We-Vibe Nova Review:

A Full Overview Of The Nova Rabbit Vibrator

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: April 28th, 2023

One of my biggest worries in being so gung-ho about finding proper sex toys to pick up and check out is that eventually I'll have seen it all and at some point all of the products available will be nearly exactly the same with only a few minor adjustments, making it a rather tiresome endeavor to go through them all.

Thankfully, I'm nearly always proven wrong. I've seen so many different variations of the rabbit vibrator by this point that I thought manufacturers were starting to get lazy.

This is not the case with the We-Vibe Nova. We-Vibe decided to put their focus on what is typically an underutilized portion of any rabbit vibrator: the clitoral arm.

Most clitoris vibrators only get to see action when the toy is fully inserted, there's little going on besides wasted battery power if the device is anything but all the way in. How does the Nova mitigate this issue? Well, if you take a look at the clitoral arm it protrudes extremely far and uses gravity to keep the fairly bulbous and weighty clit vibe in contact at all times. The flexibility is not at the base, but instead at the most extreme part of the curvature such that when force is applied the toy pushes into the clitoris.

This is the first rabbit vibrator I've ever seen with this much effort put into the non-insertable end. Typically I get the feeling that the non-insertable ends are just afterthoughts tacked on to normal vibrators so they seem a bit busier or like a more complete sex toy. Nova felt much more well thought out overall.

Let's take a look at what this puppy has to offer from tip to tip to tip:

What Is A Rabbit Vibrator?

If you take a look at this thing from the side, it actually does look kind of like a rabbit, in a cartoony Playboy icon kind of way.

The business end is made from medical grade silicone  while the handle is made from what I assume to be ABS plastic.

They advertise it as being completely free from phthalates, BPA, and latex, which appears to be the case thankfully, it's completely above board.

What are the dimensions?

Well, the total length of the toy is 8.46 inches long, with 3.1 inches being fully insertable. After 3.1 inches you won't be able to get it in much further because the big clitoral arm will prevent the toy from going in any deeper. To some that might be a waste of useable insertable space since it cuts off maybe an inch or two on the vaginal arm, but this is of course up to personal opinion and not really what the Nova is trying to be. The vaginal arm is 1.3 inches wide at its widest point and the clitoral arm is 1.1 inches at its widest point, the closest width ratio of any rabbit vibrator I've ever purchased.

With a battery life of two hours for each 90-minute charge, it's always nice getting more out than you have to put in when it comes to charge time.

It charges through a USB cord that I recommend you hook up to a power cube instead of using your laptop or computer, as I find it cuts down on overall charge time if you do it that way. Also included is a pretty cute silk pouch for storage but I personally re-purposed it for holding some other personal items of mine, it's a pretty snazzy sac. There are way better options for storing your sex toys that take the right steps to mitigate bacterial growth.

As far as bundled in controls go, you can control the toy manually by using the buttons or by downloading the We-Vibe app. The app allows a much wider range of personalized vibrations and even lets you choose the intensity and pattern of each arm separately, so if you want vibration internally but rumbles externally, you're going to have to download the app to make it happen.

What Do I Think About The Nova?

I'm no stranger to having to use phone apps to control my toy, since I already frequently use the Lovense app to set up my toys as well as play with my husband over long distances.

For some, it might prove a problem if you want to constantly change your settings because your phone might be a little worse for wear after using it, but I find personally that if designate one hand as the dominant one and keep at least one finger relatively clean on the non-dominant one I don't have too many issues. The inclusion of buttons is always welcome, I always prefer toys that keep batteries a part of the equation even if there's Bluetooth connectivity.

I really adore the attention to the clit offered by the Nova. If it's inserted, you're getting a good time inside & out as the end will probably be making contact immediately. The width is perfect on both ends as I love how it feels as it initially glides inside and then I have my clitoris completely covered for the duration of my self pleasure session. The range of sensations offered by the default settings are varied and interesting but at times seem a little under-powered. This is not the case if you use the app, but just know that if you don't try to use the app whatsoever you'll never know what this toy is fully capable of. It can bring me to climax extremely quickly or even tease me bit by bit should I choose that route. I found the handle comfortable and easy to maneuver with no real issues to speak of on that front.

Using leverage to your advantage is a real treat, because maneuvering the toy around inside of you will have the double effect of applying or removing pressure on the clitoris from the other end, so there's this teeter-totter effect that I've lost track of time thanks to more times than I can remember now. 

I make sure to test anything the company aggressively plugs in its product packaging, so I almost immediately hopped in the shower to test how waterproof it is. Well, they weren't lying, it really is completely sealed and after it dried out it all of the buttons still worked and didn't offer any extra strain or difficulty in being pressed. The double power heads are super entertaining in the shower and especially the bath, physics can be fun.

It's noisier when you don't have it inserted, but the overall noise level is what I'd call acceptable. If you're really worried about noise I'd insert it slightly and have both ends touching your body before turning it on, although make sure to keep your mouth shut or else your cover is blown!

Where To Buy It?

In my opinion, the #1 place to buy the We-Vibe Nova is from the official We-Vibe website

Not only do they offer the lowest price available online, but you can also guarantee you're going to receive a legitimate We-Vibe product. 

Every toy I've ever bought from the We-Vibe line-up has been directly from their website with no hiccups to speak of whatsoever, plus I like being able to be certain I can take advantage of their pretty comprehensive warranty plan in case I get a defective one. It's happened once or twice with other brands, unfortunately no manufacturing process is every 100% perfect. I'm a sucker for peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

If rabbit vibrators have left you disappointed in the past, I'd say its worth giving the Nova some serious consideration. The total insertable length isn't as big as with toys that have smaller clitoral sections, but I don't really think there's a lack of sensation with the Nova. It conducts vibration really well and I get pleasure from far beyond where the actual toy is due to how well it carries the vibrations deep into my vaginal tissue.

While the semi-necessary aspect of the app is less than ideal, it is still a great toy that I found was worth the money.

If you're not totally sold on the We-Vibe Nova, I've also reviewed several other rabbit vibrators. Check out my favorite rabbit vibrators

Well, that's all for now ladies.

Feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any questions or if you own the Nova, let me know your experience!

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