Lovense Gravity Review:

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Written by: Angela Watson

Updated: September 22, 2023

Lovense Gravity Review

Join me as I delve into the Lovense Gravity Review: an accordion-style thruster that promises a unique blend of high-tech features and sensual pleasure.

As someone who has been immersed in the world of adult pleasure products, I've had the pleasure of exploring various intimate toys and sharing my experiences with my readers.

Today, I want to take you on a journey through the exciting world of thrusters, and specifically, my encounter with the Lovense Gravity.

With only a handful of thruster reviews under my belt, I can't help but feel that 2023 is ushering in a new era for these innovative pleasure device.

Lovense Gravity: Overview

What sets this thruster apart is its ability to combine thrusting and vibrating sensations, all controllable through the toy itself or the Lovense Remote app.

Its modern design caught my eye immediately, with a sleek silicone body that expertly incorporates accordion-style ridges. These ridges not only add to its aesthetics but also enhance its performance.

  • Lovense Gravity measures 25.8cm (10.2") in total length
  • 10.5cm (4.1") dedicated to the handle and accordion ridges
  • Insertiable shaft offers 13cm (5.1") of pleasurable length
  • Maximum diameter of 3.69cm (1.45")

Its smooth surface is inviting, though a seam runs along the front and back, most pronounced near the buttons and ridges. While some might find this distracting, the unique shade of red makes up for it.

The Gravity's special feature lies at its base—an attachable suction cup. It's a clever addition, allowing you to explore various angles and positions for hands-free pleasure. The Gravity is USB rechargeable, body-safe, and water-resistant, though it's not intended for anal use or use with a harness.

Detailed Specs of Lovense Gravity


The packaging for the Lovense Gravity was of high quality, similar to what I experienced with the Lush 2. It arrived safely in a sturdy cardboard box, featuring a picture of the toy and details about its capabilities.

Inside the box, I found the toy nestled securely in foam, along with its detachable suction cup. Additional contents included an instruction manual, charging cord, and a satin storage bag. To top it off, the Lovense Gravity comes with a one-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind.

Lovense Gravity Size


Charging the Lovense Gravity is a straightforward process, thanks to its USB rechargeability. One end of the charging cord connects to a USB port, while the other attaches magnetically to the toy's metal plates. 

These connections are sturdy, reducing the risk of accidental disconnection. A convenient LED light on the toy's front indicates charging status, turning off when fully charged.

Expect around two hours of charging to provide approximately four hours of use, an impressive ratio. Additionally, Lovense states that the Gravity has 120 hours of standby time, a testament to its energy efficiency.

Suction Cup

The Lovense Gravity's suction cup is a standout feature, utilizing patented technology. It's designed with versatility in mind. If you're not a fan of suction cups, simply leave it off and use the provided silicone cover to keep things tidy.

The suction cup is notably thick and sturdy, securely attaching to walls and floors without risk of coming loose. What sets it apart is the slight gap between the suction cup and the Gravity, allowing for some flexibility and movement during use. This feature enhances realism and pleasure during hands-free sessions.


Operating the Lovense Gravity is user-friendly, with two buttons corresponding to its two primary functions—thrusting and vibrating. While the brand advertises these buttons as fully independent, only one serves as the power control.

To turn the Gravity on, hold down the button with a zigzag line closest to the insertable shaft for three seconds. This activates standby mode, marked by a quick vibration and a blinking light above the button. From here, you can connect it to the Lovense Remote app, cycle through the toy's vibrations, or adjust the thrusting speed using the lower button with up/down arrow symbols. Both functions offer seven pre-set

modes, including three steady speeds and four patterns, all customizable through the Lovense Remote app. You have the freedom to use these functions separately or in combination, allowing you to find your ideal blend of sensations. When you're done, a simple three-second press of the power button turns off the Gravity.

The button symbols are thoughtfully designed, making it easy to remember their functions. However, having a symbol for the power button would have been a helpful addition.

The Technology Behind Lovense Gravity

While the Lovense Gravity can be controlled using its buttons, the Lovense Remote app takes pleasure to a whole new level. I had previously used this app with the Lovense Lush 2 and, despite encountering a few glitches, had a positive experience.


Since then, the app has undergone significant updates, aligning its design with 2023 trends. In the app, you'll find several control features, each with its own unique functions.

Remote Home: This page serves as the hub, offering five control features.

However, during my experience, I encountered issues with the Alarm function and Sound's detection software, which seemed overly sensitive. Music's integration with Spotify also seemed limited, only accessing "Liked" songs. 

Despite these issues, the core method for controlling the toy in the app, the Remote mode, worked seamlessly. It's worth noting that the Gravity has two motors, making it a bit different from my previous experiences.

Long Distance: This tab, familiar from previous versions, is designed for long-distance control.

Thankfully, I didn't encounter any glitches this time around, making it a reliable option for those in remote relationships.

Lovense Gravity App

Discover: This is a significant addition to the app, housing six sub-menus that set it apart from others. Patterns and Control Link remain similar to previous versions, with the addition of new features like a Discord server and a dating-style app called Tophy.

Speed Mode, Wish List, Gift, and Game are entirely new. Speed Mode, for instance, syncs your toy's intensity with your movement (ideal for use in a moving vehicle), while Game introduces a phone game called "Projekt Melody: Melware Rises" that engages with the toy's vibrations and thrusts.

