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My Opinion After Using The Fuse

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: April 13th, 2023

This year has been a whirlwind year for sex toys. While I doubt each and every toy I've covered so far this year has been released precisely in 2019, lots of interesting toys have came to the market, all with their own special quirks and reasons why they think they've reinvented the wheel.

Today's review is a bit less like that, it's a return to basics in a way. The OhMiBod Fuse is a rabbit vibrator similar to many I've already reviewed on this site, but of course it has a few special touches that make it worthy of its own review instead of getting tossed into my "maybe" pile.

OhMiBod is a female-owned company based in New Hampshire and they've been mixing technology and sex toys for some time now. It's got to the point where sex-tech behemoth Kiiroo has even teamed up with them to ensure they have only the most cutting edge in orgasm-inducing gadgetry.

So, without further ado, here's what the OhMiBod Fuse is all about:

Design & Specs

The OhMiBod fuse is fairly standard in design, superficially it resembles just about every other rabbit vibrator out there except for the tapered cone shaped base that allows it to stand upright. It's made from body-safe silicone and a specially coated ABS plastic, overall it has a very sleek and fancy appearance to it.

Compared to some of my other silicone toys, it has a distinct lag of drag & resistance even when lubricant is in short supply. As far as the clitoral arm is concerned it is about two inches long and I personally find it a lot more pliable and easy to move around than others I've had, the range of motion in how you can bend it is just very nice & responsive.

Full length of the toy is 7.1 inches in length while the toy is 1.3 inches in diameter at its widest point on the vaginal arm. If you look carefully you'll notice raised platforms on both the vaginal arm as well as the clitoral arm, the ridges present add an extra dimension of sensual flavor to the experience once you learn how to use them correctly. The right brush over the clitoris pays dividends thanks to this special design.

I also think these platforms have something to do with the sensors in the toy. This rabbit vibrator is a dual stimulation vibrator thanks to the fact that there's motors in both ends, this means there's no relying on one big motor to provide the level of stimulation needed.

A noteworthy feature present in the Fuse should you choose to take advantage of it is the fact that the toy can detect how far it is inserted and change intensity accordingly. The deeper you go, the stronger the vibrations get.

Customization is key with the Fuse, one challenge many rabbit vibrators face is that if custom options are present, they're usually lopsided and focus on one arm more than the other, thankfully that isn't the case with the Fuse. Three different control modes are on display here: Bluetooth, touch-sensitive, and manual. To properly exploit all of the features you're given, downloading the OhMiBod Remote App is necessary since it turns your phone into the control unit. Every aspect of both motors can be controlled down to the finest of details, and there's even a few community-made presets for fun. Bluetooth mode also enables any user to pair their device to either someone else's phone or another OhMiBod/Kiiroo Bluetooth-enabled toy, that includes toys made for the same gender so those in same sex relationships need not feel left out.

Touch-sensitive mode is what I went over earlier, the device simply detects how far you've inserted the toy and will adjust the intensity accordingly. It's as simple as that, really.

Manual mode on the other hand has seven different vibration patterns, three of which are the standard low-medium-high while the other four have different undulations and vibration patterns to them that make them noteworthy in their own right. I've said it once and I'll say it again: use the ascending and descending vibration option, it's the easiest way to enjoy sexual tension using only a sex toy.

It's standard in the noise department, it isn't a stealth toy but it isn't a jackhammer either.

Finally there's the battery: about one hour of charging will give you one hour of use. The 1:1 use-to-charge ratio is nice, but there are other toys that have a pinch more longevity to them.

Here's the visual manual video made by Kiiroo which explains everything you need to know about the specifics of the Fuse:

My Experience Using The OhMiBod Fuse

I bought my OhMiBod Fuse from the official Kiiroo store

The reason being is because they offered the lowest price at the time. They also have a coupon code "DRCLIMAX" which is valid for an extra 15% off!

Included with the toy is the wall charger, manual, and a nice satin sack to store it in once you've completed your cleanup routine. Immediately noticeable is that this toy is slightly more diminutive than other rabbit vibrators.

One of the most pervasive philosophies with rabbit vibrators is that they need to be as big as possible and cover as many different bases as possible when it comes to tickling the g-spot and clitoris in all of the right ways. As I later learned thanks to the Fuse, this philosophy isn't necessarily spot-on.

