The Most Quiet Vibrators:

The 5 Quietest Vibrators That Are Basically Silent

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: April 26th, 2019

Want To Know Which Is The Most Quiet? Shh... Here's The Quietest One:

Should you want to be spared the massive write-up, I'll just get right to the point and fill you in on the quietest vibrator of them all: the Lovense Lush.

Even the quietest of vibrators tend to make a whirring or buzzing noise of some kind, but the little noise that the Lush creates is different entirely. It is definitely buzzy, but it has this distant vibe to it where it doesn't seem like the sound carries too far before dropping off entirely. If you're looking to make sure that you're the only one in your house who knows you're about to reach orgasm, the Lush is the perfect choice.

Well, I never really thought I'd get to this point but I guess it was going to happen sooner or later. I've now touched on enough different toys on my blog to be able to make a list based on certain criteria. Today's list covers vibrators that are nice and quiet for those who'd like to make sure their personal time stays as personal as possible.

There's more than just the stealth aspect to consider when looking for a quiet vibrator. Not everybody enjoys using a toy that's too loud for comfort, it can detract from the overall experience if there's way too much focus on the whirring bucket of bolts you're using with a partner. 

Of course, this begs the question: what exactly is a quiet vibrator?

Well, I do my best to try and quantify things using numbers as opposed to a subjective scale. Many vibrators out there currently make use of the term "whisper quiet" which I've learned is anything from an actual whisper to someone yelling but doing it in a whispery-tone. This makes whisper quiet more of a marketing term than anything as it really doesn't tell you much as to the overall noise level.  The decibel scale is much more useful in this case, but it's important that we know how to interpret the decibel scale.

Decibels aren't linear, as in a 30 db sound is not twice as loud as a 15 db sound, it's actually about intensity of sound. This makes each increase of about 10 db translate into the sound becoming twice as loud as it was previously. A 70 db sound is twice as loud as a 60 db sound and four times as loud as a 50 db sound. Work for you?

Okay, so a 20 db sound is equivalent to the sound of a whisper or rustling leaves. That would mean that any "whisper-quiet" vibrator should give off a noise that's 20 db but in reality it's hard to find toys quieter than 50 db which is equivalent to an average conversation. Not quiet whisper quiet, but pretty easily drowned out by the sounds of TV or muffled by a blanket.

So, here's a list of vibrators that don't go over the 50 db level even at their highest settings:

The Quietest Vibrators On The Market

#1 - The Lush by Lovense

While a lot of these toys are pretty similar in noise level, I bet at least a few of you want me to figure out which is precisely the quietest. I immediately knew the Lush would occupy the #1 spot on this list since when I first got it I very quickly noticed just how quiet it was and I've used it as a benchmark to test other vibrators against. Plain and simple, the Lush is the quietest without contest.

At first I'd have thought that the quietness of the toy would be at the expense of power, but that isn't entirely the case with the Lush. I personally find it to have an extremely high ceiling for maximum intensity and when you're using this toy as designed (wearing it) it's practically silent.

Whenever my husband and I do the kinky thing and I end up leaving the house wearing this toy I'm never ever worried about anyone becoming wise to the game that's currently afoot. There was this one time where Don caught me off guard and our waiter ended up asking me if I was OK because I suddenly dipped forward while ordering dinner, I honestly wish I could have told him it was for a pleasurable reason as opposed to playing it off as minor nausea.

Even during external use on the clitoris, the We-Vibe Lush still maintains it's position as the quietest vibrator in my possession. The noise it makes is very muffled in nature, it doesn't sound like industrial buzzing whatsoever.

#2 - The Tango by We-Vibe

The Tango is a pinch louder than the Lush, and the noise it does give off is much more stereotypical of a vibrator. None the less, it's probably the most power you can get out of a toy at this level of noise. This bullet vibrator definitely has a lot going for it.

I'd say that if you were really worried all you'd need is a heavy blanket on top of yourself to mask any noise that this little bugger does make. It's actually a really strong toy even when compared to full sized vibrators which surprised me, it does more for me internally than I ever expected a bullet vibrator to be able to deliver.

Shape & design is what I think factors into how subjectively powerful this thing can go. It's made from ABS plastic as opposed to silicone which can absorb a bit of any given motor's power before passing it on to us ladies and the lipstick shape makes it extremely easy to properly channel the vibrations to greatest effect.

