Does CBD Work For Improving Sex? 

How A Simple Cannabinoid Can Be A Big Help

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: October 25st, 2021

CBD has been touted as something of a miracle cure in the past few years, reaching huge popularity seemingly overnight. With everything from celebrity endorsements to even gas stations offering CBD-infused products, it can be hard to see the entire craze as anything more than a massive fad.

But for things to have gotten this far, surely CBD must have some real, tangible benefits. Surely it isn't all a bunch of hot air, right?

For the uninitiated, CBD stands for cannabidiol, a cannabinoid found within the marijuana/hemp plant that has no psychoactivity (no feeling "stoned"), but is thought to help mediate a plethora of different bodily functions. 

Despite being most well known for being part of the cannabis plant itself, the body has a complex cannabinoid system that regulates a whack-load of bodily functions such as sleep, hunger, inflammation, and even mood to varying degrees.

Getting CBD into your system can be done a variety of different ways, whether it be by ingestion via the mouth, absorption under the tongue, or applied topically with an ointment.

Simply put, there's just about as many different ways to take CBD as there are reasons to use it. Let's get going with all of the sexual reasons that someone would want to take CBD.

How CBD Works To Provide Better Sex

As far as the effects of CBD go there really is only two different types of experiences: systematic and localized

Any CBD consumed via the mouth of sublingually (underneath the tongue) will provide its benefits throughout the whole body, while any CBD applied topically will provide benefits just to the area it was applied to. 

Depending on how you react to CBD, one might be a better choice than the other. For instance, some who don't like the slight mental shift they report from taking it orally will instead opt to just use a topical cream as needed.

The biggest reason people reach for a bottle of CBD for their sex life would be the management of chronic pains and aches. Sex is an intense physical activity, it's not fun if you have to hold yourself back and make sure you don't accidentally get into an uncomfortable position. The worries caused by having to keep that in mind can be more than enough to kill just about any sexy mood you're in.

Another major factor that many couples have to deal with is excessive inflammation/cramping of the vaginal muscles that makes penetration difficult if not impossible without causing some degree of pain. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD have helped some couples rekindle their intimacy after trying just about everything else.

A handful of other meaningful improvements include:
  • Reduced feelings of anxiety/nervousness
  • More consistent lubrication throughout the entirety of sexual intercourse
  • Increased blood flow & sensitivity to the genital area, allowing for some people to not have to "fight" to stay in the mood

The actual level of effectiveness and whether or not these benefits will materialize for everyone tends to vary wildly, with some people considering CBD the solution to all of their problems and some not convinced it does much of anything at all. But as with most things, the truth lay somewhere inbetween these two extremes: 

Being able to stay 100% present during sex instead of worrying about your body/mind nearly always translates to a more satisfying experience.

How To Pick The Right Bedroom CBD Product For Your Needs

Before just grabbing any old bottle of CBD and hoping for the best, try going through these points to get a better understanding of which product would suit you best!

Buy From A Reputable Source

Nearly all horror stories about CBD tend to come from people who have bought theirs from either the cheapest possible brand or a product purchased from a convenience store or other source that doesn't tend to specialize in CBD products.

Make sure to do your homework and research any given CBD product as thoroughly as you possibly can. That means reading reviews and looking at all of the available documentation from the manufacturers themselves. Many different brands advertise a "CBD-Like" or "CBD experience" that use deceptive branding into making you think you're buying CBD when you really aren't.

I personally would very much recommend the CBD products from Prest Organics as I have used them myself and can attest that they very much have the intended effects that good cannabidiol should be able to provide.

Their hemp-derived CBD oil is legal in all of the USA and even a number of places where hemp-derived products are legal but full spectrum marijuana plants are not, medicinal or otherwise. 

Another point in favor of Prest Organics would be that their CBD has a nice earthy taste to it that confirms that hemp was involved in its production, as well as the fact that keeping it under your tongue for about 20 seconds before swallowing means it can start working in around half an hour.

