Lovense Osci Review:

Is The Osci Vibrator Worth Buying?

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: May 28th, 2023

Such an abundance of sex toys have been released during the last decade that it's becoming difficult for any one toy to adequately differentiate itself from the pack. There's a many an option for women out there looking for some wonderful vibrators.

What used to be niche products made by select manufacturers now have counterparts that look and function nearly the exact same as each other, to the point where you can almost get bored of the sheer amount of bullet vibrators, rabbit vibes, and "G-spot stimulators" out on the market.

That is why I'm glad I can share that the Lovense Osci brings something new to the table as to how it delivers its stimulation.

As of this review, we'll finally have covered all of Lovense's product catalog as of November 2018. We didn't outright plan to go through their entire line, it just sort of happened due to us enjoying what they bring to the table.

Lovense has a habit of naming their toys in a way that the names somewhat obtuse but also somewhat relevant to what the toy is trying to accomplish or how it works.

In the case of the Osci, it refers to the motor at the end of the toy that oscillates to make the outer casing move in and out and oscillate. It's well within the technical definition of oscillation, but it's not like the kind of oscillation a fan does. 

It doesn't vibrate necessarily, it moves in and out at breakneck speed. The way it's set up, it's very obvious this is a G-spot hunter. Let's get into the meat and potatoes of this review and I'll explain everything about what makes this toy so noteworthy.

Lovense Osci's Design & Specs

The Lovense Osci is most easily categorized as an oscillating G-spot toy but it does well in the dildo department too, so to speak.

Constructed with an exterior comprised of exclusively medical-grade silicone minus a small plastic portion, the body of the Osci is shaped in an S curve configuration and buttons placed on the device that make it easy to change the power setting no matter how you decide to use it.

The entire toy is 7.8 inches in length and about 1.5 inches in diameter, with the insertable portion being 3.2 inches long in total but depending on the location of your G-Spot and how you'd like to use the vibrator you might not even have it fully inserted. 3.2 inches is simply where the first curve of the S curve gives way to the second.

The motor on the end of the toy's body forces a circular portion of toy to move in and out at varying speeds, the motion is most easily deciphered at the lowest setting. The way the Osci goes about stimulating the G-spot is not vibration, but pressure. At the lowest power setting it is more like a light tapping of the G-Spot and at the higher settings it is like those massages where you get karate chopped repeatedly in the back, but obviously a little less rough. Because of this unique design, the Osci provides a kind of pleasure few vibrators can muster up, being able to directly target the G-spot with extreme precision.

While using only the available buttons to control the device you'll have three different levels of intensity, but the Lovense app makes for a whole new experience.

Using the app I'm able to change either the three settings controlled by the buttons or dynamically change the settings on the fly for what is functionally considered as unlimited vibration patterns or the ability to sync it up to music.

The intensity, speed, and patterns of the motor are all entirely customizable if you use the app, and of course if your toy is connected to the internet via the app you can have someone else with an internet connection control the vibrator remotely.

The device is charged via a USB charger and takes about an hour and a half to charge. Whatever batteries Lovense uses are pretty great for rechargeable batteries because this toy lasts for an extra hour than it takes to charge it, maybe a bit more if things are kept at the lower end of the range. Because of this, I recommend the toy to anyone who is beginning their search for the G-spot and needs a toy that can go the distance. Thankfully there's no weird magnetic charging port, simply insert one end into the toy and the other into either your computer or a wall adapter. The Osci vibrator cannot be used while charging, so don't get any big ideas. Put on some music and wait for your toy to be ready, your body will thank you later.

Do I Enjoy Using It?

It was bittersweet knowing that Don and I have now seen all there is to offer currently by Lovense, we certainly will be ensuring we stay updated should any new Lovense toys come to market. We have both seen a lot, felt a lot, and came a lot thanks to Lovense. Their Max and Nora products have helped bridge intimacy gaps in our relationship, the Domi is perhaps my favorite wand vibrator of all time, and of course Don enjoys watching me squirm with the Lush inside of me.

