MedFet Explained: All You Need To Know About Having A Medical Fetish

The Best MedFet Toys and Tools You Could Use

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: July 2nd, 2021

If you’re active in any type of sex community, you’ve probably seen your fair share of fetishes and kinks. One of these fetishes that doesn’t get too much attention, is a medical fetish.

While most of the time people think of it as standard role play, a medical fetish is one where the person gets aroused through roleplaying medical procedures and medical personnel.

Describing what exactly a medical fetish entails can be quite difficult. There are plenty of different fields and areas that fall into this category and therefore if you have a partner who does have a medical fetish, you should do a bit of research yourself so you can understand exactly what you can do for them.

If you are the one with the medical fetish, hopefully a resource like this can help you explain to your partner what a medical fetish it.

What is a Medical Fetish?

Like all fetishes out there, a medical fetish is when a person is sexually attracted to something in the medical field as I mentioned above. With tons of different equipment and roles within the medical field however, the lines can get a little blurred.

While some people think of gynecologists or receiving a physical as examples of a medical fetish, there doesn’t always have to be a sexual connotation to it.

It’s important to understand that there is no right or wrong way to have a medical fetish. You might simply be aroused by the job titles, or the thought of some of the equipment being used on you really gets you going.

Medfet Explained: All You Need To Know About Having A Medical Fetish

If you do have a medical fetish, it is about finding what areas of the medical field get you aroused and then learning how you can recreate them in the bedroom with your partner. As with any fetish, consent is important between the individuals in order to ensure everyone is comfortable.

Why Do People Have Medical Fetishes?

There are plenty of reasons as to why people have medical fetishes and it isn’t just because of a sexual experience. The first and most obvious reason for a medical fetish is because of nurses and their uniforms. Just look around on Halloween and you are bound to see dozens of people dressed up as sexy nurses. Nurses are seen as sexy and it is one of the primary reasons for a medical fetish.

Other reasons can include simply the enjoyment of having medical equipment on your body, or it can be leftover thoughts from playing doctor and nurse at a younger age. Regardless of why you have a medical fetish, you have to learn how you can satisfy it and take your play in the bedroom to a new level.

If you have just recently discovered that you have a medical fetish, it can be difficult to learn what areas really get you turned on and how you can go about recreating it. Like with any BDSM play, you have to know what you enjoy and what you don’t enjoy. I’m going to talk about some of the products and equipment that you can get and use to really enhance your medical fetish and make it that much better for you and your partner.

Best MedFet Toys, Furniture, and Tools You Could Use

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are the basis to any medical procedure and if you are really looking to recreate a doctor patient experience, these should be on the top of your list. They are incredibly easy to find and use. 

While latex gloves are body safe, I do have to mention that there are people out there who get skin irritation or allergic reactions from latex gloves.

I always recommend spending a few minutes of time to see if you or your partner has any reactions to the latex. I think I speak for everyone here when I say the last thing you want is an allergic reaction on your genitals.

Aside from that, feel free to use latex gloves in any way with your medical fetish. Because it is such a simple product, it can be integrated into almost any medical fetish scenario with ease.

Lovehoney sells a nice, elbow length sheer black pair.


The pinwheel might look like an intimidating object, but it is a great piece of equipment for those who have a medical fetish. 

It is a tool that is used for sensory testing in doctor’s offices and you can use it for the exact same reason.

Grab a pinwheel and slowly move it on your partner’s nipples or on the base of their penis. You don’t have to press down hard to get the sensations that you are looking for.

A simple light movement will send shivers down your partner’s body and really get them going.

Center Stage

The center stage is a recreation of the table that you lay on when you go to the doctor’s office. Center stages come with a great deal of padding and can be used on top of your bed or on the floor, depending on what you are looking for

For an added bonus, on the sides of the center stage are connectors which you can use for straps and bondage play. You can be tied down and put on full display if that is what you are into with the center stage. There is also a booster on the center stage which can allow you to elevate any body part during sex.

The center stage can also be used for things such as massages and just relaxing. I have to say that it is quite the versatile piece of equipment and can be used for much more than just medical fetish play and BDSM.

Posture Collar

In the medical field, the posture collar was a tool that would go around a patient’s neck to keep them straight and prevent them from looking to the side.

As the name implies, a posture collar was designed to help with a patient’s posture especially after a serious injury.

In the medical fetish world, you can use this if you are looking to dominate over your patient. Put it on your partner and use the belt clips to fasten it.

From there, you can move around their whole body teasing them while they are unable to look and see what you are doing.