Use coupon code "Health30" for 30% off!

Choose Your Consumption Method Wisely

The issues that are holding you back in the bedroom should be carefully considered when selecting what kind of CBD you'll end up wanting to pick up. If you really don't know which is best for you or your issues are numerous, tending towards oils that can be dosed via the mouth is your best bet. 

That way you can get whole-body relief without having to spend that much extra time and effort.

That's not to say the more localized formulations of CBD are without their purpose. If you are dealing with consistent dryness or lack of lubrication then using a special lubricant with added CBD can help get two birds with one stone. Topicals are also great for anyone who doesn't enjoy the effects CBD might have on their mood or concentration.

In the end, I'd try an oral CBD oil first and then move to a topical if the other effects of CBD aren't quite for you but you've established some benefit from CBD itself.

Find The Right Dose For You

The ideal dose of CBD differs for everyone so I highly recommend a bit of experimenting when you first get started. Narrowing down the perfect amount of CBD to use helps ensure you get all of the symptom alleviation you want with none of the extra effects that you don't.

Remember, you can always take more, but you can never take less. That's entirely why I recommend starting at the lowest effective dose specified on the product label and then increasing from there until you find your sweet spot. After a certain point you won't be getting more benefit and might even have to contend with drowsiness as a side effect if you end up taking a mega dose.

Less is more with CBD in just about every way. Most reasons people have for saying CBD does nothing for them is that they didn't take the time to find the right dose for them.

Take It Beforehand To Let It Kick in

CBD products aren't like headache medicines that you can feel get to work within five minutes. Depending on the type of CBD you get as well as the brand, you'll have to wait anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour to start getting some of the effects. For this reason I highly recommend dosing your CBD at least an hour and a half before you plan on having sex just to make sure you body has properly absorbed everything.

Oral products kept under the tongue before swallowing tend to kick in the fastest, while creams and lubricants tend to need a bit of time to kick in fully. If you're worried you might need an extra five or ten minutes when push comes to shove, that's just some bonus foreplay time, don't sweat it!


Is CBD Legal?

As time goes on and the benefits are more understood, CBD itself has became legal in many different parts of the world. The main things affecting legality are whether or not the CBD comes from hemp (industrial cannabis with little to no THC content) or marijuana (recreational cannabis with high THC content).

Typically CBD derived from hemp tends to be completely legal, as is the case in the United States throughout the entire country.

Things can get more complicated when the product was derived from marijuana as opposed to hemp.

Check your local laws to make sure these products are legal before you try having them shipping to your house. As a general rule of thumb, places with medicinal or recreational marijuana tend to have legal marijuana-derived CBD while places that don't will be much less tolerant.

Does CBD Contain THC?

Some CBD products contain THC as an additional ingredient but by and large CBD products contain just CBD. The ones with THC in them are typically aggressively branded as such and will come with an additional psychoactive effect on top of the benefits of CBD.

Some research points to there being an "entourage effect" that enhances the effects of both, but that's still pretty spotty at this point in time.

In short, genuine hemp-derived CBD does not contain any THC, while many marijuana-derived CBD products have managed to fully remove any meaningful traces of THC as well.

Will CBD Make Me Fail A Drug Test?

You're in the clear! Actual genuine CBD with no THC content will not cause a drug test for marijuana to turn positive. All the more reason to make sure you bought from a proper source. 

If you're really worried, stick to hemp-derived CBD since there was never much (or any) THC in the plant to begin with.

Parting Words

Most physical ailments involving inflammation of the body or general pain as well as mental ailments such as nervousness or performance anxiety can be helped to some degree by using CBD. 

It isn't by any means a replacement for proper medical treatment of major issues, but CBD can and does help many people get over that finish line to satisfying sex.

If you have any questions at all about CBD and sex, don't hesitate to comment below! Thanks for reading!

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