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Lovense Sex Toys:
The Ultimate Lovense Buyers Guide

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: July 16th, 2019

As someone whose relationship frequently bounces between short and long distance, feeling disconnected intimately is a problem that has few solutions.

Sexy text messaging is more in the realm of foreplay in my mind and while Skype calls can help deflate tension, there's some parts of it that make it impractical and still leaves me wanting more.

My husband & co-collaborator Don goes away very often, sometimes for significant amounts of time. I miss him dearly and for me personally my romantic attraction transfer over into physical attraction as I fall more deeply in love with someone. Knowing our intimacy is broken by sheer distance and knowing he can't manipulate me sexually is a major downer.

Sex toys have often filled the gaps in my sexual history, I've learned to enjoy fantasizing about Don bursting through the door early from a trip while I use one of my favorite vibrators. I use sex toys for a variety of reasons, of course.

Obviously, there's only so much a sex toy can do versus the touch of someone you love.

That's why when I started hearing about the toys on offer from Lovense, my interest was piqued to say the least. They're very well thought out sex toys for solo only sex, in fact most of them are absolutely brilliant on their own. Lovense toys are unique in that they are bluetooth enabled and have the ability to be controlled by anyone who has access to your toy using the Lovense app.

Between myself and my husband, we've tested out the entire Lovense line by this point, so I'm more than well acquainted with the brand.

Here are some toys that keep my knees twitching and my bedsheets drenched:

​The Best Lovense Toys

Keep in mind, these toys are aren't listed in any particular order:

For Women:

The Domi: One Of My Favorite Wand Vibrators

The original Hitachi wand "personal massager" sold sometime in the 80s was a breakout success for reasons you wouldn't expect from your trusted microwave manufacturer. Women all across the globe flocked to the sensations offered by the Hitachi wand, namely deep penetrating vibrations that travel much deeper into the vaginal tissue than anyone would expect and clitoral stimulation that could make your eyes roll into the back of your head.

So, the concept has clearly been proven: wand style vibrators are a surefire way to tease & please vaginas into whole-body orgasm. I have experienced the power of wand vibrators firsthand, I was excited to see Lovense take a crack at it with the Domi.

The first improvement to bring the wand design into the modern age is getting rid of the need for the device to be plugged in, the Domi is entirely cordless and a full battery lasts about 1.5 hours, more than time to curl some toes.

Made from an entirely body-safe silicone exterior, there's two motors inside the head that rotate to make things exciting, it's not the entirety of the head that spins around like the old Hitachi's. It's much more well suited for use as a wand vibrator much like how the Hitachi is better suited to be a personal massager than the Domi, the intent was different in both products even if they share similarities. And holy crap does it ever do well as a wand vibrator. The fastest settings can be too much for me at times if I haven't properly worked myself up to them, and to this day I still don't think I've ever capped out the power level and given it a serious try on my own body. It's seriously not to be underestimated.

App functionality is pretty diverse with this toy, the ability to sync vibrations to music has lead to some sessions where I've probably laughed harder than I came, but that's just my weird sense of humor. The controls are entirely up to you or your partner to toy with on the app as well. Something I think is absolutely adorable about this vibrator is that your partner can manipulate a flashing light on the device, and my husband has his own pattern for both "hello," as well as "good night, hope you enjoyed it," which always fills me with butterflies.

This toy is currently my top rated wand vibrator.

The LushThe Smallest Vibrator I Own

Next up on the hit list is none other than the Lovense Lush, taking home the title of most powerful bluetooth remote control vibrator. That's mostly because everyone before the Lush was just trying to cash in on a gimmick and not make a serious attempt, but they've still released a very powerful little vibrator.

It isn't big, but it's powerful and it's quiet. Outside of my body it's noticeable at higher intensity settings but once it's inside of my body nobody would be the wiser if I could manage to keep my mouth shut when I have this inside of me. 

The goal in the design was for it to be entirely remote controlled, insert the toy and have the antenna pick up everything you'd like it to accomplish. The option for hands-free operation intrigued me to no end, I'm a creative person and quickly got down to figuring out how I can best abuse this functionality. So far the best uses for it are squirming around in my bed letting the Lush overtake me or let Don control me throughout the house, this device has a pretty good range on it for Bluetooth, surprisingly. If I'm wearing clothes or really far away we use a connection over the Internet, and Don can play me like a piano no matter where he might be on a map. 

The Nora: My Most Recommended Rabbit Vibrator

Here's a more typical looking sex toy from Lovense that got me into Lovense products, I initially only knew a lot of people I knew absolutely loved it before I found out about the whole teledildonics thing. It's a rabbit vibrator, which are vibrators that come with a bundled clitoral stimulator. Once I knew for sure why exactly they're called that, but right now all that can come to mind is that it kind of looks like a rabbit if you look at it from the side.

