We-Vibe Rave Review:

Is The We-Vibe Rave Worth Buying?

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: May 4, 2023

There are a dizzying amount of options out there today as far as vibrators are concerned. You have big ones, small ones,  and ones that try to do everything. Personally, I'm a little tired of a lot of the jack of all trades and master of none aspect that many rabbit vibrators or other expensive sex toys are starting to have. What happened to being extremely good at one specific thing and sticking to it?

I feel like We-Vibe is starting to feel the same way, or at least got enough complaints from their customers to try and go for something that has all its eggs in one basket and that's exactly what I want.

Introducing the We-Vibe Rave, a totally unique g-spot vibrator thats designed to allow for internal g-spot stimulation as well as external clitoral stimulation.

The We-Vibe Rave is a G-spot vibrator that was built from the ground up to be used while laying down and that hunts down the G-spot and tickles it until there's no option left but to stain the sheets a little bit. What I also like is that the Rave capitalized on something few toy manufacturers realize that vibrators have over flesh and blood human beings: you can twist and turn the toy as you please for an extra dimension.

But before I tell you about how the Rave made me feel, I'll tell you some more about what the Rave actually is.

Design & Specs

As to be expected of any well-made vibrator, it is made of a silicone construction that is body safe and certified to be 100% medical grade. 

It's gently curved in a way that slightly resembles a boomerang in shape with the intention of it being extremely easy for all women to use it and find their G-spots easily without having to strain their arms. It's completely asymmetrical, as in no matter how you slice it both halves are different from each other. More on this later, I'll explain. But for now, all you need to know is that it has been designed with various pleasure edges in mind that really kick things up to the next level. It's extremely firm in construction and has very little in the way of give, something some might not appreciate.

It's a rechargeable toy that offers two hours of play on a single hour long charge and its even nice enough to come with a low-power alert light that'll tell you when you wrap things up before it goes kaput. 

Don't try and bring this in the bath or shower with you, it's splash proof which is a very serious difference from water proof.  Essentially all splash proof means is that you're fine washing it with a rinse underneath the tap but you really shouldn't expose it to much more than that.

In the noise department its not whisper quiet or silent by any means, but a blanket or pillow covering it is enough to muffle the noise for it to not go through a closed door.

My Experience Using It

I like picking up a G spot massager that actually knows what it's doing. I can't count how many times I've been in a sex shop and seen some contraptions built by people who must have not seen a vagina before. It's a simple matter of anatomy they just can't get over.

The Rave is a different matter. The device is curved perfectly, I can hold it while laying down comfortably and I'm just a little bit of leverage towards perfect G-spot stimulation. As far as the vibrations go, I'd say We-Vibe has the best mix of analog and app-controlled features out of most e-vibrators because the 10 built in settings run the gauntlet from vanilla to rumbly to slightly seismic. I don't often commit to using the app with the toy, but it's entertaining at least for a session to play with the custom controls. 

Where this toy really earns its stripes is in the little things. I say that life isn't always made by the big symphonies, but often by the small overtures. You see, if you twist the toy when its in use this fantastic ridge along the side runs its way along inside you for a feeling I haven't been able to get out of a sex toy before. The other memorable add-on is places where you can use the toy for very targeted stimulation. I might even have logged more time using this as a clit vibrator than a G-spot hunter, to be honest.

Both were worthwhile ways for me to spend my time, it's a really memorable piece.

Where Can You Get One?

I purchased my We-Vibe Rave from the official We-Vibe website. They offer the cheapest prices available on all of their products including the Rave.

I'd only recommend buying We-Vibe products directly from their website because their are countless counterfeit products floating around the internet for sale on various websites.

Just be cautious when buying products from non-official retailers. 

Final Thoughts

When going for the elusive G, you're going to need to use your head. How to actually get to it and stimulate it properly varies widely from girl to girl. It's real, it's there, and I really suggest any ladies who haven't gotten around to charting theirs to take some time tonight and figure it out. There's enough versatility in the Rave to really up the ante as having that be a success, so personally, I'm a fan.

I wish it was fully waterproof, but few things in life are the full package

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