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Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: June 10th, 2023

When selecting a butt plug, a lot more thought typically goes into the process than with other toys. This is something that's going to be fitting snugly up your rear end, if there's any toy where everything has to be just perfect for physical & mental comfort, this is the one.

To this effect, there are dozens if not hundreds of different butt plugs in different shapes, sizes, materials, color, or just about any other way a plug can get customized. So any intrepid man or woman looking to find their glass slipper just needs to take the time to look around and see what's out there.

An entire subcategory of butt plugs exist for those who want safety, ease of cleaning, as well as a little bit of decorative flair. These plugs are referred to as princess plugs, and there's a whole lot of them laying around just waiting to find their forever home.

What Are Princess Plugs?

Before we get into what exactly a princess plug is, let's have a little refresher as to what a butt plug is in and of itself. A butt plug is most often than not a teardrop shaped sex toy meant to be placed inside the anus for sexual pleasure. People of any biological gender can take advantage of the sensitive nerves in the anal cavity being stimulated, with some people wearing them for large swaths of time because they enjoy the feeling so much. Men can even have the added benefit of a little bit of prostate play to really kick things up a notch. Butt plugs come in just about any shape and are made from almost any material.

So what is the difference between a butt plug and a princess butt plug?

A princess plug is a butt plug that's made from metal (stainless steel mainly), almost always have the common doorknob/teardrop shape, and come with a fancy looking crystal/jewel on the end. The point of this jewel is to be seen, so princess plugs have longer stems than other butt plugs to properly display the crystal. For this reason, they are also sometimes referred to as crystal plugs or jeweled plugs since some people feel the term princess plug is a bit too gendered. Since there isn't really a central sex toy categorizing organization, some people go as far as to say that any butt plug with a crystal on the end is a princess plug, regardless of material.

A princess plug is always a butt plug, but a butt plug is not always a princess plug.

The Best Princess Butt Plugs:

#1 - Lovehoney Metal Beginner's Butt Plug

If you absolutely have to grab a plug regardless of level of experience, this is the plug for you. It's 1.2'' wide at the widest point, giving it enough girth to be felt & get the job done without being too intimidating.

The metal in question is a nickel-free zinc alloy, this toy comes in at 145g, or about the weight of a regulation baseball. The plug has 2.5'' of insertable space, so it isn't too intrusive either. The edges that hold the base are thankfully well machined without any rough cutting edges.

It tapers nicely so insertion goes smoothly, and the tip is rounded so there's never any feeling of pointed-ness rearing its ugly little head and making the insertion process any less comfortable than it should be.

The zinc responds extremely well to temperature play, keeping it in the fridge or giving it a quick rest on the heater gave my husband and I a lot more satisfying temperature play than a lot of similarly designed plugs that use a different metal.

I'm not quite sure what the jewel itself is made from, but it has a classy enough look and doesn't come off like a re-purposed plastic aquarium jewel, something I'm quite thankful for.

You can learn more about this princess butt plug over at Lovehoney.

#2 - Lovehoney Jeweled Heart Butt Plug

Those who have love in their hearts and would like love in their bums are well served by this cute and radiant plug. It's a step up from the first plug on this list, with a diameter of 1.43'' and a weight of 239g, meaning it is best reserved for people who have at least a foundation of knowledge & experience with anal play.

It also comes in with three inches of insertable space, so it will be taking up some real estate within the anus but anyone looking to have some weighted prostate stimulation should definitely be giving this toy a solid look.

Light shines off of the pink jewel in a way that's almost too nice for something that's going square up the rectum, but that's probably exactly why so many camgirls decide to pick these up in the first place.

It fits very well inside the anus and I personally love how smoothly it slips in, whenever we don't warm it up beforehand I love the cooling sensations that radiate into my body while it warms up.

Learn more about this princess butt plug at Lovehoney.

#3 - Lucky Star Jeweled Aluminum Butt Plug

Instead of the zinc alloy common to many princess plugs, this toy instead makes use of aluminum metal in its construction. Aluminum plugs are much lighter than zinc alloy plugs of similar size, in fact this plug is only 90g where most zinc alloy plugs of similar size are at least double that, so if you want some weight for sensations but not so much that you feel anchored down, aluminum plugs are the way to go. 

