Nu Sensuelle Vibrator Review

Brings You A Whole New Level Of Sensation

Nu Sensuelle Vibrator Review, August 2021

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: August 17th, 2021

The perfect bullet sex toy doesn’t exist.

Well, have you tried a Nu Sensuelle vibrator?

Nu Sensuelle is an Australian company founded in 2012. Their mission is simple: design effective, innovative, and adventurous toys that you can depend on to satisfy all your desires.

Since their inaugural product line, Nu Sensuelle has been seriously successful with their bullet sex toys. I can attest to it: the Nu Sensuelle point vibrator has held a coveted spot on my bedside table for years.

But, there is a new Nu Sensuelle vibrator in town, that is a real rival to quickly become my new favourite, and yours. Introducing the Point Plus Nu Sensuelle vibrator.

Honestly, I think Nu Sensuelle has some NASA engineers working behind the scenes on their Nu Sensuelle vibrator. Not only does the Point Plus bullet sex toy look like a mini rocket, it also has the power to match. 

Keep reading for my complete review of the Point Plus Nu Sensuelle vibrator, and why this little toy is about to make a big time change in the way you think about the bullet sex toy. 

Design and Specs

In my opinion, the Point Plus Nu Sensuelle vibrator has both the beauty and the brains. 

Let’s start with style: what I like most about this Nu Sensuelle vibrator is that it does not reinvent the wheel. Nu Sensuelle knows what makes a great bullet sex toy great, and continues to build on that design. 

The Point Plus has the same super effective shape as the original point vibrator. True to its “bullet” name, the Point Plus Nu Sensuelle vibrator has a cylindrical body with a tapered “point” tip to give you precise stimulation right where you need it, or more general vibrations from along the body of the toy. 

This new Nu Sensuelle vibrator keeps the original silicone body as the first point vibrator too. Let me tell you, the thick layer of high quality silicone that surrounds this bullet sex toy feels incredibly smooth against your most sensitive spots. This silicone is also 100% body safe, phthalate free, and Prop 65 compliant. 

The best part of the brand new Point Plus? Its new and improved motor. This Nu Sensuelle vibrator is 40 times more powerful than the original point vibrator, without needing to be any larger. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to feel the difference, but wow I was wrong. If you are someone who usually doesn’t get much pleasure from a simple bullet sex toy, I have a good feeling that this Nu Sensuelle vibrator will be a life changer for you!

Better yet, Nu Sensuelle has made the controls on the Point Plus even easier to use. The original point vibrator had a single button to scroll through this bullet sex toy’s impressive 20 distinct vibration patterns.

Now, I will admit this became a bit tedious if you missed the pattern setting you wanted, and then had to scroll through the whole 20 again to get to it. Nu Sensuelle has improved this feature with the Point Plus by adding another button so that you can cycle up and down, meaning, faster access to your favourite patterns to send you over the edge.

Now, get this, the Nu Sensuelle vibrator packs all this power and control into a vibrator 3.6 inches by 0.9 inches by 0.75 inches.  Nu Sensuelle promises to use “cutting-edge engineering” in their toys, and that is exactly what the powerful Point Plus delivers.

In the Nu Sensuelle Vibrator Packaging

This Nu Sensuelle vibrator comes in 5 vibrant colours: pink, navy blue, rose gold, purple, and tiffany blue. I went with the rose gold for one simple shines! 

However, keep in mind that the rose gold is the only option of the Nu Sensuelle vibrator that is not coated with silicone; it is completely ABS plastic instead. But, all the other colours are layered with thick silicone.

The Point Plus Nu Sensuelle vibrator comes with the same recharging station that I loved so much on the original point vibrator. The charging station looks like little petals blooming from the bottom of this bullet sex toy, which is really appealing if this is a toy you want to display. 

Looks aside, the charging station also works really well and lets you charge the toy while it is stored and out of use. So, you will never be disappointed with a dead battery the next time you reach for your Nu Sensuelle vibrator.

