How To Use a Butt Plug:

Tips To Using A Butt Plug Like a Pro

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: June 23rd, 2023

Few sex toys are the subject of as many jokes as the butt plug is. I'll concede to the fact that in general they're pretty funny toys. The idea of plugging our nastiest one-way hole voluntarily is seen as weird and foreign to many, but to those in the know it's hard to go without. It took a long time for us as a society to get as comfortable with vanilla vagina sex as we have, so I'm glad we're finally seeing the light and venturing more where the sun doesn't shine. Crossing the line into dedicated anal play requires a fair bit of personal comfort and preparation, so I understand why many people are apprehensive. 

Once that barrier has been broken down though, a whole new world of stimulation is on offer for both men and women. Sex can take on a whole new dimension and even solo masturbation can be shown a whole new dynamic. When most people think about butt plugs, they tend towards a deviant and raunchy type of person in some kind of sex dungeon. That definitely happens in this world, but the truth of the matter is that anybody from any walk of life and level of sexual experience can enjoy the joy a butt plug can bring.

Why Use A Butt Plug?

The most obvious question anyone can ask is why even bother with all of this in the first place? Our genitals are purpose built, why go elsewhere to get your rocks off? Well, there's many different erogenous zones in the body, with the brain arguably being the largest and most powerful. What I'm trying to get at here is that if you just focus on the penis or vagina you're not truly taking advantage of your entire sexual potential.

For both genders, the feeling of fullness and pressure inside the anal cavity is a major turn on. The rump is the great equalizer in that both genders have one and both can take advantage of it in their own way. For some, butt plugs are a way to slowly acclimate yourself to having things up the bum to prepare themselves for anal sex or the use of a strap-on at a later date. There's no need for too many bells and whistles, as they simply just need to do what their name implies: plug the butt. It's a hands-free way to increase your naughtiness factor by a huge margin.

The way butt plugs can help a female explore her body and erogenous zones is two-fold. Firstly, there are nerve endings in the anal cavity that can be activated and enable a female to feel a way she's never felt before. Secondly, few women are aware that the vagina and the anus have a shared wall. When a butt plug is inserted, pressure is placed onto that wall that pushes it forward and if a woman has something in her vagina there will be more pressure applied from that direction. Simply put, the feeling of fullness and the manipulation of the vaginal tissue leads for an absolutely out of this world experience.

Men are equally well served by a butt plug, but for reasons that vary just a pinch. The prostate is an under serviced part of the male anatomy, capable of delivering an orgasm at least an order of magnitude higher than through stimulating the penis alone. The prostate is best stimulated by putting something 2-3 inches inside the anus like say, a butt plug. As a man moves around the plug will shift slightly inside of him and tickle the prostate bit by bit, adding much more pleasure to the overall experience.  The satisfaction derived from the feeling of fullness and the overall naughtiness of the situation also has a beneficial effect on the amount of subjective pleasure felt by the man. In short, it's a rockin' good time.

Think a butt plug might appeal to you? Well, here's how to get the most out of your plugging experience:

How To Use A Butt Plug

First thing's first, let's make sure you have all of the required materials. The only absolute essentials for a butt plug experience is the butt plug itself (they come in varying sizes, from the diminutive Ditto to the fulfilling Hush) and enough lube to get you through the entire experience. 

I've written a complete guide to finding the best butt plugs and also a comprehensive prostate massager buyers guide (if you'd prefer a prostate massager over a butt plug). Both of these guides are super useful if you don't already own an anal toy.

Silicone based lubes are the most recommended in general for their slickness and staying power but if you're using a silicone toy then that rules out silicone. Oil based is the next best thing but note they will degrade latex condoms if you're putting a condom over your toy, but oil based is compatible with silicone toys and won't need frequent reapplication. Water based works with all kinds of toys and also won't degrade condoms, but they will require frequent reapplication as they tend to lose their slippery qualities extremely quickly, with some even giving way to a sticky feeling. Butt plugs aren't a "put it in, take it out, repeat" kind of experience.

Optional accessories are things like a towel to put down over your work area and a small washcloth to put the toy in while you move it to the sink to be cleaned or to put it down for a brief period of time without getting poo particles all over your nightstand.

Relax And Get Comfortable

Comfort is key with anal play. If you're too tense your rear end simply won't cooperate and you'll have a difficult if not impossible time inserting the toy, plus a lot more push back from your body than I would consider comfortable. 

Take the time to relax yourself and become completely at ease in your environment before deciding to proceed. Make sure there's no time limit on your experience and that you won't clench your behind because you think someone is coming up the stairs to see you. Do whatever necessary to instill a state of exploratory zen in yourself, a comfy bum is a happy bum.

Ensure Proper Preparation

This step is where your lube is going to come in handy. Apply lubricant generously to the toy itself, making sure to get each inch of the toy that will be inside of you nice and slick (I recommend using a lube designed for anal play, or a desensitizing anal lube). Some may disagree with this point, but I feel that with anal stimulation there is no such thing as too much lube.

