Lovense Edge Review:

How Does The Edge Prostate Massager Stack Up?

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 18th, 2023

The Lovense Edge has quickly became one of the most popular prostate massagers currently available and there's countless user reviews online that back up that claim.

I decided to pick one up for myself to see if it lived up to the hype.

I've been apprehensive over the years when it comes to things being inserted up my bottom, for the longest time I considered it solely a one-way passageway. After my wife wouldn't let up about me having to experience prostate orgasms, I figured I had to take the plunge and let something plunge into me.

This was none other than the Lovense Hush, a Bluetooth enabled butt plug, and dare I say it, I liked it (you can read my review to find out more about it). Now that I have dipped my toes in the realm of butt play, I figured it was time to kick things up a notch and go for gold with a dedicated prostate massager.

I figured I might as well go for something that would definitely get the job done so I could finally track down and wrestle out a prostate orgasm out of my hindquarters to get the full anal experience. For this reason, I sought out the Lovene Edge.

I decided to find a toy that seemed like it had as much versatility as possible with regards to how stimulating the device could be, and eventually settled on the Edge. My wife Angela helped me come to this conclusion after she realized she'd be able to control the toy using an app on her phone.

The reason for this is due to the Edge having an adjustable design, the head of the toy that is designed to be inserted in the canal cavity can be bent to fit perfectly to the individual man.

Finding the perfect spot on your prostate that gives the most pleasure is comparable to how it can be with women with regards to finding their G-spot, the last thing I wanted was a toy that either completely missed the spot or only gently rubbed on it, forcing me to go back to the drawing board and do trial and error with as many different toys as possible.

The adjustable head of the Lovense Edge appealed to me immensely because I felt I'd be able to properly explore and see what feels best for me.

Has a unique shape which makes it perfect for stimulating the prostate. 
  • Most adjustable prostate massager currently available
  • The perfect mix of size & power to satisfy the largest variety of people
Save up to 45% off the Lovense Edge

Specs & Design

The Edge has a unique shape which makes it perfect for stimulating the prostate. Not only that, the edge is an adjustable prostate massager so the shape can be adjusted accordingly.

As far as dimensions are concerned, the maximum diameter around the insertable end of the Edge is 1.41 inches, just a pinch under the typical butt plug maximum width of 1.5 inches. There's 3.13 inches total of insertable length in this arm while from one end of the handle to the other there is a length of 4.49 inches.

The Lovense Edge is made from 100% medical grade silicone and is completely waterproof. What's somewhat atypical in the Edge compared to most male prostate massagers I researched was that the Edge has two motors for vibration. There's one in the end that goes into the prostate and another at the end of the handle that rests in the perineum, or in layman's terms the gooch/taint. 

The charging time is about an hour and a half in total for the Edge to be at full power, that'll give you anywhere from an hour to two hours of fun depending on the power levels you choose. Speaking of which, in typical Lovense fashion the Edge is Bluetooth enabled and can be synced up with the Lovense app for complete control over the vibration pattern and intensity of both of the included motors.

How It Works

I take good care of my heiny and take as many precautions as possible to protect it. This is why before I insert anything up my rear end I make sure to have enough lubricant on hand to get the job done.

Since the Edge is made of silicone, silicone lubes are to be avoided since they can damage the structural integrity of the toy. But, since this was an anal sex toy I needed something long lasting, so an oil based lube was the way to go. The last thing I wanted was for water-based lube to dry up and have a very slow and delicate removal process. I know what they say about ripping off a band-aid, but I can't recommend that philosophy when it comes to removing butt plugs.

Anyway, what I was most worried about at first with the Edge was that the adjustable head would move after it was inserted or because of the powerful vibrations. Pleasantly enough, this was not the case. Even after bending the metal frame back and forth repeatedly to check the integrity of the inner metal frame, it stayed at the angle I initially bent it to upon insertion because the pivot point is above the stem that connects the prostate massaging end to the handle end.

To that effect, the perineum end can be made perfectly flush with the body which makes this a shoe-in for public play. I've let Angela watch me squirm as she plays with the power levels on her phone using the app in public before. I didn't think I'd like it, but it was actually a great experience.

There's a little groove above the stem that helps to keep the toy in place after insertion, while the stem itself is small enough to cause minimal discomfort when in use. I found I was able to insert the toy and even stand up and walk around without worry. Next time I plan to have my phone close by before I shove it up my butt, but I digress.

It took maybe two or three insertions before I was able to find the angle that was like having a very tiny personal masseuse going over all of the sweet spots of my prostate. Before long, I was enjoying a full body orgasm that felt like it lasted for five minutes, but I can't say for sure since I was so absorbed in the sensations.

