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My Firsthand Experience Using The Billy

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 5th, 2023

There's simply no better tool for the discerning male looking for the most intense orgasm of his life than a prostate massager. The prostate for whatever reason holds all of the secrets to explosive orgasms that a large percentage of men will never find out for themselves.

Too many men are far too afraid of a little butt play, your masculinity has nothing to do with how you decide to get off, gentlemen.

But for those who have taken the plunge and boldly went about three inches deep into their anal cavities, they know all too well what happens when the prostate gets a good old fashioned tickle.

But for those who have taken the plunge and boldly went about three inches deep into their anal cavities, they know all too well what happens when the prostate gets a good old fashioned tickle.

Not all toys do the job the same way, though. Many focus on making insertion easier, while others focus their shape and size on targeting that walnut sized bundle of joy that lives right underneath the male bladder.

I myself have recently gotten into the glory that is a prostate massage, and I've learned a few things along the way.

My process always evolves with each new toy I decide to make use of, and now I present to you the Lelo Billy. Let me tell you what this guy is all about.

What Is The Lelo Billy? - The Specifics

Aptly named because it's more or less an anal billy club, it's probably the straightest and least curved out of all of the prostate massagers I've ever laid my hands on. With a total length of 6.9 inches, 3.9 inches of which being insertable, it's a very good toy for spelunking inside of yourself.

Made from 100% percent body safe silicone and ABS plastic, you can rest easy knowing that soap and water is all you need to return this to it's pre-butt cleanliness. There's a flared base to top it all off so there's a safety net should you contract your muscles the wrong way and become just a tad too accommodating.  The toy is curved ever so slightly and it's essentially continuous throughout, as in there are no places where the toy becomes particularly wider or thinner. The diameter of the toy is 1.1 inches, making it on the smaller end of the scale seeing as most toys range from 1-2 inches in diameter total.

There are six power settings in total, ranging from just a little coochie-coo type tickle to undulating pulses and even a few that are rather wavy in how they choose to accomplish their massaging task. All of the six settings have adjustable intensity that is controlled through the plus and minus buttons, the higher intensity settings might even register on the Richter scale.

Keep this one away from the bath or shower, it'll fare just fine being ran underneath the sink to clean off the business end, but the ABS plastic handle on this one doesn't look like it'd do too well being submerged. It's one of the few Lelo toys that doesn't aggressively tell you it's waterproof on top of all of that, so I'd err on the side of caution.

Typical of any high-end sex toy, it's rechargeable lithium ion battery has a two hour charge time for up to four hours of use. Personally, I'd this is one of the longest lasting toys we have in our household out of all of our rechargeable toys. Not only does it last twice as long as it takes to charge, it even tends to go the distance when I keep it going at the strongest settings the whole time. 

Outside of the body the noise level is about the same as a calm conversation while inside the body it is pretty muted. If you wanted to stay stealthy I'd wait until it's inserted before you turn it on.

My Thoughts On The Lelo Bruno

Honestly, I was pretty excited for the Lelo Billy. It's pretty minimalist and is shaped like one of the less curvy bananas you could find at a supermarket. I was excited for what looked like a toy that would be easy to insert and use.

So, the next step was to bring out my lube, lay down a towel, and assume the position.

This is a prostate massager that doesn't look to aggressively seek the prostate, but instead to gently work through the surrounding tissue using it's strong, consistent vibrations to give a powerful and stress free prostate experience. What I mean by that is that it isn't too curved so that insertion is a bother but it is still the right shape to track down the prostate and give it the old what for.

It isn't too big by any means, it's of a small diameter and perfect for people who are just beginning to try and find the fabled P-spot. I can keep it inserted for fairly long periods of time without discomfort or lingering soreness, really good for when I sit down to watch TV afterwards and can take my mind off the fact that half an hour ago I was on my bed moaning in delight because I shoved a Billy up my keister. 

As far as the settings go, this toy is one of the easiest to change when inserted. Some of my other prostate massagers need a bit too much force to change the settings, which can be a bit of a bother when it's three inches inside of you.

 It's pretty sensitive, so don't push too hard or else you might too much too soon. All of the different sensation modes are varied enough for it to not seem like they rushed this product out of the development stage too early, I'd imagine there's something for everyone between the consistent modes or the pulsating/wave like modes. It doesn't take me more than 5-10 minutes to have my first prostate orgasm after I put the Billy in place.

The lack of entire waterproofing is a bit of a bummer, because I like bringing anal toys into the shower with me because they are easier to clean after the fact.

 Plus, I don't really need to worry as much about where I put it down between the removal and cleaning stages. Still, just have a surface like a towel or a cloth nearby to put it on while you bring it to the sink to give it a good wash. 

Don't put the tap on full blast, just rinse it off with some soap and make sure to get the base nice and clean since it's pretty much the only place I can imagine bacteria accumulating on this toy.

What really impresses me about this toy is how long it lasts to a single charge. I've gotten as much as four hours and never less than three, which is new for me. Maybe waterproofing comes with certain drawbacks I'm unaware of, don't quote me on that though, just a theory.

Anyways, I find the Billy to be a breath of fresh air as far as prostate massagers are concerned, I really like how minimal the curvature is while still being effective.

Where I Bought It

I went ahead and bought my Billy directly from the official Lelo website. It's where I've bought all of my Lelo toys in the past. They offered free shipping and also had the lowest price I could find online.

I paid around $140 for my Lelo Billy all said and done after taxes. However, the price may have come down since then as this was in 2018 when I bought it.

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Parting Words

I'll say it once and I'll say it again, if you're going to put anything up your bum use tons of lube. On the toy and on the entrance to your anal cavity. Does the term "torn anus" sound like a good time to you? I thought not. These toys are extremely safe and there's essentially no room to go wrong as long as you put all of the right thought into preparation.

I foresee myself seeing out prostate orgasms more and more in the near future and I'm glad I'll be able to have Billy by my side. Never thought I'd be excited to have something called Billy going up my butt, but life is funny like that sometimes.

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