How To Make A Butt Plug:
The Guide On Homemade & Improvised Anal Fun

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: January 5th, 2021

There are times in everyone's life when they realize they simply can't wait any longer to get something done. Since we can quickly Google or YouTube just about any project from a birdhouse to a nuclear reactor we've really been living the high life for DIY. 

Well, we all know what this website is about and it's about time ewe got into the practical aspects of fashioning a homemade butt plug.

The focus here will is unfortunately more or less always more on overall safety as opposed to pleasure potential. Don't worry, they still get the job done. At the end of the day safe butt plug removal is vital to enjoying the experience.

It would be irresponsible of me to  not mention the basics of safe DIY plug use, the full list of information & precautions below will help make the process much smoother.


I know most of you have already thought of this. Still, I'll spell out my main philosophy in no uncertain terms:


Nobody is out here to judge you or think less of you for what you do in your spare time. There just isn't anything worse than wanting a nice fun night but ending up in the hospital instead.

You can't fall back on "just pushing it out like a poo". That can hurt you badly. You might even feel trapped.

Just thinking about the ride over to the hospital should be enough to drive the point home here, people.

I cannot understate how much I don't want any of my readers to possibly start with one object lost in their rectum and ending up with two or three after failed rescue attempts.

Prevent The Worst Case Scenario

The simplest and most effective way to keep yourself safe with your homemade butt plug is to pick something that is as smooth and comfortable as possible while also being shaped in a way that makes it extremely hard to have the toy vanish deep inside you.

The amount of space that's easiest to work with as far as anal play goes is the first 3-4 inches, so a smooth cylindrical shape 8 inches long gives you a lot of security.

Other things like a curved handle or just a flared base wider than what your rear could feasibly fit.

I would absolutely consider this the most important tip for a DIY anal plug solution. Whether it's handmade or cobbled together you should always be confident it isn't going any deeper than you'd like it to.

Use The Right Lube (And A Lot Of it)

Using too much lube is a better thing than the opposite in this case. A long lasting oil based or silicone based lube is recommended because water based simply won't offer lasting slickness like the other two can.

Oil based lubes will degrade condoms while silicon based lubes will degrade silicon-based toys of all types including butt plugs, so factor that in if they are variables in your desires. 

Easy Homemade Butt Plugs

This list will go over actually making a proper toy yourself, in true DIY spirit. I will say that there's a chance you don't have all of these ingredients laying around and might need to go to a store anyways and spend a bit of change. It's at that point where you might just to outsource your need after all.

If you are starting to tap out on the idea of a homemade plug or end up not finding anything you can repurpose, these are some quick solutions I would suggest:

  • Paloqueth Silicone Anal Plug Kit (~$15): Best for finding your ideal sized toy Get Here
  • Booty Call Booter Rocker ($10): Great beginner silicone toy Get Here 
  • Booty Buddy ($8.50): Least expensive high quality butt plug I've tried Get Here

1. A Silicone Molding Kit

One of the first things I noticed about sex toys is that silicone toys are looked at in high regard for their excellent texture that can range from squishy to almost firm, hypoallergenic as well as easy to clean nature, and finally how great the material works with vibration.

This option requires the least amount of technical skill, with it being the only option that you could reasonably do as a home project without any special skills.

For the full DIY experience all you'll need is a molding kit as well as a way to make the shape you want your plug to be in the actual mold portion.

Any general molding kit will do and is what I'd recommend if you want to get creative with your shape. There is a silicone kit more suited to sexual use that I've talked about in the past (review) called the Clone-A-Willy (Kit)

In simplest terms it provides the silicone molding gel & silicone itself as well as a long plastic tube to work within. From your house door to your body's backdoor the process takes about 30 hours. This makes it the fastest homemade method on top of the simplicity.

2. Glass Blowing

It might seem kind of out to lunch to suggest but anyone with access to glass blowing equipment is able to make a very sturdy (and safe) homemade plug. Glass can be boiled clean for an easy and sterilized route on top of being superbly smooth and durable so long as it was made right.

