Lelo Ora 2 Review:

Testing Out The Ora 2 Vibrator

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: April 15th, 2023


Frequently talked about in all relationships, whether it be over your partner not doing it enough for your liking, not doing it long enough, or something to that effect. A tongue and a vagina go together nicely, but the tongue isn't always as keen as us ladies would like.

Luckily for the oral obsessed girls out there (like myself), a vibrating tongue sex toy exists. 

The Lelo Ora 2 is a unique sex toy that is made to mimic the feeling of receiving oral. 

While the Lelo Ora 2 definitely doesn't feel the same as receiving oral from your partner, it does feel really good.

I'll admit, when I first heard of what Lelo had in mind for a female oral sex toy, I approached carefully lest I find myself surrounded by weird disembodied tongues attached to a motor.

Thankfully this was not the case with the Lelo Ora 2. Colorful, sleek,  intuitive, and an all-around heavy hitter is how I'd describe this wonderful device.

Let me explain what makes this 3.2'' bugger so worthy of the 2014 grand prize for product design at the Cannes Lions International Festival Of Creativity.

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Design & Specs

The Lelo Ora 2 is shaped similarly to a dog-walking leash, it is a circular device about 3.2'' tall and 1.7'' wide, with a hole through the middle so you can hold on tight while it twirls and swirls you to orgasm.

The actual part of the device that mimics the human tongue is found at the front of the housing of the Ora 2. There's a small nub below a layer of soft silicone capable of flicks, swirls and most of all vibrations that outclass any battery powered vibrator I've ever laid hands on.

Where in all of that do you get a grand prize winner for product design?

I was wondering the same thing myself. A quick look over the box was all I needed to see how much time and effort was put into the Ora 2.

Firstly, the device is completely waterproof, meaning it quickly became a noteworthy toy to me for both inside and outside the shower. Bath, shower, or steamy romp, the Ora 2 isn't conking out because things got a little wet.

How It Works

The Lelo Ora 2 has 10 different modes of stimulation on top of its more impressive features. Let me explain that last part: the Ora 2 is equipped with something known as SenseTouch technology. SenseTouch means that the harder you press the device to your body, the stronger the vibrations become and the faster the tongue flicks. You can either use any of the 10 vibration modes or switch to SenseTouch mode and let the Ora automatically sort you out.

The "tongue" itself isn't just a nub going in a circle under a layer of silicone. Lelo intended to replicate real-life oral sex best they could by designing the Ora 2 to flick the tongue back and forth or swirl it around for a more tantalizing experience. Similar products simply do not simulate a human tongue the way the Ora 2 does, plain and simple. The modes of vibration range from murmur to Richter scale level intensity, especially when pressed to the vagina with a lot of force.

The 10 different modes create a huge variety in sensations provided by the tongue and the vibrations. There is definitely something for everybody here. The button in the middle of the handle on the opposite side of the tongue controls which setting the device is set to and the plus and minus buttons allow you to customize the intensity of that particular setting. I'm still figuring out my favorite combinations of pulses, waves, flicks, and intensity.

Some more technical attributes are that the device is rechargeable, meaning a battery much more powerful than AAs is housed in that little bundle of sexual pleasure.

My Experience Using It

My experience with this oral sex simulator was nothing short of fantastic.

Unboxing the Lelo Ora 2 yields the device itself, a USB charging cable, warranty information, and a satin pouch to keep it in when not in use.

The only thing I had left to do was to give it a whirl.

I charged the Ora and immediately got to figuring out how it works. Firstly, press both the plus and minus buttons for 3 seconds to unlock the Ora.

I like this feature a lot because there isn't a risk of my entire nightstand quaking in case it accidentally gets turned on, crazier things have happened in my house, trust me. Next, press the + button to turn the device on.

The nub is surprisingly realistic & provides waves of pleasure. The nub isn't just surface-level pleasure, I can feel stimulation deep into my clitoris. The more I use the Lelo Ora 2, the more it seems like I can't quite put my finger on how to best describe it. Clit vibrator? Oral sex simulator? It excels at bringing me to climax, that's for certain.

You might notice that this is the Ora 2 and not just the Ora. One improvement made by Lelo was making the nub bigger.  It now feels like someone who's really into oral trying to get you off, as opposed to someone who's just trying to coax a blowjob out of you by doing the bare minimum.

The nub is fantastic and if it were a person, I'd say it knows exactly what to do. 180 degree flicks or 360 degree swirls, the nub portion of this device is absolutely stellar. I wish there was an option for side-to-side flicks, but I suppose that was out of the question based on how the toy is designed.

Vibrations and Settings

As for the vibrations, they are absolutely to die for. Strong pulses or undulating waves are on the menu here. The vibrations do not come from the nub, instead, they come from the edges of the silicone pad which houses the nub. This means to get the most out of your vibration experience you might have to place the Ora on an angle, so because of that, there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to getting the full potential out of your oral sex toy.

Here's a full list of settings available on the Ora 2. The lines represent the intensity of pulsation and the circle represent the motion of the tongue:

Nearly every permutation of the features offered can be enjoyed, so don't worry that you'll be stuck with flicks-and-pulses when what you really wanted was swirls-and-pulses.

The last noteworthy feature available is the SenseTouch technology.  If the middle button is held for 5 seconds, the device will turn into SenseTouch mode. In this mode, the Ora 2 will change its vibrations & movement of the false tongue based on how much pressure is applied.

This is pretty much the same as when you grab your partner's hair and push them into your crotch when they're doing a really, really good job. The Ora 2 responds nicely to minor changes in pressure applied, and I've used SenseTouch mode many times for an experience where I'm constantly raising and lowering my pleasure levels until I reach an explosive orgasm. If you don't want to fiddle with the huge array of settings and intensities, SenseTouch mode will have you covered and all you have to do is apply the right amount of pressure.

Where Can You Get One?

I bought my Ora 2 directly from the Lelo website since they offered the best price and free shipping on my order. 

The shipping was quick and discreet (not that I personally care about discreetness, but it's worth mentioning for those of you that do care).

I highly recommend Lelo as a company, their website is simple to use and their products are top notch.

If you click here and use coupon code "DRCLIMAX" at checkout, you'll receive 15% off and free shipping!


If your partner just isn't that into oral sex, or maybe you just want some solo play that feels close to the real thing, the Ora 2 by Lelo is the pinnacle of simulated oral sex. Lelo is known as a luxury sex toy brand for a reason.

Sleek, durable, innovative, and tantalizing. The fake tongue surprised me in how great it felt on my clitoris and vagina, I just wish there was a way to get more of a side-to-side motion.

The range of vibrations offered by the device is what catapults the Ora 2 into legendary territory. Every vibration pattern is accounted for and the intensity is can be easily customized while the device is going down on you by using the 3 buttons on the handle.

Besides the fact that the hole for your hand is somewhat small, there are no drawbacks to this device and I would highly recommend it to any ladies who may be cunnilingus crazed.

Anyways ladies, that's just about all I can say about the Lelo Ora 2. 

If you have any questions at all or what to share your experience just leave a comment down below!

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Dafne Jones - December 28, 2018 Reply

It’s definitely not quite like the real thing but it’s nice when I can whip it out and have my boyfriend tell me to put it away 😉

Vgirl1 - May 18, 2019 Reply

Quite honestly, I’m really not sure why this toys gotten such bad reviews, it’s one of my personal favorites. While I definitely agree that it doesn’t feel exactly like real oral sex (I highly doubt it’s possible to create a toy that eats my ass as good as my hubby does) the Ora feels fantastic. It stimulates my clitoris in a way that is unlike any sex toy I’ve tried.

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