Lovense Ambi Review:

My Experience Using It & Overall Rating

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: September 6th, 2019

Bullet vibrators occupy a very special place in my heart, as they have become incredibly powerful in recent years in both battery life and intensity.

The small stature of bullet vibrators is one of their strong suits, but also come with their drawbacks. The biggest of which is that they simply don't have much room to hold on to. This can cause an issue if the toy is particularly powerful or effective, I can't count how many times I've dropped a bullet vibrator while in using it.

Not to mention that because of their smaller sizes, they tend to come in a limited amount of shapes. Most offer both generalized vibrations as well as more pin-point styles of stimulation.

This is the main reason why the Ambi bullet vibrator stood out to me, it has a handle that makes for easy gripping. The main housing of the vibrator is wide with only a little nubby at the very end, but I find that pinpoint clitoral stimulation is easily accomplished by using one end of the handle.

It fits rather snugly, actually.

I purchased the Ambi from the official Lovense store for around $90 last summer, since it was unlike any other vibrator in my collection, nor did it resemble any vibrator I'd ever seen before. 

When I first learned about the toy and saw how it functioned, I was very intrigued. 

I was pleasantly surprised after using it, as it's unlike any other vibrator in my collection. It really is a great little toy.

The following 1 and a half minute video should explain why the Lovense Ambi piqued my interest:

Specs & Design

The outer layer of the Ambi is made from 100% medical grade and body safe silicone. Silicone toys are considered functionally non-porous as the pores that they do have aren't suitable for the growth of bacteria colonies. For reasons for ease of cleaning, pleasurable sensations, as well as relatively low cost, silicone toys are quickly becoming some of the most common toys out there.

Let's go over the proper dimensions of the Ambi, shall we? The total length of the toy is 3.39 inches, with 2.40 inches of that being entirely insertable. The diameter of the insertable end is 1.03 inches, or about the diameter of the cap on a soda bottle.

While the toy is rechargeable, you'll notice upon inspection of the toy that there isn't a port to plug in a charger, so how does it get the job done? The toy makes use of a magnetic charger at the very end of the toy, there's two metal connectors at the business end of the toy that can be hooked up the magnetic charger. Unfortunately it is somewhat fussy as far as actually plugging it in goes, and you should make sure the light comes on saying that it is really connected and charging lest you get a bad surprise next time you want some self-care.

When it comes down to the battery, somewhere a little over an hour of charge time gets you between an hour and a half to two hours of continuous use. They brag about a long standby time, but I don't recommend letting your toy sit around unused for long periods of time if you want the battery to last as long as possible.

Vibration modes galore is a noteworthy feature of the Ambi, with three default patterns that are the simple low-medium-high, as well as the ability to make 10 customized vibration patterns if you prefer more ooh's than ah's or any combination of two, really.

Why Is It Called The "Ambi"?

All of Lovense's toys tend to have some sort of meaning behind them, and with this one I can only assume they're referring to ambidextrous, since the toy is made to have an easy to use hand feel and an actual handle. The added handle makes it easier to use the vibrator in a myriad of different positions no matter which hand you have to use, so: Ambi.

Upon unboxing the toy I was kind of worried about the two charging ports at the end of the device, but they're sufficiently recessed into the silicone housing that there's essentially no chance of feeling cold metal inside of you. This made it slightly harder to plug in the charger properly, but I support the design choice of comfort in use over a little fidgeting to get it to charge properly.

How Does It Work?

While one portion of the toy is clearly more designed to be the handle than the other, I really like using the back end of the handle as a clitoral vibrator. It fits nicely into my body shape but may not be ideal for all women. The multiple vibrating edges of the device should mean that there's some part that can service your personal anatomy though, so experimenting is key to getting the most out of the Ambi, although this can be said about most toys.

Where the Ambi vibrator stands out is the sheer power of the vibrations. Because the toy is smaller than the average vibrator, I find myself making use of the higher power settings very frequently. The three default power settings can also be customized with the app, so there's no need to keep them at the default low-medium-high range and instead you can have your three favorite kinds of vibrations on quick rotation as opposed to two settings you seldom use and one you usually use, nice!

It's small enough to be used when I'm having sex with my husband, which is a big bonus for me. I find if you turn the handle sideways it really helps the toy stay in place during sex. It's in fact one of the very few smaller vibrators I use that can stay relatively in place during doggystyle, as gravity tends to work against these kinds of toys.

My Thoughts After Using It

Me and Don are very partial to Lovense toys not only because of their commitment to making all of their toys compatible for long-distance sex, but because they tend to cover all of the bases in their toys that the competitors do not.

When it comes to making better mouse traps, Lovense has it to a T.

The Ambi improves on the bullet vibe design by adding the handle to the toy and by making it infinitely customizable. Clitoral stimulation as well as labia + vaginal stimulation can all be had at the same time if the toy is positioned correctly. This is one toy I keep in my bedside drawer for quick access.

Where Should You To Buy It?

If you're interested in purchasing the Lovense Ambi, the only place I can personally recommend you buy it is at the official Lovense website.

They offer the lowest price available online, and when you purchase through them, you can guarantee you're going to receive a genuine product.

Since many online retailers have been selling fake Lovense products, due to the surge in popularity of the brand, it's important you only buy from reputable sellers.

In Conclusion

If you're in the market for a new vibrator and you want something unique, the Ambi is definitely a toy I'd recommend. Whether you're a bit of a sex toy connoisseur like myself, or you're just getting started with vibrators and things of that nature, the Lovense Ambi will make a great addition to your sex toy collection (no matter how big or small it may be).

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