A new feature that I noticed when my Point Plus Nu Sensuelle vibrator arrived: changeable sleeves! This is another enhancement Nu Sensuelle has added to the Point Plus to bring you even more satisfaction. This bullet vibrator now comes with two soft silicone, one nubbed and one ridged, to let you enjoy all the different pleasure waves possible with this Nu Sensuelle vibrator! 

My Experience

As will all my reviews, I have the Point Plus Nu Sensuelle vibrator a complete test by trying it out on my own, and then during sex with my husband Don to see what this little toy has to offer.

The result: big time pleasure in all possible scenarios. Yes, I was one happy sex toy blogger!

Similar to the first point vibrator I own, Nu Sensuelle does something really innovative with the Point Plus’s motor.

Don’t ask me how, but they manage to make this bullet sex toy vibrate equally thoughout the toy’s body. So, no matter what position I was in or how I was holding the toy, I was able to enjoy the vibration patterns equally. The motor never felt too weak at any angle. 

Speaking of that motor, let’s talk about power. Beware, the Nu Sensuelle vibrator will make you orgasm fast. 

At least in my experience, bullet sex toys usually take their sweet time warmning me up, but this motor really got me where I wanted to be in a matter of minutes. Needless to say, I was thrilled (and then took a good nap).

Don’t be intimidated by its power though, this Nu Sensuelle vibrator is still a great choice for women who are more sensitive or less frequent vibe users because of its countless intensity levels and patterns. Honestly, for a small toy, 20 is a lot of vibrating options; I am not even sure I have tried them all yet. As long as you start low and slow, even the most sensitive ladies can get their thrills from this point vibrator.

As well, despite the strength of this Nu Sensuelle vibrator’s motor, it is remarkably quiet. If you’ve read my blog before, you already know that I am particularly sensitive to bullet sex toys that should like little motorcycles; that high pitch buzzing just totally takes my head out of the game. However, I had no noise issues with the Nu Sensuelle vibrator. This point vibrator is whisper quiet. 

Oh, and the sleeves! These removable ridges were honestly just the new sensation I needed to experience. They brought my standard bullet vibe ride to a whole new level of ohhhh yes. 

Not to mention, the high quality silicone these sleeves are made of added a bit more traction to keep this toy directly on my clit when I used it during sex. Have you ever tried using a bullet sex toy during PIV sex, but it just keeps bouncing around off your clit? Yes, been there, done that, and let me tell you- the silicone on both the Point Plus Nu Sensuelle vibrator’s body and removable sleeves helps keep these satisfying vibes right where you want them (read: more orgasms during sex!). 

Last but not least, the Point Plus Nu Sensuelle vibrator is 100% waterproof. Naturally, I tested this in my bathtub (imagine: candles, music, bubbles, wine, yes, the whole nine yards). To my surprise, this Nu Sensuelle vibrator’s deep rumbly pleasure felt just as strong underwater, and arguably even more self indulgent!

Is the Point Plus Nu Sensuelle Vibrator for you?


  • High quality, body safe silicone
  • Rechargeable, with appealing and effective charging station and USB cord included
  • 20 unique vibrating patterns
  • Easy to maneuver with updated control buttons
  • Super powerful (40% intensity than original point!)
  • Waterproof
  • Quiet motor


  • Does not have a travel lock
  • Does not have a storage pouch

Where to Buy

In this case, the best place to find a Nu Sensuelle toy is on Amazon. While I do most of the time recommend against using Amazon for sex toys, Nu Sensuelle is one of many brands who have decided that being on Amazon is a lot easier than having to maintain their own web presence. They do have their own website among other things, but the Amazon listing is much easier to find and purchase from.

So, in this case, Amazon is the way to go!

Final Thoughts

If you are in need of a powerful vibrator that will stand up to the test of time (and your changing desires), look no further than the Point Plus Nu Sensuelle vibrator. With this bullet sex toy’s enhanced new design, 20 different vibrations, and textured sleeves, I guarantee with you will be satisfed orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. 

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