Womanizer Pro (W500) Review:

Is The Womanizer Pro Really Worth It?

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: April 22nd, 2023

Ladies, how does a no-contact orgasm sound, and how is it even possible? Right now we're used to vibrators, dildos, and various toys that are very obviously meant to give off some very physical sensations.

There's more than one way to skin a cat, and there's more than one way to get a quality orgasm. Whatever tickles your fancy the most, whether it be penetrative stimulation, or some clitoris play, you know damn well what your body responds to when it comes to physical touch.

But what about a sonic vibrator?

That's a toy that uses sonic waves to deliver stimulation deep inside of your body and make your writhe in pleasure like no other.

In fact, every sonic sex toy I've ever used results in my clitoris becoming completely engorged to the point where I've coined the term "she-rection" just to properly describe what's going on down there.

That's what the Womanizer Pro promises, plus it's absolutely what it delivers.

Design & Specs

This is a sex toy that's about the size of an above average bar of soap. It's meant to be used on the outside of the body exclusively although if you put it around your labia it will definitely transfer some sensations fairly far into your vagina.

The business end of the toy is a silicone nozzle looking thing that works to deliver all of the sensations you're looking for. Anybody who's in the market for reaching orgasm as many times as possible as quickly as possible should keep reading, as this toy really goes above and beyond what you previously thought a sex toy could do for you.

Let's get some of the more surgical details out of the way first before I tell you what it's like to break it out of the box to take it for a ride.

It works through sonic waves, so technically none of the sensation comes from actual physical contact with the toy itself. The pulsating waves end up making a little bit of a suction type feeling, this helps bring a lot more blood into the clitoris and surrounding vagina tissue which makes all of the nerves in the area way more sensitive.

There's a total of twelve different vibration patterns of varying intensity and type. The toy is waterproof on top of it all so if you want to bring it into the shower with you there's nothing stopping you, but I'd be cautious not to slip and fall when you're using it since the power can catch you off guard.

Should you want to keep things on the down-low, there's also a silent mode available that makes the toy silent enough to use in a library but you might have to bite down on something to not give yourself away with a little moaning.

It also has some lights if you want to use it in the dark, and you can be there for a while if you so choose. It has the longest battery life of any single toy in my repertoire at about three to four hours of use time for a little over an hour of charge time. Staggeringly powerful, staggeringly efficient. Not too bad.

Also, should the original nozzle be too small for your liking, it comes with an XL adapter that gives you a bit more space to work with. Depending on your personal biology it might make more sense to use the XL nozzle, it's also made from body-safe silicone and if you think you might be a little too sensitive after using it once or twice it should help bridge the gap.

My Experience Using It

Without trying to sound too cliché, I got womanized by the Womanizer Pro.

I already know all too well how great sonic clitoral vibrators can be, with the Satisfyer Pro and the Lelo Sona having shown me the light. What drew me to the Womanizer Pro is that these guys are supposedly the people who really brought this kind of toy into the forefront, the Satisfyer is apparently a knockoff and the Sona is trying to steal their thunder. I typically think the people who did it first tend to do it best, so I figured it was time to put that theory to the test.

I'm a fairly petite woman all things considered, so I went to business without adding on the XL adapter. These toys definitely require a bit of working up, as in if you go right for putting it on top of your clitoris it might end up more on the discomfort side than the pleasure side. I slowly bring it closer and closer to myself and let the sonic waves tickle me to make for a rush of blood to the area. No other kind of toy can get my clitoris as engorged and ready for action as this kind, it even makes adding some finger play into the fray all the more worthwhile. After that, it's just a matter of gently moving it around or even just keeping it in place on top of my clit for a time that can't be beat.

Compared to the other sonic toys I've used, it has a much better design. The nozzle extends directly out of the bottom of the toy so I don't have to contort my hand in weird ways just to get the right kind of sensation. It's small enough to fit in the hand, but not so small that it isn't comfortable to do so. It seems that some toy manufacturers don't give things enough thought when it comes to actually using it for long periods of time. With the beyond long battery life offered, ergonomics go a long way.

There's a lot of intensity and strength on offer here. It isn't like a strong vibrator that'll make your teeth rattle and your nails fall off, it's entirely localized within the vaginal area. All of the different twelve modes have their time and purpose, personally I find it works great to suddenly switch settings right when you feel yourself about to go over the edge for an orgasm that's kind of like the feeling when a rollercoaster has finally reached the top and suddenly throws you down.

Orgasms can be hard work. Not so much if you're using a sonic toy, the first orgasm takes the longest and usually takes me anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending on how much I tease myself but I average another orgasm every 2-4 minutes or so after the first one. My sheets will never forgive me, let's put it that way.

When I tested out the silent mode, it was definitely a surprise. Too many toys use the term "whisper quiet" like people whispering sounds like a washing machine running three doors down. Not the case here. Silent mode brings down the intensity level just a little bit, but you really can't put a price on the supreme near-quiet discretion it delivers.

I play a game with my husband when he asks me what I think about any new toy we got, it's called the Two Word Challenge. Fairly simple, describe the toy with only two words. What did I say to Don when he asked this time?

Absolutely stellar.

Where Can You Get It?

I bought the Womanizer Pro W500 directly from the official Womanizer website

They offer the lowest price I was able to find online and provide free shipping on all orders. It came in a discreet box and arrived only a few days after ordering.

If you're thinking of picking up this toy for yourself, I recommend you purchase it directly from the company. If you click the link below you'll receive a reduced price on their website.

Do I Think It's Worth Buying?

If you're getting bored of the vanilla kind of experience offered by penetrative & traditional sex toys, I'd seriously recommend that you try going sonic. Every woman should try out a sonic toy at least once, it requires a lot less work for a lot more pleasure. If you're willing to forego any kind of internal stimulation and want a pure pleasure ray, the Womanizer Pro delivers more than adequately.

Do I like it? No. I love it.

Please don't just take my word for it! Find out what other customers had to say by reading verified customer reviews at Womanizer!

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