Kiiroo Pearl 2 Review:

Is It Worth Your Money?

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: May 30th, 2023

The Kiiroo Pearl 2 is a unique looking vibrator which I'd heard many great things about. 

From my experience, a good vibrator can make heads tip back in pleasure and legs tremble in excitement. The problem is that not every vibrator is a good vibrator. These days, what separates a vibrator from a good vibrator?

Well, our standards have evolved, simply put. Now as women we'd like vibrators that are properly shaped, have a rechargeable battery with a useful battery life, and don't sound like an airplane is flying overhead while in use. 

Little did we know there's even more room for improvement now. Vibrators now come with Bluetooth connectivity and more vibration settings than the average user knows what to do with. Today's female pleasure device takes it up a notch by including touch sensors that allow the device to know how deep it has been inserted and respond accordingly for maximum pleasure.

This vibrator is none other than the Pearl 2 by Kiiroo.

I purchased the Pearl 2 because my husband wanted to buy the Onyx 2, and they have the ability to be paired together. 

We love using toys together and have bought several toys in the past that have connectivity.

We are frequent users of long distance sex toys. I wrote an article about the first time we used long distance sex toys, you can read more about our long distance sex toy experience.

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What Is The Pearl?

The Pearl 2 is a G-spot vibrator made primarily of silicone with a small button on the bottom made from ABS plastic, so keeping it clean and sanitary won't be an issue.

What else is going on with the Pearl, though?

I decided to write this review because there's a modestly high price tag on the Pearl but relatively little information on the device itself on the internet, with very little besides the normal marketing mumbo-jumbo and a 1 minute video from Kiiroo themselves to describe the toy.


The toy itself around 7.9 inches long and the silicone outer shell is slightly plush but solid overall, as in the silicone coating has some give to it but probably isn't extremely thick.

This results in a toy that's easy to insert and gives a nice feeling of fullness, as it has around 4.5 inches of girth and I'd say around 5 inches of the total are insertable. There's a charging port at the bottom of the device and it is controlled by sensors inside the device as well as one button towards the non-business end of the toy.

Turning the toy on is accomplished by pressing this button down for four seconds. By default it turns on with a blue light to indicate it's in Bluetooth mode, but from there you can cycle to touch sensitive mode (white light), or any of the preset vibration patterns of which there are seven that either have vibrations or pulses exclusively or a mix of the two.

The battery inside the device is a lithium battery that will deliver one hour of use for two hours of charge time.  

There are toys with a better charge to use ratio but this isn't abysmal by any mark, especially when you consider how powerful the vibrations are and how terrible rechargeable batteries were even five years ago.

It charges by USB and I find the two hour charge time is fulfilled only when used by wall charger and not if you plug it into your computer, so keep in mind that having an extra conversion cube lying around can significantly reduce your charge time.

One of the Pearl's main selling points is how it can be paired with other toys that the manufacturer Kiiroo has created. When I say pair I mean that sensations from one device are transmitted to another which allows two people to engage in long distance sex.

It can be paired with a Fleshlight Launch, the Onyx 2, or even another Pearl. I really like the fact that a manufacturer is looking to cater to same-sex couples instead of exclusively having their devices pair with a male-female combination.

My Experience Using It

It goes without saying that I've used a fair share of different vibrators in my day, so it's somewhat difficult for manufacturers to make a feature that'll make me turn my head. The touch-sensitive mode was just that for me.

I'm no fool, I know most bundled features with flashy names are typically just gimmicks used to help sell a device, but my interest was piqued since I know Kiiroo does have a bit better tech than most vibrator companies out there.

Before I get to that though, I'll go over my general experience with the device. It's an extremely functional vibrator with a powerful motor that has enough variance in the presets to keep 99% of users happy.

Although billed as a G-spot vibrator, it really isn't sufficiently curved to hit the spots necessary for G-spot stimulation, you might get lucky, but I have my doubts. As a vibrator it's fantastic, it just isn't a G-spot hunter.

The button on the bottom is made from ABS plastic and is occasionally hard to push when in use, while this is great for when you have your setting dialed in it can be a bother when actually getting to the setting you'd like to use.

It could be mitigated if you glued a small button (like one from a shirt) onto the toy and used it to concentrate force on the middle, but that shouldn't be a necessity unless you always have very long nails. The battery life was serviceable while I used the toy.

When it comes to touch sensitive mode, I of course had my doubts. I won't say I was absolutely blown away by touch-sensitive mode, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised. There are sensors all along the device that recognize how far the device is inserted and changes vibration accordingly.

When only a small portion of the toy was inserted, it's obviously near the labia and sensitive openings of the vagina, and the vibrations delivered to the tip are pinpoint and specialized for that area. As you insert more, the vibrations change to be more all-encompassing, what you'd expect from a typical vibration session. It's pretty Goldilocks in the intensity, not too powerful, but not too weak either. In short, touch sensitive mode wasn't a waste of time.

Where To Buy It?

The only retailer that I'd personally recommend you purchase the Kiiroo Pearl 2 or any Kiiroo product for that matter is the official Kiiroo website.

From what I was able to find, they offered the lowest price available (by far) compared to other online retailers. They also provide free shipping on all orders.

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Something else worth considering is that there are countless fake Kiiroo products for sale online from various retailers. Be sure you only buy adult toys from reputable online retailers.

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Concluding Remarks

While we're still working on our article about how the Pearl 2 interacts with the male counterpart, the Onyx 2, it is a great toy on it's own. The Pearl 2 is nothing like it's predecessor the Pearl 1 in looks and function, it's actually a completed upgraded unit and I have no interest in picking up the original Pearl as it seems much like a proof of concept toy as opposed to the full fledged glory of the Pearl 2.

I would take the G-spot stimulation offered by the device with a grain of salt, but as far as penetrative stimulation goes Kiiroo hit the mark with a dildo of average size and healthy girth coupled with a great motor. 

It's certainly not the cheapest vibrator on the market, even after using our discount code it's still a sizable purchase. However, it's certainly worth it if you value your sexual satisfaction. It's hard to put a price or worth on a proper orgasm, but I definitely think this toy lives up to it's worth in pleasure delivered vs dollars spent.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Leslie - April 23, 2019 Reply

I actually found the Pearl to be very satisfying. It’s not the first vibrator I’ve purchased, however, it’s quickly become the one I seem to reach for more often times than not when I wanna just vibe out, if you know what I mean ladies ?

My only complaint with it is the price tag, it’s one of the pricier toys I’ve bought. That being said, I’m definitely not saying it wasn’t worth it’s price tag. I’m very happy with my purchase and write it off in my mind as an “investment into personal satisfaction”.

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