My Husband and I Tried Long Distance Sex
Here's What Happened...

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: March 23rd, 2020

It started out like a normal Tuesday for the both of us. I'd finished work for the day and drove home to decompress and engage in some self-care to combat emotional exhaustion. As a sex therapist I noticed early on in my career that if I didn't take time to reset myself after taking on the problems of others all day, I'd lose my ability to connect with my patients as well as I'd like to.

Unfortunately, much like most normal Tuesdays for me, this meant watching television without being able to extend my arm to the other side of the couch and find my husband Don waiting to hold me. Another week, another business meeting. He was in Atlanta this time, nearly 2500 miles away from me.

It would be at least another two days until he was back and I'd be able to feel his strong arms embrace me as he walked up the driveway. It also meant it'd be at least another two days until I could get a proper lovemaking session in, I like many women, enjoy a good rogering from time to time.

Or did it?

I got a text later that night from Don saying that he brought along his Max, a mechanical sleeve style masturbator made by Lovense, and that he'd be turning it on sometime around 9:30 PM my time, he's three hours ahead. I knew what this meant and immediately ran upstairs and rummaged through my toy box to find my Nora, a rabbit vibrator also made by Lovense that's intended to be paired with the Max and that "share" intensity and sensations based on what the other toy is doing.

Long distance sex, here we come.

Getting Ready

The clock now ticks 9:20 PM, I unplug the Nora I'd been eagerly charging all day and get myself ready on the bed.

First, I boot up the Lovense Remote App and the green light on my toy lets me know that my Nora is waiting for me to go to the helm and pilot it right into screeching orgasm territory. Nora didn't know yet we weren't going to be flying the friendly skies alone, but that would soon change.

Maybe three minutes after I paired my toy to my phone the text from Don came in letting me know that he's gone through the same process with his Max. He's usually a little early, but only when it matters if you understand what I'm getting at. 

I maneuver next to the Long Distance tab inside the app, tap on the familiar icon of my husband's stupid grin staring me in the face and press the plus symbol with enough excitement to make a cheaper phone screen crack under the stress.

All that was left was to tap the "Sync Together" button.

When Max Met Nora

Now that the toys were as inseparable as the people using them, what was to come next? How would I know when to go?

As soon as I finalized the thought in my mind, the head of the Nora began to spin around and the entire device gave off some slight vibrations. My phone dinged with the message "I'm in."

So when the going gets horny, the horny get going. I managed to insert the Nora and began using it much like how I'd use it solo, except I had no control over the intensity now: that was all Don.

I'd feel the toy rotate faster and the vibrations climb higher and higher as time went on, eventually slowing down for a few moments. That cheeky bugger, I thought, he's going to make this one a longer than usual session. 

No matter, whenever I felt my toy slow down signalling that he was trying not to finish too early I'd tease back by going a pinch faster and faster before letting him have his moment to catch his breath.

Later he told me that whenever I went faster the air pumps on the Max would inflate and feel similar to the contractions of the vagina, and the whole toy itself would vibrate with varying intensity based on what I was doing. After some time and figuring things out based on sensations, I knew when he was trying to stop himself from ejaculating and I'd go faster to mess with him. He later said he'd take the Max off completely until he was ready to reinsert without immediately busting to fight back against me. To this day, I think that's cheating, but we hadn't made a rule against it yet so I let it slide this first time.

I stopped letting him do his push-pull and began moving the Nora back and forth with unrelenting intensity for a few more minutes, I knew he was trying to hold it in still.

After about three minutes of me going all out, I get a message: "I came."

Me too, sweetheart, me too.

The Aftermath

It was now close to 10:30 PM and I lay on my bed completely spent from seeing what these toys can and cannot do. I had a vague idea how Lovense intended to make the Max work with long distance sex or at least how technology could make it happen, but was interested in seeing what the Nora would do to make me feel like I was getting a custom experience. Teledildonics is no longer a concept that needs proving to me, I experienced it firsthand.

The rotating action of the head and the vibrations scaled in intensity with how fast Don was thrusting, capping out probably somewhere around 85% of the solo capability of the Nora, or at least it felt like that. For Don, the faster I moved the Nora the more his Max would vibrate and the more active the air pumps would become.

I liked how we both had an idea of what the other was up to and how we could engage in a tug of war with the intensity, trying to keep each other as close to climax without going over the edge for as long as we could until a spine-tingling orgasm was the only choice left for either of us.

The only part that doesn't satisfy me is I still can't cuddle with Don afterwards. But, sacrifices are to be made in all relationships, especially long distance ones. At least now 2500 miles away seems just a little less far.

About Angela Watson

I'm a sex therapist by day and a sex blogger by night. I love to crush the taboos surrounding sex toys and help people become more sexually liberated. There's no topic too risqué for me to cover and I hope to educate and inform my readers on all things sex. All things that concern the female anatomy or require a more clinical approach than my husband Don can provide is covered by me. Have any questions? You can contact me via email.

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Dave Matters - April 30, 2021 Reply

Arghhh, Long distance relationships are a far cry, it’s only best if the relationship has been on for a while, never advisable for new relationships

The sex toys help a bit, mostly for women though, for men its another thing entirely

Max and Nora look interesting.

Nice review

Keep em coming


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