Once the toy is properly lubricated, you'll have to apply a bit of lube to yourself as well. Using either your finger or something that can transfer lube easily, apply some lube around your bunghole to make sure some lube makes it way into your anal cavity itself and that you can get past the hurdle that is the sphincter.

After you've done that, it's just a matter of deciding what position you'll be in for the insertion process. Personally, I tend to kneel and lean forward and balance my body on one of my elbows while my free hand inserts the plug. Experiment to find your own favorite position, but any position where the anal cavity is easily accessible and as straight as possible is ideal.

Insert Slowly

Putting things up your rear end isn't as quick a procedure as oral or vaginal sex, it requires gentle easing and playful tempting to get all the way inside. Push the toy gently into your butt and stop periodically to let your anal muscles relax and give you more room to work with. The hardest part is getting the toy past the sphincter and then the first few inches of the anus.

You're going to be feeling some weird and novel sensations, but if you're doing things correctly you shouldn't be able to describe these feelings as painful. Take your time and go slowly, inch by inch, taking proper feedback from your body about when you should stop and rest for a bit. 

Do your best to hold the toy firmly so it doesn't shoot out of you if your backside tenses up when you don't want it to, it's not so great to have to go chase down your butt plug as it rolls down the stairs.

Once Inserted, Enjoy Yourself

After slowly easing the toy inside of you, now is the fun part. How you choose to enjoy your butt plug is subject to personal tastes and how your body responds to having the toy inside of you. It's at this point that you can move around and see what kind of motions make the toy move around and scratch that itch lurking deep inside of you. If the toy has vibration options, now is the time to check them out. 

You can either delight in the sensation of fullness and the pleasure brought from the butt plug alone, or you can throw in some other touching into the mix. Caressing your thighs or nipples as well as playing with yourself with all of the jostling around that entails is a surefire way to be on your way to orgasm.

If you have a partner, you can fool around with each other while the plug is inserted much to the delight of both partners. Sex is enhanced in a woman who has a butt plug inserted as the pressure from the vagina wall being pushed will change how she experiences the sensation brought on from the penis. For men, as you thrust in an out you will be able to enjoy how the toy moves around inside of you.

Have fun, it's finally butt plug time! Keep going until you've had your fill.

Take Your Time When Taking It Out

Now that fun is is over and it's time to put the butt plug back in the toy box, you should remove the toy as slowly and as carefully as you inserted it. Grab the handle on your toy and begin to slide it out gradually. Don't force it as you risk making tears in your anal cavity that will be a bother at best and a hospital visit at worst. 

Being relaxed like earlier is helpful here. Some beginners try to "poop out" the plug which is actually counterproductive as you should have as little strain as possible on the anal muscles so the toy can just gentle slip out of you. 

Now you're standing around with a used butt plug in your hand, so either proceed directly to the next step or put it in a washcloth or similar surface you can clean/dispose of before moving on.

Wash The Plug Thoroughly

I probably don't have to bother giving you a biology lesson on what exactly the butt does and what exactly it leaves on a butt plug. Proper sanitation is key to avoid giving your toy the smell of arse cheeks and to make sure it never eventually develops into a bio-hazard.

Soap and plenty of warm water is your next stop. Get the toy as wet as possible and clean off all of the lube and leftover human particles with soap, making sure to give extra attention to any folds or creases that bacteria would just love to call home. Take careful note of how the toy is shaped and give everything a proper scrub down. Be gentle, but firm.

At this point, congratulations, you have successfully completed using your butt plug. Put it away or leave it on your nightstand ready to go, we don't judge what you do next.

Extra Butt Plug Tips

  • Make sure you get a toy with a flared base, meaning at the bottom of the toy the base gets wider so there's no chance of the toy going any further than it should. Never ever use a toy that doesn't have a flared base, it simply isn't worth the risk.
  • A bit of blood isn't anything to freak out about, but excessive bleeding or bleeding that lasts an hour or more is worth getting checked out.
  • If at any time the process of inserting the toy becomes painful, don't think that you've hit the point of no return. If you're going to do this, you should do it right. This means stopping if things become painful. Its supposed to be a pleasurable experience, not torturous. Sometimes your butt just isn't game, and you'll have to listen if you can't coax it into being more agreeable.
  • Depending on the size of the toy around the very bottom of the toy that will rest around the sphincter, don't have the toy inserted for too long. Once you've hit the two hour mark, you should consider whether or not it's time to give things a rest down there. That extra ten minutes of playtime could be an extra half hour or more of bum displeasure.

Final Words

Congratulations on becoming comfortable enough to take the plunge, it took me a while before I was completely sold on the idea. If I had to be truthful, I probably wasn't entirely sold until I actually gave it a good and honest shot. Now, I've legitimately had times during sex or masturbation when I've thought "If only I had my plug."

This guide is your A-Z for the fundamentals of butt pluggery. From here you can branch out into more advanced kinds of plug adventures like finding new positions and the like. The only thing left for me is to say play safe, have fun!

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