no means the main course. An ingenious design of the tip slanted like lipstick offers the ability for pinpoint stimulation of the clitoris with the pointed tip while using the slanted portion to play the field, absolutely brilliant design in my opinion as the motor inside is delightful in every way. 

I chuck it in my purse regularly and know I'm covered for some tension relief. Eight different vibration modes and a great battery also come included. I can easily say this is the best sex toy I've had in years, I'm having a lot of trouble finding things to hate.

Let's get the technical stuff out of the way first, I had a lot of questions about the Tango right off the bat that absolutely had to be answered.

Design & Shape​​​​

This clit vibrator measures in at 3.5 inches long and 2.25 inches in diameter and the outer shell is made from ABS thermoplastic free of phthalates, BPA, and latex. The outer shell is a typical cylindrical shape until you reach the tip, which makes a point reminiscent of that of lipstick.

I thoroughly enjoy how it channels the vibrations, many toys fall prey to having a pointed tip that's too narrow and having it in the middle only gives you so much room to maneuver the toy to make up for it. 

Without a doubt I would not be surprised seeing this winning some kind of sex toy award, although I really don't understand how the judges are picked for those events.

Extra brownie points for being completely waterproof on top of all of that, it means it's all systems go for shower/bath play as well as a simple cleanup with soap and water.

The Battery

The Tango is powered with a rechargeable battery so you won't be fumbling in the "other" drawer of your house looking for some spare AA's.

There's two hours of play to be had on a single charge of 90 minutes, I never thought I'd see the day rechargeable batteries would actually work for longer than it takes to charge.

The Motor

Apparently the gold standard for testing vibration intensity in the sex toy industry is putting the edge in a glass or bowl of water, as nearly every manufacturer I've seen uses a water displacement video to most easily communicate it.

As you can see, the Tango's is pretty significant and once its pressed up against the body all of that goes right through to the tip. 

There's eight different modes of vibration and I wish they specified in the video which they used, as there's a handful of different vibration modes to choose from. There is a lot of variance between the modes as far as intensity as well as vibration pattern so it is definitely not a one trick pony.

Price & Where To Buy It

A brand new Tango goes for a little less than $70 USD from the We-Vibe website, which is the lowest price you'll find online. As far as vibrators go, it's one of the best price-to-pleasure ratios I've ever seen.

Side note: If you're going to pick one up for yourself, make sure you only shop at reputable retailers, since We-Vibe has been subject to a ton of counterfeit sellers over the years. Don't be fooled by prices that are under what the manufacturer sells it for that you might find online. If it seems too good to be true, you're probably buying a fake product.

The official We-Vibe store is always your best bet in my opinion.

My Experience

I was very curious the day I finally received my Tango and ended up using it nearly immediately as I had the day to myself. When I held it in my hand I was absolutely not prepared for what I was about to be treated to.

Other vibrators simply can't compare, there will be no return to any of my old entry level bullet vibes any time soon as I only reach for my Tango to get some work done on the clitoris. It is not big enough to really do much internally from the little shell, but the vibrations at higher intensities carry well through the vaginal canal in a way no bullet vibrator ever has for me. The higher intensities I actually tend to avoid as they can sometimes be too much for me.

Keeping it near me because it's so small and easy to bring around proved to be one the best decisions I could have made that weekend. Every time I'd stop and think, "Hey, can I do this or that with it?" The answer was yes. Shower play was fantastic with the Tango and you get to clean it right after the deed is done. There's always new an interesting ways to use a full battery: will I crank out as many orgasms as I can before it dies or will I tease myself until I'm sick of it? Letting your pleasures guide you and giving in to whatever your feeling that day is how this little thing goes about its day. 

Kudos to We Vibe, every so often someone has to step up to the plate and make something really memorable and they hit the bulls eye here.


Ladies who don't like to wait around are well served by the We Vibe Tango, ladies who want a spine-bending orgasm in a convenient package are well served, and ladies in general are well served by this toy. This is more than likely my most favorable review I've ever given for a toy.

While maybe it could be bigger or maybe this or maybe that, what you receive does what its supposed to do flawlessly and without any frustrating moments.

 Now to find out where I left it.

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