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Here's Where To Store Your Sex Toys

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: September 4th, 2019

My sex toy collection is nothing short of colossal, and my site is living proof of that.

It's gotten to the point where I needed to find more specialized ways of storing all of my toys besides my nightstand or in the box at the back of my closet somewhere. 

It can be easy to be more caught up on the process of actually using a sex toy and not consider all of the extras that go in to owning one.

That's exactly why I've made guides on how to properly use and clean most toys people will end up becoming intimate with.

The issue of sex toy storage is grossly under serviced, these are toys that come into contact with our most intimate areas, it's important that we take as many precautions as possible to safeguard our health.

Men have it a bit easier since their reproductive organs are external as opposed to internal, although I've seen some pretty raunchy pictures in my day of poorly maintained male sex toys. Women have to contend with their vaginal pH not going out of wack as well as a few other concerns.

There are a few different reasons why anyone would want to properly store their toys, both practical and personal. Not giving bacterial colonies an attractive place to settle down and call home is one of the main goals here. Being unhygienic with your sex toys will make your expensive toys not last as long or possibly fester under poor conditions.

At the same time, it's also desirable to be able to properly organize all of your toys in that safe environment to make your playtime that much easier.

Let's not also forget one of the more obvious reasons why you'd want dedicated storage for your sex toys as well: maintaining your discretion should anyone come to visit. There are dozens of options that are both safe to use and don't have "CONTAINS: SEX TOYS" written on the front. Storage is one thing, they also double as a great way to transfer toys from place to place.

I don't want this t turn into a discussion about sexism or gender roles, but I'm a woman and I love my purses. If I can buy a purse for my sex toys, I'm there.

So, lets work at it and see just what's out there to help any sex toy enthusiasts like myself:

My Favorite Sex Toy Storage Boxes

#1 - The JoyBoxx + PlayTray (My #1 Storage Box)

The JoyBoxx is definitely my most recommended sex toy storage box. It's essentially just a sex toy lock box.

Sure, under some people's definitions just about any ol' box with four sides and a lid can be effective sex storage, but Joyboxx is one of the few companies to have made it their sole focus to make a case that conforms to the ever-increasing standards of sex toy enthusiasts. Quick bits of Googling will fill you in on the huge push for sanitary & safe toy practices among the community.

There's like 10 different freakin' colors you can get this this in and you can even mix and match the two different components if you're so inclined. The external dimensions are 12.60”(L) x 5.5” (D) x 5.0” (H) and the internal dimensions are 11.25” (L) x 5.5” (D) x 3.5” (H).

The JoyBoxx is definitely my most recommended option out of all sex toy storage boxes. It's essentially just a sex toy lock box with enough added compartments to make life much easiest.

Sure, under some people's definitions just about any boxes with four sides and a lid can be effective sex storage, but Joyboxx is one of the few companies to have made it their sole focus to make a case that conforms to the ever-increasing standards of sex toy enthusiasts. Quick bits of Googling will fill you in on the huge push for sanitary & safe toy practices among the community.

There's like 10 different freakin' colors you can get this this in and you can even mix and match the two different components if you're so inclined. The external dimensions are 12.60”(L) x 5.5” (D) x 5.0” (H) and the internal dimensions are 11.25” (L) x 5.5” (D) x 3.5” (H).

It'll work great for the amount of sex toys you'd expect in someone who's just started to get comfortable with sex toys to have in their collection, as in someone who's not new to the game but not too grizzled either. That's mostly because it isn't too big nor to small either, in fact I've bought multiple to help keep things organized in my collection in an easy way.

What makes the Joyboxx extra nice is that it closes securely and comes with a free lock. People can save themselves a lot of explaining right out of the box with this. I mean, if a guest finds a locked box in your closet there's a chance they'll know what's up, so I think it's more as an anti-child device than anything. The things inside are definitely not something you want to see your little one to find while they're on the hunt for Christmas presents.

A plastic case with an antimicrobial additive makes the toy at least resistant to bacteria (although it is dishwasher safe so there's no reason not to give it a freshening up as often as you can fit in conveniently) and what is referred to as a PlayTray comes with it. When you're using sex toys that have an inherently dirty nature, ie anal products, the tray makes for a great coaster.