For an added experience, you can use the posture collar with splints and casts to add another level of medical immobilization.

Drum Wheel (Rolling Drum)

The drum wheel or rolling drum is another sensory device similar to the pinwheel that is used during medical fetish play.

While a pinwheel has multiple points of contact that changes as it spins, a drum wheel is a fairly uniform piece of equipment that rotates and rolls as it comes in contact with your partner’s body.

I also have to point out that the drum wheel does not look as intimidating as the pinwheel and therefore might be a great substitute if you are trying to introduce someone to the world of medical fetishes.

Just like the pinwheel, it can help to stimulate sensitive areas of the body with a little bit of pressure.

Tantric Chair/Bed

The tantric chair or bed is one of the go to accessories when it comes to medical fetishes or any fetish in the BDSM world for that matter.

With tons of connectors scattered around them, these sex chairs can be used to tie someone down and can be used in many different positions.

In the medical world, you might have to bend down or spread yourself so the doctor can get a better look at what they are examining. This tantric chair can allow for that to happen and as mentioned above, you can be restrained and tied down so you are spread for everyone to see.

The tantric chair has a ton of different uses and I’d recommend it even if you don’t have a medical fetish.

Vaginal/Anal Speculum

You can use this in combination with your tantric chair or center stage to take medical examinations to the next level.

The vaginal or anal speculum is used to stretch open parts of the body so that the doctor can get a thorough examination.

Speculums are completely body safe, just lube it up beforehand, gently insert it into your partner, and then start rolling the pin to spread them open.

As I mentioned above, combine this with the tantric chair and you can examine your partner in the best way possible.

If your medical fetish is all about spreading your partner and exploring their body, you should add this piece of equipment to your repertoire.

A Few Notes on Medical Fetish Play

With any BDSM play, including medical fetish play, it is important that you do it right. With any kink or fetish, it is about making things as real as possible and getting into character. That being said, you do have to have a few safety measures in place should someone start to feel uncomfortable.


In my opinion, communication is key for any type of sex, including medical fetish play. Simply put, if what your partner is doing for you is hurting or doesn’t feel that good, be vocal about it. I’ve had partners in the past who have been completely silent during sex only for them to say days later that certain things hurt. Use your words to communicate.

This is also important for consent during medical fetish play as well. I always say a healthy relationship is one where both people can voice their concerns without judgment during sex or BDSM play.

A Safe Word or Action

This is another important one when it comes to medical fetish play. When people get into roleplay, they can often dismiss the actions of the other person as they think they are roleplaying as well.

Within the medical fetish world, there are several pieces of equipment that can cause some discomfort or pain, especially when not used correctly. Having a safe word or safe action can help to let your partner know that you need a break or that something is hurting. After a readjustment, you two should be ready to get right back into things.

Don’t Rush Things

Whenever you are playing with medical toys or doing any type of BDSM play, you should start slowly to allow the body to ease into things. People might be nervous at first and they need some time to fully get into it. This is especially true if they are new to medical fetish play.


I cannot stress this enough, consent is key for BDSM and fetish play. If you are following all of the above tips, you should know whether or not you have consent to continue, however I find people sometimes jump into medical fetish play or any type of BDSM play without communicating or establishing a safe word. 

With ANY sexual play you need to have the consent of your partner. I don’t think this has to be said, but consent can also be revoked or changed at any given point. Please communicate with your partner during medical fetish play.


Whenever you are going to be using medical fetish equipment or putting things inside of you, it is important that you take the time to clean them before and after use. Wash them in water and use some soap and simply store them away till you are ready to use them again.

Experiment and Be Adventurous

As I mentioned in the opening bits of the article, a lot of people have medical fetishes but aren’t sure exactly in what way. It can take a bit of time to fully identify your medical fetish so the advice I can give you from there is to be adventurous and experiment around with a lot of the equipment.

For example, some people I’ve talked to are more into the tantric chair and center stage portion of medical fetishes and don’t care much for the equipment, while others love seeing their partner put latex gloves on and spread them open. You don’t know what you’re into until you give the good old college try. You can’t criticize something unless you’ve tried it.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this gave you a better understanding of the medical fetish world and how you can recreate it in the bedroom with your partner. If you do plan on using medical equipment, you or your partner should not in any way be intoxicated.

I stand by safety being one of the most important things when it comes to sex, especially when you are working with equipment that is going inside of you. Other than that, it is up to you to have fun discovering your medical fetish and getting aroused like you never have before.

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