A common pitfall of rabbit vibes is that the clitoral vibrator is just more of an afterthought to appeal to women who need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm without any actual work put into making sure it's shaped right and powerful enough to give a care. The motor in the clit vibrator is almost never powerful enough, so imagine my surprise when the Nora's stimulator was so powerful it could be sold on it's own as a bullet vibrator.

As for the main shaft of the toy, it's pretty long but not excessively so and is irregularly shaped to hit all of the right spots inside of the vagina. It's like a bloodhound for the G-Spot that almost never fails to find its mark. The motors inside of the main body of the device don't disappoint either, with enough variation in intensity and pattern that it took me about a week to go through it all just to be able to write this article.

Now the Nora has boldly gone where no toy since has gone before, but you'll need the Max to take full advantage of it. Max is a male masturbator toy not entirely unlike a Fleshlight that also boasts bluetooth and internet connectivity. These two toys can be paired so that the Nora will make the air pumps in the Max engage to best replicate what's going on inside the vagina of the Nora user.

Also, how vigorously the user uses Max has an effect on the vibration intensity of the corresponding Nora. This is the closest system possible right now where you can have sex with someone else via internet.

While I use this feature with my husband, I believe there are sites out there where users can sync their devices up with strangers, which admittedly sounds pretty sexy, it's kind of like reckless sex with tons of partners but without any of the risks or awkwardness of it all, it's an interesting concept bare minimum. I'm curious if someone has found out a way to troll other users on these sites, but I like the human connection it brings to my long distance relationship.

Out of all the rabbit vibes I've used, I rated this toy #1. You can read my rabbit vibrator buyers guide to learn about more options.

The AmbiA Totally Unique Bullet Vibrator

The Lovense Ambi is a bullet vibrator that has been designed to be comfortable to hold while also remaining very powerful.

This vibrator is great for using during sex since it's very comfortable to hold, while also small enough to not get in the way during intercourse.

It also does a great job of clitoral stimulation. However, be forewarned that if you're not into intense clitoral stimulation, the clitoral stimulating aspect of this toy is not going to jive with you.

I love using the Ambi both by myself and also while having sex with my husband. As I've already said, it's small size makes it the ideal toy to use on my clitoris whilst having sex (when I'm in the mood).

If you're a fan of clitoral stimulation like myself, you'll love this toy.

The Osci: The Oscillating/Pulsating Vibrator

The Lovense Osci is a completely unique type of "vibrator" if you can even call it a vibrator. The reason I say this is because it doesn't actually vibrate, it oscillates.

The toy does somewhat resemble a vibrator but I would sooner call it a pulsating action rather than a vibrating action. You'll need to read my full review to see exactly what I mean, but it functions in a totally unique way compared to other vibrators.

It's made a very nice addition to my collection and after purchasing it, I became the proud owner of the entire Lovense line-up. The main reason I bought it was because it was the only toy they made that I didn't own yet.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised with my purchase as it's unlike any other sex toy that I own.

For Men:

The Max: My Husband's Favorite Lovense Toy

This piece has been contributed entirely by my husband Don.

With so many male masturbators on the market ever since the Fleshlight has become so popular, it's becoming needlessly hard to find a male toy that stands out from the pack.

Your standard textured fake vagina sleeve made out of some sort of material with the suffix -skin has become played out and nobody really comes close to Fleshlight in that realm, they simply have the best minds and the most resources in that concept.

That's why this male masturbator was so refreshing to see. While tightness already can be controlled via an air vent like many male masturbators, there's air pumps in this sucker that really drives the experience home, since it feels more responsive like a real vagina does. The contractions aren't a perfect replication, but I wouldn't be surprised if sex dolls in the future incorporated this kind of technology. There's also a vibrator at the deepest portion of the device that does a great job making it's way through the entire interior. In summary, I came.

When my wife told I can have sex with this thing and also be kind of having sex with her at the same time, I was intrigued to say the least. It was finally a way for us to satisfy each other long distance using our actual private parts to create the stimulation on one another. There's sometimes a sync issue (we tested it over both long and short distances) but it's much better than I anticipated. She's done some crazy things with her Nora that make the Max contract ever so perfectly around my member that I've ejaculated a bit too early and had to switch to using the app on my phone to make sure I finished her off. It's a great unit that for the price actually has it's own place in the greatest male masturbators next to the top Fleshlights, not an easy feat to accomplish.

