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My Thoughts On The Esca 2

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: August 27th, 2019

I'm particularly excited about reviewing the OhMiBod Esca 2 today for a variety of reasons. First off, it's a female-owned sex based company that's been at the forefront of the ever-increasing relationship between sex toys and electronics.

They were the people who originally made "the iPod vibrator" which could vibrate to the beat and rhythm of any particular song. Secondly, they're aggressively sex positive, with one of their design philosophies being that their toys should be approachable and not cause feelings of embarrassment. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a big fan of some good old fashioned sexual liberation.

OhMiBod has come a long way since their original iPod vibrator, now they're partnered with sex tech giant Kiiroo to deliver a wearable vibrator with loads of added functions, up to and including Bluetooth connectivity.

This app controlled vibrator is perfect for long distance couples since it can be controlled from anywhere in the world that has a connection to the internet.

It's playful looking, has more than enough different settings to keep even the most fickle of lovers entertained, and a battery life of 3-4 hours. That's more or less double what just about every other rechargeable toy out there has in total usage time.

What Is The OhMiBod Esca 2?

The business end of the toy is constructed form 100% body-safe silicone while the light-up bulb at the end is made from what I assume to be ABS plastic. The main bulb of the toy functions as the end that's meant to vibrate for intense pleasure while the rest of the toy houses the antenna portion to send and receive signals. There is a small portion on the end of the antenna bulb that can be bent to fit right on the clitoris for targeted stimulation.

At its widest point, the toy is 1.3'' in diameter while the whole length of the toy is 7.3''. The portion that's insertable is a small fraction of that, somewhere in the realm of 2''-3''.

It's intended to be a wearable vibrator, those looking for penetrative, in-and-out style stimulation are much better served by a toy like the Nora or Pearl 2 if they'd like that but still keep all of the long distance features.

What's excellent is that this toy can also be paired  with any Bluetooth enabled Kiiroo-affiliated device: Pearl 2, Onyx 2Fleshlight Launch, or OhMiBod Fuse, this means that long distance sex isn't a one-way street thanks to these toys.

When the Esca is paired to another toy, the other toy will be the one calling the shots as opposed to the Esca 2. OhMiBod appears to be trying to win over my heart pretty hard at this rate. The real kicker? It's working. Connectivity can be maintained so long as you're within 26 feet of the toy.

No remote is present for this toy, to get the most out of this toy you'll need an Android or iOS device with the OhMiBod Remote app. Manual modes are available for those who'd rather not get their smartphone involved in their sex life,  there are four different options ranging from continuous vibration to some more playful patterns. When the device is connected via Bluetooth, you have the option to customize the light & power settings to get the most out of each charge. Either use 100% power & 100% light, 50% power & 100% light, or 100% power and 0% light.

Be careful come cleaning time, as the Esca 2 is merely splashproof instead of waterproof. That means use water sparingly and take extra care to make sure that no water finds its way into the charging port.

One the biggest upgrades for the Esca 2 compared to the original Esca is the battery life. The biggest complaint out there about the original Esca was about the fact that the battery life was just a smidge under what someone could reasonably expect from similar toys. They've doubled down on the battery since then, there's 3-4 hours of use for every 1.5-2 hours of charge. As a side note, the first thing you should do after getting this toy is plug it in and charge it fully, OhMiBod themselves recommends this course of action. It's the perfect opportunity to download the app and check out all of its features before you dive into the fun stuff. Not that you'd want or even could use it while charging, it's still worth noting that the toy won't vibrate whatsoever while charging.

Here's a handy visual manual video made by Kiiroo that explains many of the intricacies of the toy:

Now that we're past the nitty-gritty, let's get a little randy.

My Experience With The OhmiBod Esca 2

I bought the OhMiBod Esca 2 from the official Kiiroo website since they're the manufacturers from what I can tell. They offered the lowest price available online and you can save an extra 15% off by using coupon code "DRCLIMAX" at checkout.

Anyways, after testing the absolute the cr*p out of this thing, I'm ready to share everything I've learned about the Esca 2.

My first tip is when lubing up the toy before use, focus only on lubricating the portion that'll be inserted, there's no need to lubricate past the plastic band that separates the main body of the toy from the antenna.

I'm aware that a portion of my readers aren't particularly enthused by having to get their phones out just to enjoy their toys, so I'll go over the manual modes first. The device starts in Bluetooth mode, so you'll have to cycle through the three Bluetooth options after you turn the toy on by holding the power button for about four seconds.

You'll know when you hit manual mode when the device begins continuously vibrating in your hand. From there, three more button presses covers the other 3 manual modes with 1 final push starts the cycle from the beginning at Bluetooth mode.

