Rocks Off Naughty Boy Review:

Testing Out The Naughty Boy Prostate Massager

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: May 12th, 2023

For all the naught boys out there looking for a prostate massager, do I got a treat for you.

The "Naughty Boy" prostate massager by Rocks Off has been gaining a ton of popularity on the Interweb.

I decided to buy the toy for myself (from the official Fleshlight store actually since they offered the lowest price) to see whether of not this toy lived up to it's claims and the hype surrounding it.

Quick, what's round in nature and makes wishes come true when you rub it the right way? No, not a lamp with a genie in it, we're talking about the prostate! That golf ball sized gland can be used for a lot more than just letting it provide vital fluids to your semen. Prostate orgasms are so intense & stimulating that many people refer to it as the male g-spot, or p-spot.

If you expect to properly milk your prostate into submission, you're going to need the right tools for the job. A finger can work just fine, but why limit yourself to just that?

Prostate massagers are expertly designed to track down the prostate and deliver spine bending orgasms time and time again. Little known fact, prostate orgasms can be had practically back-to-back since there's no refractory period associated with this kind of orgasm.

The tool that's on show today is the Rocks Off Naughty Boy, a battery operated prostate massager that claims to be able to work the prostate as well as the perineum in ways most men can only dream of.

As it is our mission here at Doctor Climax to figure out the difference between a sex toy manufacturer's claims vs their actual product, I put my butthole on the line and went deep to get to the bottom (pun intended) of this interesting looking massager.

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Design & Specs

This toy is made from 100% body-safe and hypoallergenic silicone.

The main body of the toy is a silicone shell in which a bullet vibrator is placed. It is shaped with the ultimate goal of being extremely ergonomically designed for a good old fashioned prostate take down.

Compared to the other Rocks-Off prostate massagers, it is slim and suited for beginners, being a smaller toy overall. It is 8'' long with 4'' being insertable,  and the diameter is widest at the bulb at approximately 1.5''.

Those dimensions make the cut easily when it comes to reaching the prostate and having enough surface area to get the job done.

It's shaped like a U with the main goal being that the larger end touches the prostate while the other end housing the bullet vibrator rests on the perineum, informally known as the gooch or taint. The tip tapers down to a small edge compared to the bulb that's found at the lower end of the toy. The entire U-shape can be bent slightly to better fit certain positions/individuals.

The vibrator provided is the RO-80 bullet vibrator, I've never seen a generic named vibrator get as much positive feedback as the RO-80 has, it is known for being strong for its small stature. It is powered by one 1.5V N battery, of which one comes with the toy. These batteries can be found at most hardware stores when a replacement is necessary. That means none of the time anyone spends with the Rocks Off Naughty Boy is spent staring at a USB charger.

There are a total of 7 different vibration patterns. Of course there's the typical low-medium-high vibrations but the other four all experiment with frequency and strength of vibration. It's difficult to explain the more eccentric settings, all I can say is that I'm glad they're included. Undulating waves or high frequency pulses are on offer here, people.

Pleasantly so, despite being on the exterior of the toy the vibrator itself makes very little noise, discretion comes included with the Naughty Boy.

Another important piece of information is that the entire toy is completely waterproof, if you're ever out of lube you can hop in the shower with your Naughty Boy and before long you won't know if the steam is from the hot shower or the hot massage.

Now that we have all of that out of the way, let's stick this thing up my behind.

Do I Recommend It?

The finely-tipped edge of the toy is supposedly only recommended for more experienced prostate massager users, but I find it's actually a great edge for those who want to actually know where the edges of their prostate are as well as what it feels like to graze each individual portion of the prostate.

This coupled with its smaller & easier to handle size makes it in my opinion an excellent toy for a beginner who's just starting with prostate toys and wants to learn the ropes without biting off more than they can chew.

Since it is made from silicone, water-based lube is your friend here. Apply liberally, if you're worried you applied too much, you're probably wrong. Application should be on both the toy itself as well as the anus, give yourself a little warm up with lube, you'll thank me later.

That small tip I mentioned makes insertion a completely stress-free procedure.

Usually the initial spreading is the most uncomfortable part of using a prostate massager, I felt that the small tip and slow taper works perfectly to get the toy inserted all of the way without any yelping from me.

 Once it is inserted it can be finely adjusted by grabbing the perineum end of the toy and moving it around slightly. The tip also reacts well to rocking back and forth while sitting down as well as kegels while the toy is inserted. It has a tendency to slip & move out of the anus slightly due to its small size so you'll have to be mindful of how you move & operate the toy while in use.

Readjusting is simple enough if you feel the toy slipping. Those who enjoy a feeling of fullness would be much better served by a toy like the Bruno as opposed to this toy that is a lot less firm in its delivery. It's well suited for those who are still getting over their hesitations behind using a prostate massager.

Now for the vibrations. Because the bullet vibrator is at the perineum end of the toy, the vibrations are strongest there and then radiate along the length of the toy. That does mean that the tip does technically have the least amount of vibrating power, so this is a toy where the high-intensity settings were the most used on a consistent basis.

To that effect, it provides an extremely satisfying kind of stimulation. There's a heavy focus on the perineum and the vibrations move into the body well from there and it is just a matter of moving the toy around while in use to make use of the vibrations that reach the end of the toy. Splish, splash, it's a prostate bash.

My first prostate orgasm happened in 15 minutes with follow-up orgasms each 5 minutes after that. Four orgasms & all seven vibration patterns later I can say that the Naughty Boy makes me a happy boy.

I feel that with the Naughty Boy I have very precise control over where in my anal cavity I'm currently exploring. It wasn't until this toy that I actually was able to trace lines around the perimeter of my prostate and figure out which parts of it are most sensitive.

For me, it is the upper-right quadrant, learning that alone made me really like this toy. When I'm using it I know there's something in there but I never feel like I'm going to hurt myself, the last thing I'd like to do is ask my wife to kiss that kind of boo-boo better.

In short, anyone who's new to prostate massagers and wants a toy that isn't intimidating, simple to use, as well as actually staggeringly functional should definitely try out the Naughty Boy.

Where Can You Get One?

 I bought my Naughty Boy from the Fleshlight website. It isn't a Fleshlight product, so the fact that Fleshlight decided to include it on their site convinced me that if the world's most famous & successful male masturbator retailer is willing to put their name behind it, it's got to be at least half decent.

Clicking our links will take you directly to the the official Fleshlight website where you'll find free shipping as well as one of the best prices on the net.

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A few different retailers carry this toy, but with free shipping and our discount code, I couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger on anyone but Fleshlight.

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Final Thoughts

A prostate massager is in many ways much like a wand from Harry Potter or a lightsaber from Star Wars. Each person will find that something different works for them depending on their level of expertise as well as their personal preferences. Those just beginning their prostatic journey or those with an eye for detailed massaging that's perfect for building up & releasing sexual tension will love what the Naughty Boy has to offer.

While it might need some readjusting/supervision while in use, I never think any evening I've spent with the Naughty Boy could be considered a waste of time and effort. Plus it's always nice to have a prostate massager that doesn't need to be charged, so long as I have batteries on hand (I always do) I'll be able to enjoy the hedonistic pleasure that comes from a perfectly extracted prostate orgasm.

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