Lelo Gigi 2 Review:

Testing Out The Gigi 2 Vibrator

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: April 18th, 2023

I'm always hesitant to take a company's word at face value, what with their obvious bias. But, today we are looking at what is billed as the world's best selling G-spot vibrator.

This is none other than the Lelo Gigi 2. Best selling doesn't necessarily tell you much about how it works or how it supposedly earned that title, so I've decided to get to the bottom of things for myself and share my findings with my readers. 

If they're right and best selling has some substance to it, I get to see what all the fun is about, and should they be wrong I'll at least get a few orgasms out of the deal. Sounds like a win-win to me.

This isn't Lelo's first foray into the world of G-spot vibrators. The luxury sex toy brand has a much larger model known as the Mona 2 and a rabbit vibrator that has an interesting twist on it called the Lelo Ina Wave.

This is by no means a new product, it's been around since about 2013 if my research is correct, but I've finally got one for myself to see if it shows it's age or not.

The original Hitachi wand vibrator carried it's prestige for over 20 years, surely the Gigi 2 can hold its weight for six, right?

Design & Specs

Here's a rundown of what the Gigi 2 has to offer. Firstly, it's made from 100% body-safe silicone and an ABS plastic handle and boasts being completely waterproof, so for those of you who like bath or shower time to be a pinch more rewarding you'll be well served by the Gigi 2.

As is custom with Lelo toys, there's a nice perfectly sized satin pouch for storage and a packet of lube that comes along with it to make the first time go as smoothly as possible. If you haven't been convinced yet that lube really heightens your masturbatory experience (or at least lets you skip a bit of foreplay for those times where you need a quickie) this is your chance to see for yourself. Personally, I keep the entire box and use it as storage and occasionally repurpose the cute satin pouches. Not everybody has a closet full of sex toys however, so YMMV.

The toy is 6.5'' long and 1.5'' in diameter at it's widest point. Of that 6.5'', around 3.5-4'' of it are insertable. Probably somewhere in the middle of that range, to be honest. That makes it a fairly diminutive toy overall, essentially a vibrator that didn't eat its vegetables growing up.

However, it is gently curved upwards and the shaft of the toy leads to a semi-flat platform area meant to tingle the G-spot as nicely as possible.

The silicone body is very soft, but there isn't necessarily a whole lot of give to it. but for G spot hunting things need to be a bit more authoritative, so I understand the design choice.

As far as settings are concerned there are 8 variable settings that are either different forms of a constant vibration or a pattern of waves and pulses. It is an extremely quiet toy, but I'll let you know now it is not an extremely powerful toy either, even at maximum setting. However the lower intensity ceiling of this toy means it can be used for up to four hours on a single charge, which takes two hours of your time. Suffice to say, it is one of the longest lasting toys on battery life alone so there's been more than a few times where I've used it when other toys have died out.

My Experience Using It

I've become pretty acquainted with Lelo products by this point, having reviewed most of their toys I'd say that they definitely qualify as a luxury sex toy brand, but some of their products are much better than others in their repertoire. Personally, I think the Sona 2 is the absolute best toy they offer if you're in the market for as many orgasms as quickly as possible, but I was eager to see what the Gigi 2 had in store for me anyways.

After making sure it was fully charged it was time to get to work. The best part of the tip in my opinion is that it works great for both the clitoris and the G-spot. The control wheel is simple to use but sometimes requires a bit of precision in where you push to make sure that your input is properly recognized. 

In just about every regard, I would describe this vibrator as a medium vibrator. At 3.7 inches in insertable length and 1.5 inches in diameter, it's bigger than a bullet vibrator but smaller than a full sized vibrator. And as far as vibration intensity goes, it's also a medium. It isn't particularly powerful but it isn't weak either. Those who find most vibrators are too strong on the clitoris might be well suited to give the Gigi 2 a shot.

It's definitely a G-spot vibrator, using it like a regular vibrator isn't really it's strong suit due to the shape of the tip. Biologically most women have their G-spot somewhere in the 2-3 inch range, so with 3.7 inches it should be able to take care of most women and even most of the outliers with especially deep G-spots.

The fact that it isn't super powerful is mitigated at least slightly by the shape of the tip. Instead of a jaw-clenching G-spot vibrator this one is more for slowly savoring actually finding your spot and having your way with it.

I enjoyed the different vibration settings and overall find it to be a good offering from Lelo. Medium in all regards, like I said.

Where Can You Get One?

The only place I recommend shopping for Lelo products is directly from the official Lelo website.

It's where we've bought all of our Lelo toys. Mostly because they offer the lowest prices but also because when you shop directly with the manufacturer, you can rest assured you're going to receive a legitimate product.

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When shopping online for sex toys, the only way to guarantee you'll receive the product you ordered is by ordering directly from the manufacturer. We've heard plenty of stories about non-reputable stores selling knock-off toys.

We shop directly with Lelo to avoid this completely.


While not the most powerful toy I've ever used, I understand that not every woman wants something that'll make your teeth chatter after you insert it. I think the people who will be best served by this toy are people who like smaller toys that have more thought put into their overall shape and design than being a robust vibrator meant to maximize vibration strength.

It's more vibrate-y than it is rumbly, and works well as a clit vibrator as well. The near silence of the toy and long battery life make it an appealing choice for those who need discretion, since it'll be hard for people to hear it in use and you won't have to always have it in plain sight charging just to make sure you can use it when you need it most.

It's different in that regard, I'd say. The focus here was not on vibration strength, but on just about every other aspect of the toy.

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