Lovense Hush Review:

My Thoughts On The Hush Butt Plug

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: September 7th, 2019

This review is going to go in a bit of a different direction, namely, into the anal cavity.

That's right people, this toy is all about butt stuff. Rectal cork, butt plug, fecal fastener, or whatever you wish to call it, that's what the Hush is.

Naturally since it's from Lovense some teledildonic elements are bundled in with the device. I reserve anal sex itself for very special moods or occasions with my husband Don, it's fun occasionally but I find it a little taxing to do more than once a week. 

The sexual gratification I get from receiving anal sex is much more of a mental one than a physical one, but much to the surprise of women I tell about my use of butt plugs, a plug can enhance the pleasure felt in the vagina.

It's commonly believed that butt plugs are a thing for kinky men only, since there's a prostate to stimulate. Prostate orgasms for men are extremely intense in sensation, so that's how people wrap their heads around men voluntarily shoving foreign objects up there.

Unfortunately this has left women woefully uneducated as to how pleasing a butt plug can be. There's a lot to it, to be frank.

There's a shared wall between the anus and the vagina, this wall is chock full of nerve endings and manipulation of one side of the wall can be felt on the other.

When I use a butt plug, it frequently stimulates pelvic floor contractions that leave me weak in the knees, I need to be on a bed or safe surface if I'm going to have a session with the Hush. If a plug is shaped just right for my body, the vaginal wall is pushed right up towards my G-Spot, I can often find the G-Spot  easier with my favorite plug than with my favorite vibrator, that's something worth considering.

Having a plug in makes me feel fuller, and the effect of having sex at the same time as using one is absolutely stunning, how much raw sensation I get leaves me unable to walk for a few minutes after a righteous orgasm.

If your tushy is anything like mine, it's pretty delicate and sensitive. I don't recommend using a plug without lube unless you are very experienced with your hind quarters, the results are, well, atrocious. This toy is made from silicone, so a long lasting oil based lube is best for the job. The anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina is, you'll have to loosen things up a bit to keep everything kosher. And for God's sake, go slow.

What's The Lovense Hush Made Of?

The Hush is made from 100% silicone and has a lot of smart features that make it way less intimidating than some of the other butt plugs on the market that look like classified CIA torture devices, and for that, I thank them. The silicone exterior makes for enough give of the outermost part of the toy so there's no feeling of forcing anything, while the entire unit itself is authoritative enough in firmness to keep things moving at a comfortable pace.

There's three design features worth noting on the exterior of the toy that makes me less apprehensive about putting this in my most well-guarded hole. Firstly, there's spirals towards the end of the toy that sticks out that makes removing the toy a much less daunting process, apparently my butthole is threaded, since they work to make removal a minimal task as opposed to trying to remove a butt plug the same way you'd rip a potato from the ground. Next, the neck of the toy connecting the handle to the body is extremely rigid and of the perfect size to keep the toy in place instead of rampaging unchecked, the threads mentioned earlier run all the way down the neck and do help keep things "locked." 

The last feature worth touching on for now is the well designed base that fits ergonomically into the hand for removal. The base is wide enough and is slightly hooked so you won't even have to worry about losing this thing inside of you and having a very difficult to explain time at your local hospital.

This isn't just a hunk of silicone you can use for anal play, though. It's 2018, naturally we have bluetooth enabled smart butt plugs instead of the analog butt plugs of yesteryear. Yes, as comical as it is to say out loud, this is a digital butt plug.

The amount of bells and whistles on offer if you install the Lovense app on your phone and pair it with your toy is entertaining to say the least. You're given the option of controlling the vibrations yourself or by someone who has your phone in the same room as you, or to allow your partner to get your butt buzzing anywhere they have an internet connection.

Instead of dedicated patterns like other Lovense toys, an unlimited amount of patterns are on offer should you customize them properly through the app. I'd never thought I'd see the day I could sync a butt plug to music, but here I am.

Ultimately these features are great for me personally, because butt stuff has to go down a very specific way for me to really get into it.

How Does The Hush Work?

Here's a very informative video made by Lovense which outlines all of the main features:

How Does The Hush Feel?

I'm no amateur at exploring my own body to find out what feels mind-bogglingly pleasurable, but I always approach my posterior much more surgically than I would my vagina. First step is always to lube this guy up plenty raunchy because I am absolutely not going to go through the effort of taking it in and out repeatedly to reapply lube or risk damaging myself.

Let's get to brass tacks, though. After I slip this guy in I typically have some initial convulsions of my pelvic floor that always jolts me wide awake with glee. Once secured in place, that's where the fun begins.

First, I'll talk about what I like getting out of the toy itself with no additional help from my partner or my own hands, the vibrations of the toy transfer seamlessly through the shared anal/vaginal wall in a way that's just not possible to replicate with any other device. There is a feeling of "fullness" that is extremely erotic in nature and revs my engine to no end.

I don't tolerate the fastest setting very well, however. I find the middle one to be more than powerful enough for what I'm seeking, the last setting makes me feel like my entire lower body is in an earthquake while the rest of my body is figuring out how that's even supposed to be possible. This last setting is what I can imagine must be exactly what men are looking for in a prostate massager, after what I've heard about how excessively mind-blowing a prostate orgasm is, I'm very envious of men that can try out the Hush.

I get the most fun out of pleasuring myself with the Hush inside of me, though. Clitoral orgasms come much faster for me for some reason and any sensations on my clit are multiplied by a factor of 1.5, I've had some very, very wet fifteen minute sessions with my Hush.

Using it during sex also brings an added dimension for both me and my husband. I like to bring out the Hush once in a blue moon to keep things new and interesting. I'm typically the one it's inserted into, and I like being double stuffed on occasion, it's perfect for me because I like the sensation and the kink behind it but I would never enjoy sharing my body with anyone other than my husband. I managed to talk Don into using it once and he said it definitely felt very pleasurable and wasn't uncomfortable whatsoever physically, but the mental aspect just isn't for him. He said that if he ever conquers some of his mental apprehensions about using a butt plug, he'd definitely return to the Hush to see all it can offer, like there's something very special waiting for him once he's ready to open that door.

Where Can You Get One?

I bought mine directly off the Lovense website and received free shipping with my order. 

There are two sizes available, the small size with a diameter of 1.5 inches or the larger size with a diameter of 1.75 inches, 1.5 inches is a good medium size, I'd only recommend the bigger one for people are 100% sure that's what they want.

In my opinion, the best place to purchase the Hush is straight from Lovense. They offer the lowest price available online since they deal with everything themselves, if you buy from a reseller you'll probably have to pay a premium of some sort.

On top of it, that way you know you'll get a legitimate product with a proper warranty.

Be sure to only only buy from reputable retailers.


This is the butt plug that finally convinced me of how valuable anal stimulation can be for both men and women. There are no reasons to be uncomfortable with exploring your body as in-depth as possible, so if you think it might be for you don't burden yourself with undeserved shame for what you decide to do sexually behind closed doors. This toy is gentle to insert but firm in it's function. I consistently go back to the Hush to keep my sheets wet and my G-Spot tingly, who'd have thought I'd be daydreaming about the next time I shove something up my bum.

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I'm a sex therapist by day and a sex blogger by night. I love to crush the taboos surrounding sex toys and help people become more sexually liberated. There's no topic too risqué for me to cover and I hope to educate and inform my readers on all things sex. All things that concern the female anatomy or require a more clinical approach than my husband Don can provide is covered by me.

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