I'm not going to pretend I'm a glass blowing expert, but I do know that in general glass toys should be properly annealed.

That's just the process of slowly cooling the toy after forming it. That and ensuring you don't forget to make a wide base are all you need to adhere to when blowing a glass butt plug besides normal glass blowing safety procedures. Can't say I exactly know what those are.

3. Woodworking

This would truly be a labor of love that would result in a great firm butt plug that is completely safe so long as a finish like epoxy or polyurethane is used.

Varnish can be composed of harsh chemicals not safe for the body which can be just as unsafe as splinter risk.

A whole lot of sanding and a whole lot of polishing will be necessary of course. I can't quite explain it but I've definitely always had a certain fondness for handmade wooden items, butt plugs included.

Best Improvised Butt Plug Options

Realistically though I don't think a whole lot of people looking to have their own homemade butt plug are thinking about what kind of wood they should be selecting or seeing if they can blow glass.

Let's get to seeing what you might have around the house that you are definitely going to feel differently about afterwards, for better or for worse:

1. Finger With A Condom

If you just made a hook like shape with your finger after reading that heading, welcome to the club. There's no need to look further than your own body if you have the stomach for it.

I highly recommend sacrificing a condom for your own ability to focus more on stimulation than the realities associated with essentially shoving yourself up your own digestive tract.

It's a lot cleaner this way, both my husband and I agree that its way easier to just get down to business without having to worry about willingly choosing to get fecal finger syndrome.

2. Objects With Handles

Start opening up those closets and checking your back storage rooms. When it comes to scavenging for roughly butt plug sized objects to then turn into your own homemade butt plug few sources of loot are as plentiful and varied as the plastic handle. On smaller objects what is attached will served as the base. Throw these out when you're done. 

I am mostly referring to plastic or lightweight metal things like:

  • Magnifying glasses
  • Combs
  • Small personal mirrors
  • Removed handle from broom/similar (wash before use extensively if taking the handle from a cleaning tool)

3. Fresh Produce

Life can be strange, sometimes we find things that grow in the ground from just a seed over a relatively short period of time and do all manner of things with it. In this case, long stick shaped fruits and vegetables have been used as a makeshift butt plug with mostly decent results.

Using a condom is recommended for most just to help smooth out any minor imperfections on the exterior. I recommend bananas, carrots, and cucumbers myself as I have made those work.

Realistically any fruit shaped similarly to those three will work as a great plug although its always wise to keep in mind how firm the vegetable used is. Sweet potatoes can be the right shape but they aren't the right firmness for everybody.

4. Toothbrush

At least the toothbrush is more or less a 100% usable solution if you life depended on whether or not you got to use a butt plug that night. The length and bristles at the end remove any loss anxiety unless your bum treats butt plugs the same way that thing in Star Wars treated Boba Fett.

I'd say the compromise with this option is that it isn't really all that big and while moving it around carefully can help make it worthwhile it still isn't what I would describe as ideal.


Above everything else I ask you to please stay safe. I feel that people are going to try out anal play at home spontaneously way more often than they are suddenly going to decide to buy a name brand butt plug. The fact of the matter is that it is possible to enjoy a homemade butt plug safely so long as the right principles are followed.

No matter how poorly or well made your butt plug is I can assure you that if you're new to anal play there will be a bit of an adjustment period where you get the hang of it. Anal play is a lot more nuanced in how stimulation and pleasure is delivered yet the rewards are extremely worth it once you put in the practice time.

Whenever people ask me how they can tell whether or not they're into "butt stuff" without any big commitments I tell them nearly verbatim what I've said here. If you have any questions yourself though don't hesitate to comment down below and I'll help make things a bit clearer in any way I can!

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I'm a sex therapist by day and a sex blogger by night. I love to crush the taboos surrounding sex toys and help people become more sexually liberated. There's no topic too risqué for me to cover and I hope to educate and inform my readers on all things sex. All things that concern the female anatomy or require a more clinical approach than my husband Don can provide is covered by me. Have any questions? You can contact me via email.

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