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Written by: Don Watson | Updated: September 7th, 2019

At first thought, the Fleshlight seems like the kind of product whose manual need only be about the size of a fortune inside a Chinese cookie: insert penis, remove penis, repeat until enlightenment.

While that may be a very brief way of putting it, there's more involved in the process than one would expect if you'd like to get the most out of the experience. 

As with any device: there's the beginner, the initiated, and the expert. 

I'll be going through all of the options available to the budding Fleshlight connoisseur, so prepare your notepad, things will be getting interesting. 

In this post, I'll teach you everything there is to know about how to use Fleshlight sleeves like an expert-level masturbator.

Fleshlight Basics

First thing's first, we'll dissect the basics of the Fleshlight and how they work to provide a masturbation experience like no other.

A Fleshlight is an artificial orifice made from thermoplastic elastomer in a special blend referred to as Superskin prized for it's realistic feel compared to human skin and how easy it is to keep clean. Superskin has an excellent ability to retain heat on top of it all, which I'll get into how to best exploit later.

The iconic masturbators have an end cap that is then removed to reveal an opening shaped like either a mouth, bum, vagina, or just a straight up hole in some of the more discreet models.

This opening gives way to the inner sleeve which is lined with peaks, valleys, and chambers of various sizes meant to stimulate the erect penis in ways I can only imagine were thought up by the top masturbation scientists in the field. I say this because each toy has a wildly different sleeve design capable of a dizzying array of sensations.

In fact, I read somewhere that former Disney model creators were involved in the casting of some of the sleeves, so the idea that someone who made a 3D model of Buzz Lightyear is now casting pornstar vaginas is pretty entertaining. Gives a whole new meaning to "you got a friend in me," for sure.

The end cap of the Fleshlight is another great feat in engineering worth mentioning. Depending on how well fastened the end cap is, the amount of suction produced when thrusting will vary. For instance, when the end cap is off there is little to no suction and when the end cap is at it's tightest there is the maximum amount of suction possible with that particular toy. For this reason it is imperative that the user experiment with their end cap to find the level of tightness that is best for their particular size and toy.

Now that the basics are out of the way, let's get into the nitty-gritty.

Prepare Your Fleshlight

I assume if you're reading this article, you've likely already got a Fleshlight kicking around, but if not I recommend you check out some of our reviews. We've also created a complete guide on how to buy a Fleshlight. Some of my favorite Fleshlight's include the Fleshlight STU as well as the Fleshlight Turbo.

Unless you just fancy a quick fuck-and-chuck, there's some extra aspects worth considering in the Fleshlight experience, namely, lubrication and heat.

​Use Lubrication

Some quality lubricant will make the Fleshlight experience much more enjoyable as well as reduce any risks of chafing or damaging the device. Use ONLY water based lubricants with your toy! Oil or silicone based lubricants will damage the integrity of the sleeve and create tiny pores that make keeping the sleeve bacteria free next to impossible. 

The thickness of the lubricant also has a bearing on how you enjoy your time with you toy, thinner lubes will allow you to feel the intricacies of the ridges and bumps much more clearly where a thicker lube will lessen the sensations, which might seem undesirable but if you want to last longer then thicker lubes are great for prolonging the experience.

Experiment With Heat

Naturally these "pocket pussies" are meant to try and simulate the feel of a real woman's vagina, by now we've covered the material itself and the lubricant, the next attribute of course is the warm feel of being inside of a woman. Superskin is very good in the heat retention department, so a few methods have been thought up over time to keep things warm:

The first method is simply removing the sleeve from the plastic case and immersing it in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes before putting the sleeve back into the case and getting down to business. This method is effective for both lubricating the toy as well as keeping it warm, but some dislike the occasionally messiness and time commitment of the entire process.

After hearing that their customers give their toys a warm bath before use, Fleshlight themselves released their Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer, which is a rod that can be inserted through the length of the toy and radiates heat throughout the entire device while it is still inside the case.

This method allows users to add only the lube of their choice as opposed to generously applying warm water and is less messy overall.

Don't be the guy that microwaves his Fleshlight thinking it's a good idea, you're going to have Superskin soup by the end of the day and a ruined microwave.

Methods To Using A Fleshlight

Now that the toy is properly prepped, how you decide to partake is also subject to a number of different methods based on personal taste.

Manual Stroking

The simplest way to use the Fleshlight is to simply use it as a surrogate for your hand. Nearly everybody uses their Fleshlight this way for the first time.

Insert your erect penis inside the Fleshlight, adjust the end cap to the desired suction level and begin moving it back and forth along the length of the penis. What's great about this method is that the user has total control over the speed of the strokes and the angle at which the toy is used. The only complaint from most owners of the toy is that the case of the Fleshlight is rather large and can strain the hand if used over an extended period of time. The more travel sized models such as the Flight, Go, or Sex In A Can have a smaller diameter that lead to a tighter and easier to hold experience should you find a full sized model too bulky.

Hands Free Masturbation Methods

Once using it the vanilla way becomes a bit dull, the next step is going completely hands free. There are some expensive devices like sex dolls compatible with a Fleshlight or some of their proprietary devices, but there are some more DIY methods as well. 

The Pillow Method (DIY)

This method for hands-free masturbation involves two pillows and a towel. The towel is draped along the top of the pillow and the end of the Fleshlight and the Fleshlight is then wedged between the two pillows. After this, the pillows function to give an experience analogous to doggy-style where the user thrusts forward. The towel makes sure the Fleshlight stays in place and the pillows are pushed together to create something to collide into.

The Shower Mount

For approximately thirty dollars Fleshlight offers a shower mount attached to a suction cup that can be fastened onto most flat surfaces and angled to the user's delight. It's a very simple device that need not be explained in too much detail.

Simply affix the suction cup to a suitable surface, insert the Fleshlight, and hump away.

The Launch

Fleshlight partnered with electronic sex toy manufacturer Kiiroo to produce the Fleshlight Launch, quite possibly the most customizable hands-free masturbation combination available.

The Kiiroo Launch is a football shaped device in which a Fleshlight can be inserted and from there the amount of strokes per minute and the length of said strokes can be customized using the finger controls.

The Kiiroo can also be synced up to music or pornographic videos to give a full simulation of the video on offer. Since it's release the catalog of videos to choose from is rather large, making it one of the more versatile Fleshlight accessories available.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The most unfortunate part of using a Fleshlight is the inevitable mess created once everything is said and done. Plus, the mind has this nasty habit of making everything dreadfully unsexy once the initial horniness has passed post-ejaculation. 

The simplest way to clean a Fleshlight is to remove all of the caps from the toy as well as the sleeve and wash everything under warm water with generous amounts of soap, making sure to wash every nook and cranny carefully. While this is enough for the average user, those who want to keep their device in as pristine condition as possible and have their toy last as long as it can are much better served by our in depth cleaning guide which can be found here.

That's All, Folks!

That's how you use a Fleshlight from removing it from the package all the way to the inevitable sticky mess at the end of it all.

If you want to score a wicked deal over at Fleshlight, be sure to use our promotional link.

You'll notice very quickly that there's more than one way to enjoy this wonderful toy that's more or less become a household name at this point, pretty impressive for what was formerly a shameful industry. Experimentation is key with this toy to keep things interesting and new. Perhaps my favorite thing about Fleshlights is that they are great for curing death grip while still allowing for a release of pent up sexual energy.

Regardless of what brought you into the world of using male masturbators, I doubt once you get the hang of it that you'll be exiting it any time soon.

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