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How to Use Lelo Toys

How To Use Lelo Toys

How To Use Lelo ToysA Guide to the Luxurious Products From LeloWritten by:  Angela Watson | Updated: June 27th, 2021   Table of Contents Using Your Lelo Toy Without A RemoteOther Lelo ToysUsing Your Lelo Toy With A RemoteConclusion By this point in time, our collection of Lelo toys is more like a library of toys than anything […]

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The Ultimate Interactive Sex Toy Buyers Guide

The Ultimate Interactive Sex Toy Buyers Guide:The Best Toys & How To Use ThemWritten by: Don Watson | Updated: February 25th, 2020 Table of Contents Why Should You Care About Interactive Sex Toys?The Best Interactive Male Sex ToysThe Best Interactive Female Sex ToysHow Do I Connect My Toy To Interactive Content?Best Places To Find Content […]

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How To Make A Butt Plug

How To Make A Butt Plug:The Guide On Homemade & Improvised Anal FunWritten by: Angela Watson | Updated: January 5th, 2021 Table of Contents DIY BUTT PLUG SAFETY & YOUPrevent The Worst Case ScenarioUse The Right Lube (And A Lot Of it)Easy Homemade Butt PlugsUse A Silicone Molding KitGlass BlowingWoodworkingBest Improvised Butt Plug Options1. Finger […]

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How To Use A Cock Ring

How To Use A Cock Ring: Getting The Most Out Of Your New FriendWritten by: Don Watson | Updated: December 2nd, 2019 Table of ContentsWhy Use A Cock Ring?How To Use A Cock Ring ProperlyGetting The Cock Ring OnUsing Your Cock RingAfter Sex ProceduresCock Rings I’d Recommend:Final Cock Ring TipsConclusionThe cock ring is a very special […]

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Sex Toy Storage Boxes & Bags

Sex Toy Storage Boxes & Bags:Here’s Where To Store Your Sex ToysWritten by: Angela Watson | Updated: September 4th, 2019 Table of ContentsMy Favorite Sex Toy Storage Boxes#1 – The JoyBoxx + PlayTray (My #1 Storage Box)#2 – The Liberator Zappa Toy Bag#3 – The UVee GO Play UV#4 – The Sugar Sak#5 – The Sneaky […]

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How To Use A Fleshlight

How To Use a Fleshlight: Everything You Need To KnowWritten by: Don Watson | Updated: September 7th, 2019 Table of Contents Fleshlight BasicsPrepare Your FleshlightUse LubricationExperiment With HeatMethods To Using A FleshlightManual StrokingHands Free Masturbation MethodsCleaning and MaintenanceThat’s All, Folks! At first thought, the Fleshlight seems like the kind of product whose manual need only be […]

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Teledildonics 101

Teledildonics 101:Here’s Everything You Need To KnowWritten by: Angela Watson | Updated: December 17th 2018 Table of Contents The History Of TeledildonicsThe Future Of TeledildonicsExperimenting With TeledildonicsIn Closing Teledildonics is an ever growing segment of the sex toy industry, with new developments occurring at a more rapid pace than ever.  Let’s dissect the word first before […]

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