I like being able to choose the strength of both vibrating motors. The perineum vibrator stops just short of my scrotum, making for a really good time with the way the bulbous head conducts the vibrations through my body. Still, I find myself turning that motor off occasionally and just focusing on my prostate frequently.

Because this sex toy is app controlled, there's technically infinite vibration patterns as well as the ability to sync the Edge to music, so versatility is definitely on the menu, great for the most particular of male booty holes.

The following short video by Lovense will tell you everything you need to know about the Edge:

Do I Enjoy Using It?

The short answer is: yes.

The Lovense Edge is a very enjoyable prostate massager, and it has opened my eyes to a whole new level of orgasm. I never thought I'd say this, but for those that are unfamiliar or in-experienced using anal toys, listen up

In my opinion, the prostate orgasm is actually better than a typical male orgasm (even from sex).

I was very apprehensive to start stimulating my prostate (otherwise known as the male g-spot) at first, however after several hours of nagging, my wife Angela was able to convince me to try using anal toys. I can confidently say that I'm very glad she convinced me to take my own anal virginity. All it took was a bit of lube and a bit of wiggling and I was off to enjoy all of the features the Edge had to offer. Of course, the fact that the toy is adjustable made it much easier to stomach since I tailor made it for my specific body shape.

After using the Edge, it's quickly become my favorite prostate massager (out of the two I've used). The ability to change the angle of the end of the toy ever so slightly is perfect for guys like me who have trouble getting the right kind of stimulation to what is affectionately referred to as the male G-spot. It is quite powerful at the higher settings, I would suggest you work your way up to it instead of going straight to max power unless you like living dangerously.

If you're considering the Edge, I will say I was taken aback by the width of the end of the toy, it is rather large, at least in my relative inexperience with prostate massagers. But with enough lubrication the soft silicone was comfortable and pliable enough, and luckily the stem is small enough in diameter to stay in place but not so large that it will cause inflammation or discomfort. It may seem intimidating, but it is definitely accommodating.

I was able to fit it inside my bottom without much trouble, even as a first time newbie. So definitely don't be too intimidated by its size. I can imagine some people would prefer to have manual control over the toy instead of having to use the app, but personally I find it great that I didn't have to stretch & contort myself to make slight adjustments to the device's power.

Also, when charging the toy via USB cable I highly recommend using a power cube instead of relying on drawing power from a computer.

Where To Buy It?

The only place I recommend anyone purchase any Lovense product (including the Edge of course) is from the official Lovense store.

As for the app, it can be found for free on the App Store for iOS or the Google Play store on Android.

The reason being is that they offer the lowest price I could find online, and they also offer free shipping. Not only that, but when you buy from them you can guarantee you'll receive an authentic product. There are tons of knock-off/fake Lovense products available online, so be sure you buy from a reliable source. If you misplace your manual, it can be found on the Lovense site.

In Conclusion

Whether you're someone who's relatively new to butt play like myself, or you're a seasoned veteran when it comes to anal toys and prostate massagers, the Lovense Edge is a toy that can be enjoyed by anyone who likes prostate orgasms. Out of the two different anal toys I've tried to date, it's without a doubt the superior toy (at least for me). It's angle and handle allow me to stimulate my prostate comfortably and easily. The sheer range of features and the ability to wear it in public thanks to the smart shape add even more reasons for me to reach for this toy.

The reason I like the Edge so much is because it allows me to very easily pinpoint my P-spot and easily stimulate it without losing the "sweet spot" which is something I experienced with the previous anal toy I tried (maybe just because I was and still am a newbie with butt toys). 

I digress.

If you're in the market for a quality prostate massager, the Lovense Edge is one that I highly recommend. Want a powerful prostate massager with more features than you can shake a stick at? Well, you best pick up a Lovense Edge and get to charging, it's going to be a wild ride.

About Don Watson

My name is Don Watson and I love to support my wife Angela's passion for human sexuality. It pays dividends for me personally and I enjoy writing about the topic as I'm a sexual person by nature. I concern myself with everything on the website that has to do with the male reproductive system to compliment my wife's female-oriented content. Have any questions? You can contact me via email.

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Jean Guy - March 1, 2019 Reply

I really really want a prostate orgasm but I’m still a little iffy on the whole idea.

How did you get over the hurdle of sticking toys up your bum?

    Don Watson - March 4, 2019 Reply

    Well Jean Guy, it took some time and I don’t suggest rushing through it if there are some serious concerns you need to deal with, but it got to the point with me where I figured to just push through the apprehension and give it a shot.

