Lelo Bruno Review:

Testing The Lelo Bruno Prostate Massager

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: March 29, 2023

In this review, I'm going to be covering the Lelo Bruno. By this point, it'd be wrong for me to suggest I'm new to the world of shoving things up my butt for my own selfish delights.

It all started about two years ago after my wife Angela finally managed to convince me I was missing out on a kind of orgasm that way too many men categorically refuse to try for themselves. 

With these toys, it's all about the prostate a good toy means back to back orgasms without even having to touch the toy whatsoever yourself after insertion.

One of my favorite prostate massagers of all time would be the Lelo Hugo (which I've reviewed here) there's been more than one occasion where I've had to move to the bedroom to lay down instead of risking my knees buckling due to the sensations on offer. It only makes sense then that I'd check out Hugo's twin brother Bruno, a prostate massager that bears a striking family resemblance.

I purchased the Lelo Bruno directly from the official Lelo store. They offered the best price at the time and that's usually to be expected. 

What Is The Lelo Bruno?

The Lelo Bruno is essentially the same toy as the Hugo, however, the biggest noticeable difference between the Bruno and the Hugo is that the Bruno does not come with a remote control, everything is done through the toy itself.

Both toys have the same 1.28'' diameter which is big enough to work the prostate well but not so large that you'll feel like you're coming apart at the seams.

The Bruno is made from body-safe medical grade silicone while the control panel at the bottom is made from ABS plastic. It is completely sealed in and waterproof,  those who like their prostate orgasms and their showers to occur at the same time should be pleased by that fact.

As I said before, the Bruno doesn't come with a remote control, it's controlled exclusively by button control at the bottom of the toy. The button on the toy is big enough and positioned in a way to be handled easily while the toy is inserted.

A dual-motor design is employed in which there's a vibrating motor both inside the anal end and the perineum end. Both motors provide about the same level of intensity at the right settings.

There are six different vibration settings that are cycled with the button on the bottom, each without the ability to change intensity. The intensity of each pattern is at its maximum, the powerful motors within the toy become quite evident right from the get go, so be prepared to get tossed right into the fire once you turn it on.

Also, the toy is recharged via USB connection and it takes about 80-100 minutes to charge for 120 minutes of usage time. A use to charge ratio that's close to 2:1 is very satisfying, for me it guaranteed that Bruno spends much more time where the sun don't shine as opposed to wired to my computer. Right out of the box I highly recommend charging it for at least 60 minutes instead of getting right to it. Memory isn't an issue with this toy because the battery is lithium-ion.

Another pleasing aspect is the Lelo warranty. If you think your device is faulty (not as strong as it should be, battery life issues) it is as simple as returning the toy to Lelo within a year for it to be replaced free of charge. There's also a Lelo 10 year quality guarantee if you either lose your included warranty card or a year passes by but still have a faulty device. Under this program, users are entitled to a 50% discount on their next Lelo order of up to five items

Here's a video made by Lelo that will tell you more or less everything you need to know about the toy:

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What I Think About The Lelo Bruno

Since it is Lelo after all, the box and packaging is immaculate, it looks like a luxury appliance as opposed to some grimy sex toy ripped from the shelf of your local XXX DVDs location. Included is the USB charger, warranty card, and satin storage pouch.

It came time to use my newest addition to my big happy Lelo family, after asking Ron Jeremy to give me the strength necessary it was time to dive in.

It's worth mentioning that with any anal toys lube is a necessity as opposed to an option. Choosing to skip the lube and see how well you can fare on your own isn't recommended, evolution has intended for the anus to be a one-way passage, going against the grain requires a bit of outside help and proper preparation.

That being said, first thing's first, I lubed up the toy excessively with some water-based lube and then added a little bit to my rectum itself, I find lubing both ends makes the procedure seem a lot less invasive, instead feeling very smooth and welcoming. The 1.28'' diameter means that Bruno is about 0.3'' wider than the smallest of toys and 0.2'' less wide than a more advanced level prostate massager.  So, I can emphatically recommend the Bruno to anyone who doesn't want to be a size queen but still wants to make sure they get a toy that can actually get them off.

The size of the Bruno is absolutely perfect both in width and length in my opinion. It sits comfortably and snuggly on my prostate.

The added length to both ends is extremely welcomed by myself, I like that the perineum end rests right underneath my scrotum and tickles all of my sensitive bits in the area while the longer anal end ensures that my prostate is going to get the attention it craves.

The added length of the Bruno makes for a lot more overall anal stimulation than most prostate massagers. The prostate is of course the bulls eye but that's not to say 100% of the pleasurable stimulation comes from every swipe of the prostate.

Fully inserted I feel like the toy is excellently filling, it is secure once fully inserted, with no amount of shaking, moving, or dancing doing anything to dislodge the toy. With an extremely well tapered shape, the bulb of the toy rests right on my prostate, that's an absolutely sinful revelation.

I believe Lelo also used the opportunity made by the larger volume to include two superbly powerful vibrators. The Bruno is definitely stronger than most prostate toys and gives every powerful prostate massager I own a run for its money. Because of this I thought it was going to be uncomfortably loud, but in practice I sincerely doubt it is noticeably louder than its little brother. Not bad at all!

People who enjoy supreme customization might be disappointed to find that the Bruno only has one intensity: FULL. There's enough variance between all of the settings to really take yourself on a prostate safari and see what's possible with the right toy. My first use I had three prostate orgasms within the span of 20 minutes and managed to find one last one in my last 15 minutes of use. Since it's waterproof silicone, all it needed was a quick rinse with warm water and a very mild soap. I also find that it dries extremely quickly after use, within five minutes it is tucked back into its pouch if my wife hasn't re-purposed it on me and ready to be put into storage until my cravings overpower me.

Where Did I Get Mine?

As with all my toys, I went straight to the manufacturer

By this point, Lelo has been graious enough to offer myself and my readers a 15%, "DRCLIMAX" that can be applied before checkout which makes it the only place I'd ever consider picking up a new Lelo toy. Click here to redeem!

Because of the fairly minimalist design, there are a handful of imitators of this toy out there so I would recommend against a site like Amazon. Chances are the dimensions will be slightly skewed making for a less comfortable experience, you'll never know if the materials are safe, plus the motors & batteries they stick in those knockoff toys aren't even fit to power a watch, let alone a toy that has made me keep a small hand towel on hand to bite down on if I'm worried I'll be too loud.

Never settle for an disreputable vendor just to say a few bucks, the value you're losing isn't worth the price plus once you consider where this toy is going it's a much safer bet to buy genuine as far as your health is concerned.

Parting Words

If you're looking to save a few bucks on a prostate massager, I'd much sooner suggest the Bruno than its older brother. Bruno is quite a bit cheaper and the only real difference is that you won't get a remote control. You'll still be able to use the app or control the toy with the buttons on the base of the toy. 

The Bruno is extremely intense, has nice big dimensions without an unnecessarily large diameter, and also should last several years before you'd never need to consider replacing it.

If you'd like to support the website, simply click our affiliate link which will take you directly to the official Lelo store.

(don't forget to use coupon code" DRCLIMAX" at checkout)

If you make a purchase at Lelo.com, we receive a small commission. 

It isn't much but it really does go a long way since we do not run this website with the intent to profit and for that reason both my wife and myself both still work regular day jobs.

Anyways, I digress. 

If you have any questions, leave them down below and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can!

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