Nexus Revo 2 Review:

Testing Out The Revo 2 Rotating Prostate Massager

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 26th, 2023

No two people are the exact same in their anatomy, everyone is different. This can present a challenge for many people when trying to find sex toys that fit their personal biology as best as possible.

My intimate search for a good prostate massager has been difficult at times, the more basic prostate massagers make it near impossible to find my P-spot and get the wave of intense sexual gratification that I long for.

Even if a toy can find my prostate the next challenge for it would be to actually stimulate it in a way I like. That's why the Nexus Revo 2 caught my eye and I knew very quickly that it'd be showing up in a nondescript brown box on my doorstep in just a few days time.

What exactly makes it so special, you ask?

Well, the tip of the massager not only vibrates, but it rotates as well. It rotates in a similar way my wife's Nora vibrator does, and she loved what it does for her, so that was the nail in the coffin that made me take the plunge on the Revo 2.

Previously, my favorite prostate massager would definitely be the Edge for how the shaft can be bent to better fit my shape, but after this it's a toss up for me, the Nexus Revo 2 got some serious points from me and I'll explain just how it managed to become a serious contender for the privilege of being the main toy I shove up my rear end.

A Complete Look At The Revo 2

As far as its construction is concerned, the Nexus Revo 2 is made primarily from 100% body-safe silicone with half of the base being made from a shiny, high quality plastic. This means it is completely non-porous which is an absolute essential for something you're going to be inserting into the anus.

Unfortunately this toy is only water-resistant, which essentially means it is fine to clean it with a damp/wet rag but anything more than that is a serious risk. Shower play is out of the question with the Revo 2, but luckily it makes up for the lack of water play with some of its other attributes.

The toy itself is about 6 inches tall with 4 inches of that being insertable, the widest point on the shaft is 1.25 inches, so it isn't the biggest boy on the block by any means. What is also worth mentioning is that the handle extends down to the perineum and this end of the toy has many tiny plastic pimples and a motor of it's own for added entertainment. As mentioned earlier, the head on the prostate shaft rotates in a tantalizing way all while vibrating itself for an experience I've yet to find replicated in another toy.

There are two different speeds of rotation on the head and three different vibration settings on the perineum vibrator. These settings are all controlled via a button on the underside of the toy that is large enough to make it easy to find while in use. The perineum end vibrates very well, with constant vibration as well as satisfying pulses on offer.

Out of all the prostate massagers and maybe even sex toys in general, this one has the longest battery life. I'd say it lasts somewhere in the realm of four hours on a single charge. The trade-off is it takes upwards of three hours for it to become fully charged again. Nothing is without its nuances, it seems. It charges via USB connection but how it connects to the toy is novel, there's two magnetic prongs that connect to the toy come charging time.

How Does The Nexus Revo 2 Feel?

After much impatient waiting and using my Lelo Hugo to tide me over, it was finally judgement day for the Revo 2. Was it to be a match made in heaven or would it be all flash with no substance? It was time to find out.

Inside the box waiting for me was the toy, the USB charger itself, an instruction manual, and a nice little pouch for the toy when it isn't in use. It's worth noting that a free packet of lube isn't included with this toy, so you'll have to bring your own sauce to the barbecue, metaphorically speaking. I'll remind you that it is a silicone-based toy, so you should go for a water-based lube.

Oil-based is compatible with silicone toys and has more staying power than water, but they are an absolute pain to clean off of silicone.

So, after busting out my favorite water-based lube and applying liberally, it was time to get down to business. The exterior silicone of the toy is moderately firm, but yields just a bit to pressure. Supple is how it'd describe it, it bounces right back once you stop pushing on it. 

I got it inserted maybe two to three inches before I decided to start the show. The rotating head made finding my prostate a breeze. Typically there's a little bit of spelunking involved before I can really put a finger on where my prostate is exactly, but the rotating head makes it much. much easier. The rotation is enough to make it a worthwhile feature but not so out of control that it causes discomfort to the entirety of my anal tract. The toy is in the small-medium range as far as diameter is concerned. Most people don't go over 1.5'', and this toy is a pinch shy of 1.25''.

Then, it was time to cycle through all of the vibration settings available and enjoy prostate orgasm after prostate orgasm with minimal effort. Angela opened the door and peeked in to see how I was enjoying it, she didn't even make it halfway through asking how it was before she got the picture thanks to the delightful sounds I was making. Delightful is our opinion of the noises, I'll add. Glad we don't live in an apartment anymore to say the least.

It's still hard to get over just how long it lasts. I wish there was a battery indicator light since sometimes I do forget how much longer I have left before needing a recharge. It is a lithium ion battery, however. Why is this important? Lithium ion batteries don't have the "memory effect" that other batteries do, so you can in fact give it only partial discharge cycles without affecting the life of the toy. Some people even say that it adds to the battery life to use lithium batteries this way.

In summary: I LOVE the Nexus Revo 2! Just wish it was waterproof and that they could possibly add some vibrations to the head itself, otherwise it's near perfect.

Where To Get One?

The cheapest place to buy the Nexus Revo 2 is from Lovehoney

This is where I bought mine since they had the lowest price among all other trusted retailers.

When buying sex toys you should only ever buy from reputable stores since many shops have been known to sell fake products. 

We got ours for around $160 on Lovehoney and it came with free shipping! 

Last Words

Probably the longest lasting prostate massager on the market, the Revo 2 has more than just a powerful battery going for it. With stellar vibration patterns and enough extra features to make it stand in a class of it's own, I forsee a lot more sessions with my Revo.

If you're a fan of moderately sized prostate massagers that can actually find your prostate, the Revo 2 has you covered.

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