Its widest point is 1.35'' in diameter, making it a pretty middle of the road toy all things considered. Many people who just have a passing interest in anal play find that toys in this diameter are just right, any smaller and they feel a bit empty while any larger brings discomfort. Besides that, there is three inches of insertable room, fairly middle of the road as well.

Personally, I really enjoy the lightweight nature of this toy, I find that I don't have to focus on the toy all that much while the added pressure towards the G-spot area is very much front and center in my mind.

I find that aluminum is less cold to the touch initially than zinc alloys but doesn't retain any kind of change in temperature extremely well. By that I mean it returns to room temperature faster, although I don't know how much of that is personal experience/placebo. The cooler initial temperature is great for whenever we don't want temperature play to have a big role in a particular session.

You can learn more about this princess plug at Lovehoney.

#4 - LuxGem Pink Jeweled Butt Plug

The first thing you'll notice about this plug is its very interesting shape. While most plugs have the main girth towards the edge of the toy, this toy decided to keep things closer to the entrance of the anal cavity.

That's also how it gets away with its 1.6'' diameter, since it is much more comfortable to have a bigger plug at the entrance of the anus compared to a few inches deeper.

It's another nickel-free zinc alloy toy, so the same hypoallergenic & temperature retaining nature applies to this toy much like any other zinc alloy princess plug.

It is of course wider than the other toy but it isn't necessarily reserved for experts only, as the strong taper and long body make it a rather easy toy to begin enjoying.

Another worthwhile thing about this princess plug is that there is more metal than most around the jewel. 

Some people worry that grabbing the toy too much by the jewel risks ripping it off, so it's a lot easier with this plug to grab the metal body when making adjustments than other options. Very shiny, very eye-catching, and very fun to use.

Learn more about this product at Lovehoney.

#5 - Lovehoney Large Jeweled Butt Plug

This is a plug for all of the size queens among us, as it is a full 1.6'' in diameter and 331g in weight. The insertable length of the toy has also gone up in proportion with its increased size, with 3.5 inches of insertable room which makes it function as a great prostate massager should you choose to make it so.

It is made from zinc alloy and the base is nice and significant so there's little worry about this plug getting lost during use. Because of the advanced size & girth, this is one relegated specifically for the experts among us.

Because of the significant weight, I find that everything from slight repositioning to a full thrust makes the toy move around in an extremely pleasurable and fancy way. More often than not, Don and I will have bit of a fight over who gets to use it since he really likes what it can do for his prostate as he thrusts away giddily.  If it weren't for how I looked with the shiny acrylic jewel nestled between my cheeks, I wonder if he'd ever let me have my turn.

Whenever I decide that there's no room for error in my pursuit of the greatest orgasms of all time,  grabbing this bad boy is practically a no-brainer.

You can learn more about this princess butt plug at Lovehoney.

Princess Plug Tips

Because of the specialized construction of princess plugs, there are a few tips that I find worth mentioning so everyone can get the most out of the experience. They're called princess plugs after all, so make sure to give yourself the royal treatment.

  • These plugs are perhaps the easiest to clean & sanitize because they are non-porous and can stand up to even the harshest soaps and cleaning supplies being used, so there is no reason not to give your plug a good scrubbing and a quick dry after each and every use.
  • Since they are made from metal, I absolutely recommend using a silicone based lube with these types of plugs. Silicone based lubes have the most slickness as well as the most longevity between applications of any lube subtype, making them ideal for anal play. For those interested, be sure to check out our list of worthwhile anal lubes.
  • Use the weight of the toys to your advantage. Women can position themselves such that the shared wall between the anus and the vagina has pressure being applied in all the right ways during PIV intercourse. Men on the other hand are well served by positions that shift the weight of the toy towards the front of the body so the prostate gets a light tickle with every thrust.

So, hopefully that's everything you've been curious about when it comes to princess plugs, if you have any further questions feel free to leave a comment below! Don't forget to use lube, and always enjoy your time in the bedroom!

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