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Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: April 25th, 2023

While we've already touched a little on the glory that is nipple play, there's still the matter of what's out there when it comes to breast sex toys. The breast and the nipples are actually highly erogenous zones whose level of sensitivity can vary based on where a woman is in her menstruation cycle. Level of arousal also figures in to how sensitive the nipples are, if you're lucky you can make a feedback loop in which the increased arousal from proper breast play is conducive to even more sensitivity in the nipples & areolas.

Not all of these toys are full-on BDSM flavored either, many of them are much more gentle than you would expect. Nipple clamps are of course some of the most "hardcore" toys for this purpose, but please don't get it in your mind that nipple play is a no pain no gain venture, there's lots of different ways to get off with breast play, this article being proof of that.

Most toys of this variety have a strong bias towards the nipples and areolas, but seeing as how that's where all of the desirable nerve endings are hiding out it is more of a feature than a bug.

The Best Nipple Vibrators

Nipple vibrators focus more or less exclusively on delivering the right kind of vibrating sensations into the breast tissues and are great for those who like their stimulation to be a bit more three-dimensional than some other nipple toys. Some of these toys don't really have to be used on the nipple alone, but all of them are fit for the job.

The Dame Fin

For leisurely running your fingers around the area and building sexual tension with nipple play, there's few toys as easy to use as well as functional as the Dame Fin.

This toy is ergonomically shaped to fit between the index and the middle finger for an excellent accessory piece in the bedroom. It is made from medical grade silicone with surprisingly little drag which is extremely economical as far as lube use is concerned.

With three intensity levels there's more than enough to create some stellar push-and-pull action with whoever on the receiving end practically begging for five more seconds at high intensity. Wonderfully enough there's nothing stopping you from some clitoris play in between bouts of nipple play, the Dame Fin allows for a spectacular amount of freedom with regards to how you'd like to get off.

The point towards the end of the toy is best used on the nipple itself while the more flat areas of the toy make for a great time if you know what kind of circles to be making with the Fin.

The We-Vibe Tango

Technically the Tango is a clitoris vibrator, although it isn't like alarms are going to sound and the toy will shut off just because you're using it in an off-label way.

What makes the Tango so spectacular as an option for nipple play is how easy it is to hold, use, and especially how easy it is to bring someone over the edge firmly into orgasm territory when used properly. It is made from ABS plastic as opposed to silicone, the vibrations leave the toy in a way that feels different than vibrations that have travelled through a silicone shell, it feels a lot more powerful than a silicone equivalent.

With a gentle sloping lipstick-like design there's a wide variety of stimulation on offer once you experiment with angles. Personally, I perfer when the point of the toy is placed on the side of the nipple while the flat end focuses on the tip of the nipple. Add in some 360 degree movement and you have yourself some expert-level breast play on your hands.

The Best Nipple Stimulators

A nipple stimulator is a slightly different beast compared to a nipple vibrator. While some nipple stimulators vibrate, it is by no means a necessary component. To be up for consideration as a nipple stimulator, it has to have something about it that contributes to the nipples becoming erect and increasing bloodflow to the area. Even the shyest & most inverted nipples out there can end up standing tall.

The Lelo Sona

Sex toys have gone sonic for some time now, with the Sona being one of the top contenders for the sonic sex toy throne. How the toy works is that it emits sonic waves that can penetrate deep into the body's tissues. This has an effect of increasing bloodflow and therefore increasing the amount of stimulation felt.

For women who haven't been able to find a toy that can truly make nipple play worth their time, I would recommend the Sona before giving up entirely. When the sonic waves shoot into the body bloodflow is increased exponentially and the evidence can be seen physically. Expect the nipple to grow in size and stand up on its own after just a little bit of play.

There's a secondary suction like effect present as well, those with the right shape nipple can enjoy 100% nipple and areolar coverage. The pleasurable suction compounded with the sonic waves is an experience like no other! Even if you have some pretty wide nipples overall, the effect won't be wasted.

Rechargeable Vibrating Silicone Clitoral Pump

This toy places second in nipple stimulators because there isn't the magic that is sonic technology behind it. That's not to say it isn't worth a second look, though. It's actually a great choice for people who think sonic vibrators have too much oomph to them.

How this toy works is by first applying suction to the nipple and then the vibrations inside the toy force all of the ticklers to move back and forth. There are twelve different settings on this toy, each playing with the amount of suction & vibration on offer. The head can also rotate so don't worry that you'll have to bend and contort yourself to properly enjoy this toy. If it weren't for the rotating feature, it would be a lot harder to enjoy this toy.

It's waterproof and made from silicone, I consider it a nuclear option when it comes to nipple satisfaction as there's pretty much nothing left out and the sensations aren't particularly targeted. For all of your bases to be covered at the same time, it is the right toy for the job.

The Best Nipple Suckers

If you want something a bit less high tech but still functional, a nipple sucker can help speed along the foreplay process. These toys use suction to add pleasurable feelings to the nipple & breast area and they're perfect for making nipples stand at attention. Place them just right and you'll even be able to get them to stay in place which opens up the opportunity to spread your attention to other zones while the nipples get what they deserve. I highly recommend these to newcomers to nipple play since they are extremely inexpensive plus they get the point across excellently.

Lovehoney Perfect Pair Silicone Nipple Suckers

These nipple suckers are both the least expensive toy on the list as well as the easiest to use. I can pretty much guarantee you've abused the concept by which these toys work for some other purpose at least once in your life.

It is as simple as pushing the bulb at the top of the toy in, placing the bottom over the nipple, then letting suction take hold as you release the bulb and air forces its way into the toy. In all honesty I usually get a giggle out of myself as I move around with these black silicone nipple toppers on, in between a few moans of course.

The simplicity is precisely why I like them, I very quickly know whether or not they are working how they should and once they've made my nipples puff out in search of the greater world they'll stay like that for the remainder of my sexual encounter. I often consider them a good accessory piece for a fully comprehensive sex toy war chest than their own bonafide attraction.

Size Matters Nipple Honkers Nipple Pumps

These nipple pumps work on a similar principle as the previous pumps but they are a lot more effective and developed for just an extra $10 compared to the option above.

Latching them on is much simpler than less significant pumps since half of the toy is made from rigid plastic while the silicone pump itself rests above that portion. The level of suction available is therefore a lot more powerful since you can more or less start with an airtight seal and then from there it's all suction.

I consider whipping these out whenever I don't want to mess around with my nipple play and want the most I can get as quickly as I can. For me nipple play brings up the level of satisfaction I get when I also play with my clitoris, so being able to have strong suction on my nipples that isn't going anywhere any time soon really makes for an enjoyable time on my end.

Hard nipples, hard sex, easy use.


There you have it. 

Those are the best breast sex toys that I've personally used (to date). I will update this list in the future as I find more toys that do a good job at stimulating my breasts.

If you have any questions, leave them down below and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible!

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