But, let's focus on the Osci again. The amount of women who have reported to me that they've never truly had an orgasm through penetration alone always surprises me, so I love seeing G-spot stimulators since I think a lot of women will finally be able to check off the vaginal orgasm box after picking one up. Calling yourself a G-spot stimulator and actually being decent at stimulating the area are two different ball games though, 90% of my ex-boyfriends proved that to me a long time ago.

All jokes aside, the toy is perfect for getting tons of pleasure out of the female G-Spot. I really like moving the whole thing around inside of me, but it took a bit of time to warm up to the interesting mode of stimulation provided by the motorized component. Good things come to those who persevere though, once I managed to get the hang of it I was able to experience pleasure that I would rate at the higher end of the intensity scale. For that reason, it's one of the few vibrators that I don't think I'll be able to find an upgrade for any time soon no matter how hard I search.

The motor makes the end move up and down, at higher speeds there's a bit of a spillover vibration type effect but it isn't the main focus of the vibrator whatsoever. It rumbles modestly loudly but nothing in comparison to what I have to suppress when I finally hit the spot. All in all, I'm very content with what's on offer here as far as the total range of sensation available.

How Does It Work?

Here is a brief demonstration of how the Osci works:

I can't overstate how great the in and out motion of the end is as it caresses all of the most sensitive parts of my vagina, in fact, it's the first toy that's really made me squeal inappropriately in quite a while.

I start at the lowest setting and work my way up, my G-spot is best described as very delicate so I try not to shock myself too quickly by going too intense too quickly lest I get at least slightly turned off, but your mileage may vary with how you choose to use the toy intensity wise. If you make sure to use the app properly there's the exact kind of sensation you need so long as you're willing to search through each option available for customization.

All things considered, the Osci is a bullseye sharpshooter of a vibrator when it comes to both G-Spot location and stimulation.

Where To Buy It?

If you're interested in purchasing the Osci for yourself, the only place I'd recommend you buy it from is directly from the official Lovense store.

Lovense maintains a consistent stock of these products for the right price, I wouldn't bother with anyone else who sells their products.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Lovense sex have occasionally fallen victim counterfeiter, some listings for Lovense toys might be for close lookalikes or a rip off, so make sure whatever retailer you use can be trusted before committing to the toy.

My Final Thoughts

Personally, I'm extremely eager to see what Lovense has on offer next now that I've ran through their whole catalog. I'll probably back their next Indiegogo campaign just to get any added goodies or just to know I had a part in their next project.

The Osci is an absolute dynamo in the bedroom and a must-have for anyone who loves not only vagina stimulation, but the right kind of vaginal stimulation & full exploitation of their pleasure potential. The kind that hits the G-spot just right for an explosive orgasm and a trembling body, you know?

I hope you guys enjoyed my Lovense Osci Review, if there's anything you'd like to know about this unique sex toy feel free to leave a comment below.

About Angela Watson

I'm a sex therapist by day and a sex blogger by night. I love to crush the taboos surrounding sex toys and help people become more sexually liberated. There's no topic too risqué for me to cover and I hope to educate and inform my readers on all things sex. All things that concern the female anatomy or require a more clinical approach than my husband Don can provide is covered by me. Have any questions? You can contact me via email.

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Rob - May 5, 2019 Reply

Would you recommend the Lush2 over the Osci, or vice/versa for a long distance relationship w/ my girlfriend? I want to surprise her when she visits this week!

Thank you!


    Don Watson - May 5, 2019 Reply

    Well, I suppose it matters most what you’re trying to get from your long distance experience. If you want her to be able to lay back and have you control the show from beginning to end, the Lush 2 is absolutely the way to go. It’s best used as a wearable vibrator, so she will insert it and allow you to control it however you like.

    If you’d like a toy she needs to be in control of physically but you can control the intensity of digitally, the Osci works well. She’s going to have to move it around inside of her and work on tracking down her G-spot while you remotely change how quickly the toy rubs against the G-Spot.

    Those are the main differences in experience with the two. For you it’ll be mostly the same since you’ll be behind a screen playing with the intensity, but with the Lush she’ll be able to lay back and let you do all of the work while the Osci will be more of a collaborative effort.

    Hope that helps!

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