Additionally, the app can connect with various games available on Steam for PC users. The "Me" tab offers minor changes like birthday offers, dark mode, and home page customization, while comprehensive customization options for your toy are available in the top right-hand corner.

Despite encountering some glitches, the Lovense Remote app impressed me with its advanced functionality. The addition of features like Speed Mode and Game sets it apart from competitors. While the Long Distance mode had caused issues in the past, it functioned smoothly this time.

Real User Review of Lovense Gravity

First Impressions

My first interaction with the Lovense Gravity left a lasting impression. I was initially drawn to the rumbly vibrations it offered, although I noted that they were on the louder side due to the silicone's interaction with the toy's components.

This noise was most noticeable over the accordion-style ribbed area, essential for the thruster's function. Fortunately, placing a hand over this area reduced the noise, and it became less of an issue during use.

However, the real crescendo of sound emerged when I activated the thruster. It's important to acknowledge that hand-held sex machines are expected to generate noise, and the Gravity's sound level is likely quieter than its freestanding counterparts. Nevertheless, it's something worth noting if privacy is a concern.

On the positive side, the Gravity's range of motion was impressive, extending an additional 3.2cm (1.25") in length. It delivered a satisfying amount of power, and I couldn't stop the thrusting action with my hands, a rare feat compared to other accordion-style thrusters.

My Experience

Inserting the Lovense Gravity was a breeze, thanks to its moderate girth and tapered, soft tip. However, I must note that it didn't quite reach my G-spot as advertised, which wasn't surprising for me since I typically require a curved toy for targeted stimulation. I also didn't notice the three textural elements or the slight girth reduction a few inches in.

The insertable length provided ample room for exploration, but I had to be cautious not to approach the accordion ridges too closely. These ridges, while intriguing, could be a source of discomfort if they came into contact with sensitive areas during thrusting.

While the vibrations left me underwhelmed due to the lack of G-spot stimulation, the thrusting action was a delight. It outperformed other thrusters I'd tried, mainly due to its powerful and consistent range of motion. Some thrusters tend to slow down or even stop when inserted deeply, but the Lovense Gravity maintained its pace admirably.

When using the Gravity without the suction cup, it's important to hold the toy in place to ensure it thrusts correctly. Unlike other thrusters, I couldn't employ my usual hack of wedging the handle under my leg for hands-free use, as this would push the ridges uncomfortably.

However, this requirement to hold the toy was my primary drawback, as it meant I couldn't easily watch porn on my phone or use the Lovense Remote app while using the Gravity in this manner. This limitation prompted me to explore using the toy with the suction cup, which offered an entirely different experience.

When using the suction cup, the Lovense Remote app became indispensable, as it was challenging to reach the toy's buttons. My favorite feature in this scenario was the app's Remote mode with its sliders.

Using the Gravity suctioned to the wall quickly became my preferred method, as it simplified the experience and provided a more realistic and enjoyable sensation compared to holding the toy. The strong suction cup ensured that it stayed securely in place, eliminating concerns about it falling during use.


  • Excellent range of motion
  • Strong suction cup for hands-free use
  • Comprehensive app for remote control and customization
  • Consistent and powerful thrusting


  • Limited G-spot stimulation for some users
  • Potential for pinching if the accordion ridges get too close
  • Noise level, especially when both vibrations and thrusting are active

Cleaning and Maintaining Lovense Gravity

Cleaning the Lovense Gravity is relatively straightforward, although I do wish it were more waterproof. To clean it, follow this step-by-step procedure:

  • Prepare the Toy: Disconnect your Lovense Gravity from any power source or remote control to ensure safety during the cleaning process.
  • Rinse with Warm Water: Hold the Lovense Gravity under warm, running water. Avoid using hot water, as it may damage the silicone. Gently rinse the entire surface to remove any residual fluids.
  • Use Mild Soap: Apply a small amount of mild, fragrance-free soap to your hand. Gently lather the soap over the toy's surface. Pay extra attention to any textured areas on the shaft and ridges.
  • Thoroughly Rinse: Rinse the Lovense Gravity under warm water again, ensuring that all soap residue is completely washed away. Check for any remaining traces of soap to ensure it's clean.
  • Air Dry: Pat the toy dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. Then, leave the Lovense Gravity to air dry completely. Avoid using paper towels or abrasive materials that might scratch the surface.

By following these five simple steps, you can keep your Lovense Gravity clean and ready for your next use. Remember to store it properly afterward to maintain its quality.

Final Thoughts

The Lovense Gravity may not be the most budget-friendly option, but when it comes to thrusters, it's often a case of "go big or go home."

This product truly stands out in its category. Its powerful and consistent range of motion, combined with a sturdy suction cup for hands-free use and comprehensive app compatibility, make it a remarkable choice for those seeking thruster satisfaction.

While my personal issue with the Gravity was its lack of G-spot stimulation, which affected my enjoyment of its vibrations, it's important to note that this can vary depending on individual body types.

Overall, the Gravity's advantages outweighed its minor downsides, such as the potential for pinching and noise levels. If you're in the market for a thruster, the Lovense Gravity is a compelling option.

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