How To Find Your G-Spot:
Tips To Stimulating Your G-Spot

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: June 23rd, 2023

The G-spot is a part of the female anatomy that has been the subject of many myths for some time. Educators and scientists have remained baffled at the idea of the G-spot, with many of them all saying the same thing: it just isn't real. While I usually tend to agree with the scientific community, I have firsthand experience that the G-spot, or at least something that matches up with just about every woman's description of it, is real.

Deep inside of myself there lies a very sensitive bundle of nerve endings that when tickled the right way gets me off in a way that's way more intense than usual penetrative stimulation can get. It's always in the same area and it's always objectively more intense than stimulating any other part of my vagina. Not all women have found theirs, so I've decided to write this guide to help some other ladies get the kind of kicks I do.

What Is The G-Spot?

To be completely truthful with you, defining the G-spot probably more difficult than finding it altogether. It's a portion of the vagina on the frontal side of the body that when stimulated brings on some very pleasurable stimulation. Some even say that it is capable of ejaculation, but that's where I disagree.

There are some things worth considering. Some women, no matter how much they search around, will never be able to experience G-spot stimulation. They just aren't built for it and no amount of digging around inside their vaginas will get them to the fabled G. I thought there had to be a reason for this and I managed to do some thinking about it. Either a large portion of women are lying or have placebo'd themselves into believing the G-spot is real (I myself would be part of that population) or there's something about female anatomy that varies enough between women that some women can stimulate the area to great effect while others cant.

Firstly, you should consider where the G-spot is said to be. It's said to be a few inches inside the vagina towards the front of the body. It usually lines up right below the urethra. What structure lies almost directly on top of this area? The clitoris, that's what. The clitoral tissue actually extends fairly deep within the body and this is where I think the variance comes into play. I suppose I was lucky enough to have sensitive tissues that extended deep like roots into my system and that I can stimulate it from the inside.

This also explains why women are able to have an orgasm through G-spot stimulation. Many women can't have an orgasm from penetrative stimulation alone and need a little bit of rubbing on the clitoris to get them over the edge. The fact that many women can have an orgasm through G-spot stimulation lends further evidence to my theory that the clitoris and the G-spot are inter-twined. 

In short, the G-spot is a very sensitive bundle of nerves and tissue that can be found around 2-3 inches inside the vagina.

How To Find The G-Spot

Now that we've got the biology lesson out of the way, let's get to the good stuff: giving your G-spot a good old fashioned tickling. Simply put, the easiest way to find the G-spot is by using fingers. Not your fingers, however. It's simply too awkward to reach your G-spot yourself and you'll probably throw your shoulder out trying. 

Finding The G-Spot Through Fingering

You're going to need a partner for this one. Male, female, doesn't matter, they just need to have at least one hand with fully functioning fingers.

First, lay down on your back and get yourself aroused. Some foreplay is ideal to get yourself nice and wet down there and to open yourself up for what's to come. After this, your partner needs to insert their middle and index fingers inside of you and start to make a "come hither" motion that angles the fingers upwards to caress the frontal part of the vagina.

Tell your partner straight up that you're trying to find the G-spot beforehand and let them know that you'll be letting them know whether or not they're getting closer by letting them know when things are getting more intense. Many people report the G-spot to feel slightly firmer than the rest of the vagina tissue and about the size of a quarter. That last point varies per person however as the G-spot's level of intensity and size varies per person. The person doing the fingering should move their fingers in and out and do the come hither motion intermittently to cover as much ground as possible and track down the G-spot for good. Since it might not be completely obvious where the G-spot is, go slow enough that you'll be able to tell your partner when they're getting close and where they should move to next.

If you feel the need to go to the bathroom, that's another good sign that you might have just found your G-spot. Unfortunately if you're feeling the need to go to the bathroom it isn't the best time for next, but have your partner note the general area and what they were doing so you can revisit it later.

Finding The G-Spot With A Toy

Vibrators can also be used to find the G-spot. Not any old vibrator, though. You're going to need something like the Osci that is specifically curved for G-spot hunting. If you took note during the fingering portion you'll notice that the come hither motion is the entire crux of successfully locating this elusive patch of tissue, so if your toy can't replicate that motion somehow then you're going to be out of luck. Using a toy as opposed to trying to find it with a partner is great if you want to take your time in a no-pressure environment to test just how sensitive your G-spot is.

First start by adequately lubricating the toy or warming yourself up properly before getting down to business. After that, it's fairly straight forward. Lay on your back and insert the toy about two to three inches inside of yourself and start to move it around until you feel a spot that feels way better than the others. It might take some time to find, but don't worry, you've got all the time in the world.

Make sure to apply upwards pressure from time to time to really get a feel for the area. The first two to three inches are your best bet, but there's nothing wrong with getting a little sidetracked in the name of fun.

G Spot Tips

  • Although I recommend that you first try on your back, being as creative as you can with sexual positions might be the extra push you need to find your G-spot. As I believe that the G-spot is an extension of the clitoris, contorting your body so that the tissue is more exposed and able to be stimulated might be required.
  • If you just aren't feeling anything special, that's normal too. Some women just don't have the kind of sensitivity typical of these G-spot reports and there's nothing wrong with your body or your ability to enjoy sex. Everyone is different.

Last Remarks

Surely the G-spot will continue to be a controversial matter for years to come. Because of science's difficulty in being able to write about the G-spot and the fact that it varies from woman to woman, we probably will never get all of the answers that we seek.

I do know for a fact that I have a G-spot and that stimulating it can skyrocket my pleasure level through the roof. One of those carnival strength tester games with the loud ding comes to mind whenever I manage to even graze it. My husband says it feels like a very tight bundle of vaginal tissue no bigger than a thumbnail, so he's convinced as well. Either way, it isn't too hard to see just how much vaginal potential you have with the use of this guide.

Happy hunting!

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