I really like that the base is flared in  way that allows me to set the toy upright, there are times when I'm pleasuring myself where I'd like to go a bit more manual (my own fingers) and being able to set it down without worrying about what it might be picking up from my nightstand allows me to focus on the matter at hand instead of what I'm letting colonize my nether regions.

Naturally I had to check out all of the manual modes first. Low and medium are your standard fare, while the highest setting has some serious power to it. I don't know if it is actually more powerful than some of my other juggernauts or if the small size of the toy means there's less silicone to absorb vibrations so they instead radiate into the body tissues. The vibrations radiate deeper than many other toys I've had which helped cement the Fuse as an actual g-spot vibrator and not just a rabbit vibrator with a slight curve at the end. The rest of the vibration modes keep things interesting, with either delayed pulses or specialized patterns that make me feel all shaky inside. I was surprised, I think the last or second to last vibration is the one that almost always sends a shiver down my spine after moving it around a bit.

Touch-sensitive mode is perfect for those times where consistency is just too boring. Every fraction of an inch I insert the toy I'm able to feel the toy get stronger and stronger, and it even manages to keep up pretty well whenever I use it, well, vigorously as opposed to gently. The sensors that make touch-sensitive mode possible also work amazingly well with the Fleshlight Launch when paired up. The Launch will move the masturbator almost precisely in the same way the rabbit vibrator is being used. Long distance couples seeking the most 1:1 digital long distance sex experience are sure to love this feature, it really is pretty much the best we can do until we have holodeck style technology.

With Bluetooth mode, I highly recommend fine-tuning the sensations between the clitoral arm and the vaginal arm to hit the clitoris and the g-spot at just the right levels. When I manage to d this, it's like an end-to-end pleasure setup that I affectionately refer to as the Highway Of Pleasure since the vibrations manage to meet up deep in the body's tissues for an all-encompassing orgasm. Whenever I get that just right you can rest assured you'll find my sheets in the washer in no less than the next half hour. I also appreciate the fact that either arm can be completely turned off with the app, I've used it as a standalone vibrator or clitoris toy many times which is great on the battery life and great for my sex life.

No matter what mode it's on the ridged nature of the toy is absolutely spectacular. Minor twists and turns are more than worth the effort as the raised portions swipe over sensitive parts within my reproductive system. Also, they can effectively be used to "channel" vibrations to a certain sweet spot while in use once you figure out how to move the toy around.

In short, there's a lot to take advantage of with each new thing I figure out about this toy just as juicy as the last.

Where Can You Get One?

In my opinion, the official Kiiroo website is the best place to pick up this toy. Personally, I prefer Kiiroo since they have a much more expansive logistics network and I've yet to have an issue when dealing with them.

I appreciate how quickly they ship anything I order plus I know they're people of the word when it comes to honoring warranties. If I had a gun to my head though, I'd probably end up saying their coupon is what keeps me coming back for more:

When the coupon "DRCLIMAX" is used at checkout, 10% will be taken off the order, when you buy as many sex toys as I do the savings are pretty significant.

It is unlikely you'll find a knockoff of this toy since it is pretty distinct, although when you buy straight from the source you can rest easy there's a 0% chance of receiving non-genuine goods.

Final Thoughts

Touch-sensitive technology makes this one of the most appealing sex toys out there for long distance couples who want an experience that's as analogous to real sex as possible. Every party involved whether its male-female or female-female is treated to a wide array of sensations that accurately translate into how much the other party is getting into it. Even if one person finishes up before the other, there's nothing stopping that person from hijacking control of the toy (assuming permissions have already been given) and giving their dearly beloved what they wish they could give them in person.

As far as solo-use is concerned there's more than enough customization options to keep things new. For what it's worth, I'm still not bored of the manual settings either, anytime my phone doesn't have the charge necessary for a Bluetooth enabled session I'm hardly disappointed I'm "only" stuck with the manual options.

At first I thought OhMiBod might just be riding on Kiiroo's popularity, but after using this toy and the Esca 2, I think they have some serious mettle and I'm curious where else they'll go in sex-tech.

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