As much as I can get into a passionate moment and not stop to think, I'm not putting something that just went up my behind on my nightstand like its no big deal under any circumstances. I thought it was pretty cool that the tray also can be upright to make for a divider down the middle or lad down against the bottom.

It reminds me a bit of my dad's tackle box, to be quite honest.

Truthfully, the box isn't necessarily extremely complicated, it just is everything that a sex toy box would need to be:

  • There's a hole in the back to thread a USB charger through so you can charge toys while they are being stored
  • Ventilation holes dotted around the edge to allow for evaporation of water if toys are put in a bit damp
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Closes securely & can be locked. The fact they included a lock with the box is something I appreciated. I doubt they're really that expensive plus I just really don't think I could convince myself drive to the store just to get a lock for my toys.
  • Safe, lightweight material

It stands to reason that after a while someone was going to come along and make something purpose built like this. Although, their store page also does casually throw in the fact that if you were someone with a certain smokable green habit you might find the box useful too. Still, it'll hold most any sized toy, and a healthy handful of them at that. I like what they brought to the table and keep my most heavily used products in this one and have the others cleaned & packed away a bit deeper in my closet.

#2 - The Liberator Zappa Toy Bag

The Liberator Zappa is great for those who would prefer a toy bag rather than a toy box.

The bag is made out of a microsuede material which is very soft on the outside, while the inside is made out of a water resistant nylon fabric that allows for easy cleaning. It comes equipped with a double zipper but you'll have to provide your own lock if you want to keep it as secure as possible. Those little luggage locks work great.

The Zappa measures 13.5 by 11 inches and is big enough to store most toys while being small enough to stay discreet.

It's bigger than the picture you see makes it out to be. Even some of my bigger vibrators such as the Domi and the Nova fit inside the Zappa quite easily.

It's a great all around bag for holding all of your lubes, toys and other accessories.

Myself and my husband currently own three of these toy bags, since they are quite inexpensive. Less than $20 for a bag that puffs out nicely to accommodate my toys? Yes please!

#3 - The UVee GO Play UV

This is a unique option for sex toys, the UVee GO Play UV it's a portable lockbox complete with rechargeable batteries that can be accessed through USB port and the power of UV light to sanitize your toy.

Sanitizing is not the same as cleaning, I must add. UV light kills all of the bacteria exposed to the UV light, yes, but the remnants of said bacteria haven't gone away. A quick rinse before and after using your toys (which you should be doing anyways) is should deal with this nicely and whatever leftover lube you have on it.

Having this case to charge my toys is perfect whenever I can't have one laying out but still have to get some more juice into it, and I know for sure that so long as it's pumping out UV light there's nothing alive to infect me.

It's definitely not the cheapest option and it's actually the priciest product on this list. That being said, it will save you a lot of time cleaning and sanitizing your sex toys.

#4 - The Sugar Sak

The fact that this one has a pretty funny name is secondary to it's overall utility. For any of my favorites that don't make it into the dedicated boxes, I'll probably toss them into a Sugar Sak.

Sadly, they seem to just flat out refuse to say what the bag exactly is made out of. It's pretty soft (although not luxuriously so) inside and out but what makes this more than just a velvety bag with a drawstring is it's antimicrobial properties.

It's coated with a substance known as Bioshield 75, which I'm not even going to pretend I really comprehend from top to bottom.

What I can figure out about this substance is that it's made for more applications than just sex toys, is registered with the EPA, and approved by the USDA. It works to keep bacterial growth in check to avoid any pesky UTI causing bacteria taking home and to my eyes seems completely above board.

Lelo devices all come with a satin bag that I used to store them quite often, but I quickly replaced using them bit by bit for the antimicrobial factor. None of these storage methods are meant to be a substitute for cleaning, I can't make that clear enough. You absolutely still need to keep your sex toys well maintained before putting them in storage, they're suppose to keep them that way until you need them again. Dirty toy in = dirty toy out, there's no getting around that.

They come in a few different sizes, the ones I've overloaded came apart at the seams over time so if the bag starts to show signs it's at peak capacity you should probably listen if you intend to keep using that Sugar Sak. Since they're just fabric pouches with no hold, the bag will give away its contents by making a suspiciously phallic shaped outline if you leave it out and hold it a certain way.