The silicone is smooth and slips in effortlessly, place your fingers just behind the separation band for easy insertion. The toy scrapes at the G-spot in a deviously teasing fashion, this causes me to wiggle around a little as I moan in delight in the hopes I'll get another swipe past my sweet spots.

For reference sake, the 1.3 diameter is smaller than the typical vibrator by about 0.1''-0.2'' in total which means minimal discomfort even during longer sessions, those dedicated enough could probably get through an entire 3-4 hour charge cycle without feeling stretched out.

The continuous vibration mode that it starts off on is a low to medium setting, it isn't what I'd consider the main course of the toy but those who are extremely sensitive might appreciate this mode more than I do.

From there, it goes to a higher setting that I usually use for the majority of my time, I find it is right at the level of intensity where each the sensation is still gentle enough for the intricacies of the vibrations to be felt without "contaminating" itself by going too strongly. The third setting is the strongest and its really a sight to behold. It stops shy of the Lovense Lush in total intensity, probably somewhere in the realm of 90% of the Lush's total possible output.

As bad as it might seem to be #2 in maximum intensity, many people including myself have found that there are some toys that prove that there can be too much of a good thing. Whether or not you can tolerate the speed of the final setting is a personal preference. The final manual setting sends pulses of vibrations through the toy at a rate of a little under one full cycle per second.

Now for Bluetooth mode, which allows for control of the vibrations through either a continuous touch, by tapping, or by picking from a handful of presets that are a lot more specialized than what's offered with manual mode. The app also comes with a fitness training style tracking application, except instead of recording your bench press stats you're able to record your orgasms. Also included is a chat client with picture sharing capabilities so enjoying long distance sex doesn't involve constantly going to and from the app just to communicate. The range of sensations and patterns is staggering, to the point where you might as well call them infinite due to the infinite number of variations you can create. 

I don't mind using my phone with this particular toy since it's wearable, I can apply lube and then towel off my hands without worrying my phone will leave the room with more lube on it than the toy had. My husband and I also tried it as a couple's vibrator in which it is used during sex, we found it less than ideal for that purpose but its an okay indicator if you're thinking about a couple's vibrator but aren't quite sure if you want to bite the bullet on that decision.

The long battery life is absolutely stellar, I can't say enough good things about being able to use the toy for at least three hours before even having to consider finding the charger.

All in all, my experience was comfortable, offered a premier masturbatory experience, and surprisingly long-lived.

Where Did I Get My Esca 2?

Since they have a partnership with Kiiroo, this toy is offered on both websites. However, I highly recommend the Kiiroo website for reasons I'm about to explain.

Their shipping policies make for an inexpensive and quick experience, plus you'll be able to make use of the coupon below to save some extra scratch:

By using the coupon "DRCLIMAX" at checkout, you'll be entitled to 10% off your order.

Since they've been in the business for so long and been featured in so many different publications, it was just a matter of time before Chinese knockoffs started to hit the market. This toy is particularly susceptible to knock-offs for whatever reason, I suppose the design is a perfect fit for the machines already owned by counterfeiters. That's why you should only buy sex toys from trusted retailers, ideally straight from the manufacturer's website. Gambling with knockoff sex toys could mean gambling with your health, since there will be no oversight as to whether or not the toy is truly made from body-safe silicone or just an imitator.

Parting Words

Those looking for a dependable vibrator that has enough mettle to make itself known all while making long distance control a possibility should look no further than the Esca 2. One main benefit it has over its competitors is that the power button does a nice job as working as a clitoral stimulator since a bit of the vibrating power will be able to channel itself to the end of the toy.

I came, my husband came, we all came.

Anyways, that's all I got for y'all.

If you made it this far and have gotten any value from reading this review, I'd like to kindly ask that you consider clicking our affiliate link if you are thinking about or have decided you're going to purchase the Esca 2.

We make a small commission for referring you and it costs you nothing (you can still use coupon code "DRCLIMAX" to save 15% off). We don't make very much but every commission we make helps fund this website since we try to re-invest the majority of the amount we make from this website into buying and testing new toys.

We owe it to readers like you for clicking our affiliate links before making a purchase, because it's how we afford buying toys like the Esca 2.

This sex toy testing "hobby" of ours has cost us thousands of dollars over the years and it's only been made possible by our readers.

Thank you for even taking the time to read this far, it means a lot more than you know to me and my husband that people actually read our content.

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Dave - September 2, 2019 Reply

I bought the Esca 2 for my girlfriend just over a year ago and she loves it based on what she tells me. She could just be saying nice things since it was a gift of course, but I don’t think she’d use it as often as she does if she didn’t actually enjoy using it.

    Don Watson - September 4, 2019 Reply

    Sexual gratification is always a thoughtful gift. You’re a good man, Dave.

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