The Edge: A Prostate Massager Worth Looking Into

The Edge is a prostate massage that is a personal favorite of my husband, Don.

It's designed in a way that allows the user to comfortably and easily stimulate their g-spot. Thanks to the conveniently designed handle, your hand won't get sore over long sessions, which is the complaint I have with most prostate massagers.

The adjustable head allows you to hit the g-spot without any effort since you can maneuver it in whichever way necessary.

The neck of the toy has been optimized to stay in place during sex, so it's the perfect toy to use with your partner if thats what you're into. It's also been designed with dual vibrators which feel absolutely incredible.

If you're looking for a prostate massager, the Edge will make a great addition to your collection whether you're experienced with anal play, or you're a complete beginner. 

For Everybody:

The Hush: A Bluetooth Butt Plug That I Love

For the more sexually open among us, Lovense decided to service those into anal play with their regular brand of well-thought out product design.

Immediately worth pointing out is the spiral design at the end of the butt plug that makes removal less of a hassle and the handle design that ensures it isn't going anywhere you don't want it to go.

It's a great choice for both men and women, women are unfortunately under educated in how well a butt plug can stimulate the vagina thanks to the shared wall between the two openings. There's some serious vibrating power inside that is kind of another way of getting deep towards the G-Spot and if you can find it it's the closest thing you'll get to knowing what a male prostate orgasm is like. That's who else will love this bugger, men who've found out that for some reason the male g-spot is best stimulated through the butt.

The joke's been made before, "Why would God hate gay people but put the male g-spot up the bum?"

Now I don't comment on religion but if the prostate truly is the male g-spot, this is what you need to really pull the rip cord and start the engine properly. I talked my husband into using it for science, essentially. He did this for you, he's very protective of his bunghole. I was not prepared with a towel big enough to clean up after him, since he got it all over the place and I needed to clean it up fast before it got on anything important, he was too busy laying in the bed completely exasperated to do any of the cleaning himself.

As per usual, control over all of the settings can be done using the Lovense app on your phone or by purchasing a PC adapter, once again leaving control of your sex toy in the palm of your hand. I was very apprehensive at first about having yet another random app on my phone, but the interface is well designed and it's not buggy, they hired some pretty competent mobile developers without a doubt. Still, I do like a bundled remote or the option to adjust the toy with buttons on it, so I wish the Hush had that, but at this point I'm already committed enough to Lovense products to move past that.

My Opinion of Lovense

Lovense knows their stuff, period. There has to be both extensive product testing as well as consideration of what their customers want because they know sex toys and the human body like few companies do. If you notice most of the sex toys from the 90s and even some of the lower effort ones today are relatively simple in their design with no real specialized features. Lovense takes time figuring out how to curve and mold their toys to best deliver mammoth quantities of pleasure to the average human body.

Such commitment to user satisfaction & such a protective warranty have lead me to give most Lovense products a shot. I probably wouldn't have bit the bullet on butt plugs (and I sure know my husband wouldn't have) had it not been for Lovense. 

The price tag for their items is higher than usual, take note that you're paying for the assurance of body-safe materials, a proper product the company will actually stand behind, and a sex toy that gets right down to brass tacks for a satisfying experience. I usually check out the Lovense website every once and awhile to check-out their deals.

All About The Lovense Company

Lovense came into being some time in 2009 because the founder was worried his long distance relationship was crumbling because of a lack of intimacy. Necessity is the mother of all invention after all, and the right partner will do anything to keep their significant other. Lovense specializes in the practical application of the science of teledildonics, a word people in lab coats use to mean long distance dildo technology.

Lovense is one of the rare few sex toy manufacturers that have received such continued support from sites like indiegogo.com. Some of Lovense's flagship products have been crowdfunded with up to $200,000 donated in pre-orders just to make sure the toy gets off the ground. This ultimately has spawned a huge reliance on customer satisfaction & they respond to any questions or concerns promptly. One year warranties are offered on all toys and it covers anything that isn't normal wear and tear or intentional damage, if by rare chance you happen to receive a toy that doesn't work as advertised, definitely send it in and see if there's something they can do for you.

So that means these guys have almost ten years in the market of selling satisfying toys meant to be controlled remotely over an internet connection, and they sure have a lot to show for it. What I like most about them is that they're worth the money on solo functionality alone, I seldom take the Lush for instance out of my sex toy rotation. Since they are a luxury toy brand the price tag is a bit higher than your average sex shop fare, so I'm glad it isn't all in vain should I want to use it for my own enjoyment alone.

Anyways, that's all I got. Leave a comment down below if you've used any of the toys mentioned above!