    There are a few things that tend to come up with the desire to not try anal stimulation as a man. Firstly, we’ve been conditioned to think that only gay men benefit from butt stuff and that it’s mostly because of the lack of vagina and not the presence of the anus. While that’s a whole other conversation, it isn’t gay to play around with your bum. Think about it, if you are attracted to women, seek out women, and sleep with women, you’re hardly a homosexual. There’s nothing wrong with being a homosexual I must add, and I personally think that sexuality exists on more of a spectrum than a “check this box for what you like 100% of the time”. Regardless, there’s nothing “gay” about using a butt plug or prostate massager.

    Next, the bum is definitely a tender area that should be treated properly. You might be worried that the toy will get stuck up there or that you’ll end up hurting yourself. So long as you use enough lube and go slow, there’s essentially no chance of hurting yourself. Also, just make sure you use a toy with a flared base and that gets rid of that worry.

    Once I dealt with those concerns, I was ready to go.

Donny Darko - May 9, 2019 Reply

All I can say is, what a satisfying prostate massager. It’s the second prostate massager I’ve bought and it’s way better than the first one I bought on Amazon. Lovense really hit a home-run with this bad boy. The vibration patterns feel absolutely incredible and the neck of the toy is narrow enough to fit very easily inside of me. ‘Tis truly a top notch toy.

    Don Watson - May 9, 2019 Reply

    From one Don to another, I gotta say I totally agree with you. The fact that the Lovense Edge is fairly narrow is one of the reasons I recommend this prostate massager to beginners.

Zander - March 31, 2020 Reply

Hello Don,
So I’m in a long distance relationship and my boyfriend has a chastity cage. Being the thrill-seeking person that I am, I said I wanted to even us out a little – as it is a bit unfair that I get to give him tremendous pain at any given moment (erections in a cage) and he doesn’t get to do anything back.

So I had this crazy idea about like a reverse strap on dildo (reverse in both ways, as in going in rather than out, and going in behind) which could be controlled remotely by him. I suggested the idea to him and he came with this product as a suggestion – he is a bit more acquainted than me with these things. Since I don’t know any sites to find these items and have zero experience with sex toys, I agreed – the option was initially between this one and the Hush buttplug and he seemed to want this one more, so I let him choose (:

But I have a few questions about how it is to wear it in public and such – as that is the sole intent. Firstly, I wear extremely tight sitting “super slim fit” pants, I wonder if it will show clearly when I stand or walk with it in – and should I avoid bending over or squatting? (I could kneel – it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for me considering my strange behaviour – to pick up things from the floor)

I also wonder about the vibrations – on low setting, if you were sitting in a quiet room or watching a film with some buddies, would the vibrations be audible? If not, then at what point does it become audible?

I also hope you could share any other experiences with wearing it (in public), for example, does it become an issue after a workday to get it out or could you just force it out using well your sphincter muscles or whatever muscle that is?

Thank you a lot for dedicating your time to writing these articles, I am extremely grateful for you and your wife’s dedication to exploring sexuality/sex/pleasure and for sharing! I found the article very helpful and informative.

(Also is lube a must; to avoid some issues or would spit suffice? Is olive oil an alternative?)

Best of wishes in these dire times,

    Don Watson - April 27, 2020 Reply

    Wow! That’s an impressive solution you guys found. You lost me a little with the reverse strap on thing, but I think I get the gist of it.

    The shape of the Edge makes it a great tool for exploring the prostate which might be why your man gravitates towards it or he could just think the shape of it makes for a better experience for what you’re both looking for here. As far as you wearing the Edge with tight pants I of course recommend looking at yourself in a mirror and moving around a bit to check for certain, especially include turning the toy on as part of your dry run. It sits very neatly between the two cheeks in a way I find is pretty concealable. In the end, YAMV (Your Ass May Vary) but I have faith it can work for you.

    After wearing one for about thirty minutes and it’s a good toy than can anchor well (which the Edge is), it honestly becomes a lot more difficult to notice, even as it buzzes away. You’ll only really know how badly it affects your range of motion until you give it a shot and also make sure to take time to get used to the toy. Your overall experience with anal play might factor in pretty big here. The more experienced you are, the easier it’ll be to figure out how to pick things up without it becoming a big deal.

    The phone control is what makes this toy shine though when it comes to managing noise. In standard when in the public I can have it on a medium setting and it’ll be drowned out by just the buzz of human life. When things get more intimate I can bring the intensity down to the perfect level almost instantly with my phone, no sex toy remotes or weird button pushing later. I’m pretty neurotic about my butt privacy so I’ve actually never been caught when using it, in part to me proactively changing the settings based on how likely I am to get found out. But if I had to say something on the matter I’d say it becomes audible to people within a few feet of you in a good position wearing proper jeans around the mid range power setting. That’s not to say you’d be absolutely busted but someone might impulsively check their phone thinking they got a text then wonder what really made the noise.

    Hope that helps!

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