I'd very much recommend it if the wearable aspect of the Lush above doesn't quite appeal to you.

#3 - The Nora by Lovense

If you were starting to get worried that there'd only be teeny-tiny toys on this list, rest easy. Full sized toys have gotten in on the quietness game, they do tend towards the upper limit of the 50 db range but the Nora definitely performs the best out of all possible full-sized options.

There are two portions of this toy responsible for the noise creation, each controlled with their own respective buttons on the toy. The clitoral arm is ridiculously quiet, to the point where I doubt it'll make much of an issue for those with even the thinnest of walls. The insertable portion of the toy is a bit of another story, though. It rotates as opposed to vibrating, so while it's out of your body there is definitely a noticeable whirring noise. However, if you only turn this feature on while it is inserted and make sure to turn it off before removing the toy, it's not too big of a deal.

Using the Lovense Remote app to custom tailor both ends to suit just how much noise you think you can get away with is also an option with the Nora that shouldn't be understated. With a bit of experimentation and planning ahead, you can have a solid game plan come time to pluck a few orgasms out.

#4 - The Mona 2 by Lelo

When it's absolutely necessary you have a quiet vibrator that you can insert, the Mona 2 consistently delivers on this front. It's meant to target the G-spot with extreme prejudice, so you might have to cover your mouth, it's hard to not make a peep when the Mona 2 is on the prowl.

I think because the vibrations are targeted more towards the end of the toy as opposed to the entire shaft contributes to why it's so quiet. As opposed to having to put in an extremely strong motor that'll radiate power outwards Lelo chose instead to have just the right size motor at the front only. There's something in the realm 4.5 inches of insertable space to take advantage of. Instead of going for outlandish ribs or strange textures and hundreds of miscellaneous extra arms the Mona 2 decided to excel at being your standard almost-straight vibrator style of toy. It may be fairly standard, but it's far from run-of-the-mill.

What I like a lot about the Mona 2 is while many toys have different patterns of a set intensity, each of the six different settings on the Mona 2 can have their intensities played with, making it probably one of the more versatile toys on this list as far as different sensations is concerned.

Truly, the fact that each individual pattern has an intensity level you can play with helps make the Mona 2 an excellent choice for people who want to have a good time without tons of unnatural buzzing noises.

#5 - The Rave by We-Vibe

The Rave is another G-spot massager, it's just a bit shorter than the Mona 2. Since it's meant for targeted G-spot vibrations, the motor is pretty specialized which keeps things on the quiet side. It's actually about as loud as the Tango even at higher settings, which is very nice.

With an excellent curve and a shape perfect for tracking down the ever elusive G-spot, I find that the Rave can be a real hoot if used properly. By this I mean that it's very much a toy that should be used while laying down. It's fairly difficult to use it in any other position, so unless you happened to have taken gymnastics for a few years as a girl I don't recommend giving it a shot.

This one definitely stuck out in my head when I was brainstorming which toys I was going to select for this list. Over time I've became extremely intimated acquainted with all the Rave can do and just how to best use all 10 of the different patterns for a wonderfully sinful time in the bedroom.

Women were clearly consulted at some point during the design phase, if not entirely designed by women because this toy gets a lot of things right. The gentle curvature is perfect and while it's hard to see in the picture, there are ridges along the sides of the toy that  any seasoned expert will use to great effect with a slight twist of the wrist.

Love it!

Final Words Of Wisdom

Except for the Lush and the Tango, these toys will all end up closer to a normal conversation in overall noise level, especially at the higher settings. No mechanized toy will ever be able to be 100% silent without costing an exorbitant amount of money, so if your living situation dictates complete silence to be able to enjoy some time to yourself you'll have to plan ahead to make sure you can get away with it.

One good trick is to put something on the TV or coming from your laptop to help disguise the sound. Anyone passing by your room probably won't take time out of their day to separate all of the individual noises coming from the other side of the door this way. What I usually do when I need to keep what I'm doing to myself is use a very heavy blanket on top of myself while I'm getting off. Using both of these tactics in unison with any of the toys on this list will make sure you fly under the radar of anyone who might be listening in. 

Of course for some people a toy being noisy is a deal breaker for them even if they don't have to worry about other people hearing them: the fact that they can hear it can be too much. The Lush takes it home for absolutely quietest while the Nora is a good option for those who want a full sized vibrator.

Hopefully, something on this list appeals to you and can help you find whatever you're seeking out of a silent vibrator.

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