I live with my husband, and I doubt we'd be embarrassed if our friends inadvertently found out what we get up to, so it's a pretty small issue for me personally. They're great for the toys that are small but still deserve their own storage space. Some toys if I were to put them in my Joyboxx would take up the room of 2-3 toys, so instead I just put that larger toy in one of these to be more space efficient. 

The security feature on the Sugar Sak is a piece of fabric you can tighten and tie into a bow. That's to say, there isn't much in the way of security features. Simplicity at it's finest, a small fabric bag you can toss toys into and have them stay clean. Can't say it doesn't work exactly how it's supposed to, and it definitely works great for travel since it won't take up much extra space.

#5 - The Sneaky Sack

Fancy yourself someone who likes to travel with your sex toys? Sneaky Sacks are my go-to whenever I'm taking toys out of the house, plus they make a good gift for some of my shyer friends who like to keep things on the hush-hush.

I say this because this bag can be hung from a clothes hanger, meaning all you need to be completely incognito in sex toy storage is to put an item of clothing over top of it and it's 100% hidden.

I've had Don steal it from me to keep his more valuable items inside while he's traveling, I didn't appreciate that but I do nag him about where he leaves his wallet often, so I suppose you can't win them all.

Very spacious, it's wide enough and long enough to handle just about any option in your arsenal. It's also waterproof so tossing in some lube is entirely in the realm of possibilities with no risks whatsoever if it ends up spilling inside and making a mess, besides the inevitable interior clean up. 

Like all the methods used to store devices I've recommend there is an antimicrobial layer as well, making the Sneaky Sack my mobile sex toy choice 10/10 times. I imagine people like dominatrices would appreciate this bag big time.

Honestly, they really got me when I first discovered how it was expected to be used. Hiding all of your toys hanging in your closet with an unremarkable piece of clothing covering is just about the best hiding spot of all time.

Final Considerations

No matter how inventive you've been when it comes to finding a place to store your unmentionables I can guarantee you there's some times where it's useful to have a surface to put these toys on to. Besides getting some use out of the Sugar Saks as raw storage, both my husband and I frequently use them as a place to put our sex toys down on when we're done but not ready to pack up. Then, it's just an easy matter of picking it up by the fabric and giving it a wash down.

At the end of the day, you need to be able to know that your sex toys aren't becoming dangerous to use no matter how long you wait in between uses. Once, I found one of my old vibrators that used to be one of my favorites on the floor in the back of my closet.

This was before I put much thought into proper storage, it was a little worse for wear and suffice to say it looked like it needed a shave. Into the garbage it went. I still mourn that sex toy taken much too early by my own negligence. Make sure your storage method will at bare minimum work in an antimicrobial fashion, if not for your sake, for the sake of your toys.

From there, you can start to tack on features that are more important to you like how small it is, the materials used, locking ability, etc. The Joyboxx as a war chest and an assorted collection of Sugar Saks works wonders for my toys. Never thought I'd be an expert in special boxes for these types of products, but here we are.

About Angela Watson

I'm a sex therapist by day and a sex blogger by night. I love to crush the taboos surrounding sex toys and help people become more sexually liberated. There's no topic too risqué for me to cover and I hope to educate and inform my readers on all things sex. All things that concern the female anatomy or require a more clinical approach than my husband Don can provide is covered by me. Have any questions? You can contact me via email.

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Aunt Kathie - May 4, 2019 Reply

This is a much needed article. There’s very little information on the web about sex toy storage, even though it’s a problem every sex toy owner faces. When I bought my first vibrator I can literally remember wondering to myself “where the heck am I going to keep this thing where my kids will never find it”. I ended up using an old silk bag which looked kinda similar to the pink bag you mentioned above but mine was black and had a Lululemon logo on it.

My sex toy collection has grown since then, and even though my kids have since moved out and I don’t have any reason to hide my sex toys, I still have to store them all somewhere. I bought the older version of the Joyboxx, which is basically the same as the new one recommended by Angela above. I can’t speak for the newer version but my Joyboxx has served me very well. It’s my sex toy toolbox that never strays far from my bedside.

Thanks for the great article Ang, hope you’re doing well ? talk soon xoxo

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