Lelo Tiani 3 Review:

Putting The Tiani 3 To The Test

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: April 10th, 2023

Ladies, have you ever wanted a sex toy that doesn't get in the way of actual sex? Vibrators and dildos take up all of the useful space inside your coochie, cock rings are more for him and not so much for you, and the rest aren't even worth bringing up. What kind of vibrator alternatives are there?

The Lelo Tiani 3 is the answer to this burning question.

Billed as a couple's vibrator, the Tiani 3 is a U shaped vibrating toy designed to be used during intercourse, but it works just fine on its own, no penis necessary.

What Is It?

Primarily a clit vibrator, the Tiani 3 is U shaped with two distinct ends.

The smaller end goes inside the vagina, this end does not vibrate but the vibrations from the business end definitely travel through, and as this device is best used during sex, this is the end that will stimulate the man as well as the woman.

The larger end functions to go over the labia and clitoris to provide waves of pleasure by way of intense vibrating action. I would sooner describe it as a tsunami of pleasure, but everyone is different.

Speaking of a tsunami, the device is entirely waterproof.

How Does It Work?

Now you might be wondering, how am I supposed to change the settings of this thing while it's inside of me? Included in the package is a wireless remote control about as large as the toy itself. Using the remote control you're able to decide between three different modes of vibration.

Two of these modes are mediated through their SenseMotion technology (essentially the same kind of technological concepts that went into the Wii or the gyroscope on an iPhone went into SenseMotion technology) while the other is a more traditional style of control.

The first mode, referred to by Lelo as SenseMotion Mode 1, makes the remote as well as the massager vibrate. The intensity of the vibrations can be controlled by tilting the remote in either direction, with intensity increasing the more the remote control is moved towards a 90° angle.

The second mode, referred to as, you guessed it: SenseMotion Mode 2, also features both the remote as well the massager vibrating. In this mode, the faster the remote is moved, the stronger the vibrations are.

The final mode is much more reminiscent of how a remote is typically used. On the third mode you are able to choose the intensity of vibration using the plus and minus buttons on the remote. The remote does not vibrate in this mode and how you tilt/move the remote has no bearing on intensity whatsoever.

It's worth noting that in both of these SenseMotion modes, the controller and the massager vibrate. At first I thought this was odd, since it doesn't really help increase pleasure. After some time, I realized that this would allow two females to enjoy the vibrations delivered together as well as give sensory feedback to the person using the remote as to how hard the Tiani 3 is moving inside your partner, allowing for better control over the sensations felt by both parties involved.

My Experience Using It

Lelo bills itself as a luxury sex toy retailer, with a moderately high price point to boot. The question is, is it all smoke and mirrors or does Lelo actually know a thing or two about getting people off?

Upon inserting the device, I noticed it took a bit of time bending it properly to get it to fit inside of me and have all of the working parts land where they're supposed to. Once I got this all figured out, it stayed in and in place relatively well depending on the positions used during sex.

Gravity is not your friend with the Tiani 3, doggystyle proves difficult since there isn't as much pressure being applied to the clitoris end of the device, but besides that I found minimal issues with placement. It's obvious why none of the promotional material features doggystyle.

Missionary or woman on top allows the full potential of the Tiani 3 to be seen. The vibrations delivered are consistent and are about middle-of-the-road to high as far as intensity goes.

On SenseMotion Mode 1, I love having my husband Don slowly tilt the device while I watch and have the intensity go up accordingly. There's about a million different ways to tease and play with Mode 1. As far as Mode 2 is concerned, it's best as an add-on to sex by just having your partner move around as they would usually, just with the device in their hand. We found ourselves using the manual option the most and just changing vibration settings as we pleased. That's not to say we never used the other modes, but they are best suited for foreplay or when you can take time away from focusing on the physical aspects of quality sex and spend more time on the mental aspects of quality sex.

I was taken by the vibrations and they definitely increased my pleasure felt and decreased the amount of time it takes to bring me to orgasm. Other devices have much stronger vibrations however, and if you want a toy that's mainly for you and not for yourself and your partner, the Tiani 3 is not extremely special. It is a couples vibrator after all, my husband really enjoys the added dimension the remote & toy add to our time in the bedroom and I am satisfied from what the toy can deliver on a personal level. My husband sometimes has difficulty reaching climax from sex alone, but this issue is non-existent when the Tiani 3 is involved, so it's great in that regard.

Is It Worth Buying?


Me and husband have both thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Tiani 3, and look forward to using it more in the future.

It truly is a worthwhile toy.

Where To Buy It?

We bought ours directly from Lelo's official website, since they offer the best price available online and were the only people we found who keep a reliable stock of it.

You can use our coupon code "DRCLIMAX" for an extra 15% off site-wide. Click here to redeem.

Buying directly from the manufacturer means you won't be screwed out of warranty like some Amazon resellers do. Also, Amazon has a notorious reputation when it comes to sex toys as far as shipping people non-genuine knockoffs of popular toys. It's a shame the sex industry is still cloaked in so much, well, shame.


Is this product worth it's price? I would like to say yes. There are few toys of this type on the market, the only other one in my knowledge being the We-Vibe, and the Tiani 3 is superb at it's advertised purpose. For couples who want a toy that services both of your needs at the same time, consider taking a look at the Tiani 3.

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I'm a sex therapist by day and a sex blogger by night. I love to crush the taboos surrounding sex toys and help people become more sexually liberated. There's no topic too risqué for me to cover and I hope to educate and inform my readers on all things sex. All things that concern the female anatomy or require a more clinical approach than my husband Don can provide is covered by me. Have any questions? You can contact me via email.

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