Hitachi Magic Wand Review

Testing Out The Original Magic Wand Vibrator

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: March 31, 2023

The toy I'll be talking about today is nothing short of sex toy royalty, an important part of the history of sex toys. Without this toy, acceptance & widespread usage of sex toys as a whole might have been set back decades without this toy that was revolutionary at the time of it's release.

This is none other than the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator.

First released in 1968 as a "personal massager," I still can't figure out if they had this less than kosher use in mind, but that's mainly what it's known for now.

It's had a long and storied history, giving women some clitoral based release for decades before Hitachi decided to shake their associations with a sex toy goliath sometime in the 2010's.

Now a company named Vibratex makes all of them under the moniker "The Original Magic Wand". 

The only appreciable differences are that more modern materials that are lighter and more durable are used and there's no mention of Hitachi anywhere.

What Is The Hitachi Magic Wand?

It's ultimately pretty unlikely Hitachi knew they were about to change the world when releasing this toy. The Hitachi style wand is to the right in the picture, while the currently available one known as the Original is on left. Pretty minor differences overall, it's largely still the same toy. Whoever that first woman was who dared to dream with her personal massager, I salute you.

What you're looking at is 12'' of genius design. That's right, this thing is about as big as a submarine sandwich, it's from the 60's, remember? The rotating head that measures 2'' tall and 2.5'' wide is the business end that we all came for, though. 

The thing that catapulted the Magic Wand to fame was it's unique ability to produce gale force orgasms in just about any woman. In fact, it's even been used in clinical settings to treat women with anorgasmia, or absent orgasm. With a 93 percent success rate, I'd say it definitely hits the threshold of clinical strength vibrator.

It's also pretty simple to use, there's only three possible configurations: "off", "satisfying", and "hope you used lube, things are about to get real."

How To Use The Hitachi Magic Wand?

Internal stimulation isn't on our minds whatsoever with the Magic Wand, this is a toy meant explicitly to be used externally to play with the clitoris, labia, and any other structures you can reach from the outside depending on personal biology.

The entire head rotates around at what seems like near mach speeds for a fantastic experience many have tried to replicate over the years with varying degrees of success.

It's corded, so there's no worry about needing to find batteries or any time spent eagerly staring at it while it charges waiting for the green light. On top of it all, the cord is six feet long so if you manage to charge your phone and use it while in bed then you'll have no issues whatsoever with cord length with this toy.

Before using the Original Magic Wand, I'd heavily suggest some lubricant or bare minimum warming yourself up a little first. It's a toy noted for its power and as mentioned earlier there's no way to fine-tune the settings, so starting dry isn't recommended whatsoever. Even though you aren't going to be inserting it, you should treat your preparation time for this the same way you would a particularly large vibrator.

Once that's done, you're good to go. There are a few tips to make sure you have the best possible experience, though. 

Firstly, always keep the toy moving around. Many people report numbness they describe as a "grindstone effect" if they leave the toy pressed up against them in the exact same place for too long. This way, no one part of your girly bits will get too much love.

Next, if you feel that the toy is too powerful even at the lower setting, I'd highly recommend using a fabric barrier like some panties to help dampen the feeling a bit. The most frequent complaint from users is that the Hitachi Magic Wand is actually too powerful, necessitating this minor hack to make things possible. Wouldn't want to go through all of the waiting and anticipation just to not be able to use the toy, now would you?

The rest of the tips are to mainly to help people get used to the toy. Move the toy around and use it in different positions and on different parts of the vagina to figure out what brings you the most pleasure. Be sure to play around with how much pressure you apply, it might seem like a simple and straightforward toy but it's really up to user skill to derive the most pleasure possible.

My Experience With The Original Magic Wand

So this was one toy I didn't have to have wait and experiment myself before I could share how I felt about it. The Magic Wand and I have been intimately acquainted for quite some time now. How could I not know of what is arguably the most famous sex toy of all time? This is my bread and butter, how could I not?

I reach for the Magic Wand whenever I want industrial strength orgasms, and fast. The raw power coursing through my clitoris is absolutely stellar. It isn't like sonic toys in how deeply the sensations penetrate, but there's much more pleasure there than I could ever expect to supply myself with my fingers. A dollop of lube and an electrical outlet later and it's showtime.

It's a bit of a ritual for me whenever I go through the motions with the Hitachi, or whatever they like to be called these days. It always starts with me getting myself nice and warmed up, followed by a few minutes on the first setting and then me putting the pedal to the metal with the highest setting once I'm ready for it. I manage to avoid any grindstone feeling that way.

I wholly recommend this vibrator to any woman who's had difficulty reaching orgasm with more traditional toys. I've had friends tell me they found out what an orgasm is actually supposed to feel like thanks to this toy. Watch out that you don't get too greedy, repeat orgasms are well within the realm of possibility with little effort on your part.

What also keeps me attached to the Hitachi Magic Wand is that cleaning is ridiculously simple and it's just a matter of unplugging the device when it's time to pack up. No fumbling with batteries, no hooking anything up to your computer, just you, yourself, and your orgasms. 

We're kind of spoiled by the current array of toys with much more customizable intensity settings, but ultimately the Magic Wand stands out as a tried and true vibrator concept that's survived over fifty years of evolving sex toy technology. If that doesn't sum it up nicely, I don't know what will.

Where To Get One?

I bought my Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator from SheVibe.

It's a full twenty dollars lower than most of the Amazon listings I was able to find, and honestly at this point in my collecting I could use any kind of break a company is willing to give me. I picked an odd thing to start collecting, that's for certain. 

I also like supporting SheVibe because of how aggressively sex positive they are, it's refreshing to see in today's landscape. No matter if you're straight, gay, trans, or anything in between, SheVibe has you covered.

Parting Words

This is a vibrator that isn't for the faint of heart. You buy this toy when you'll settle for no less than the kind of orgasm that leaves you blind for a few moments afterwards. Some say too powerful, I say just powerful enough to solidify it's place in the market. Chances are the lower setting will work out for you if the highest one proves to be too much.

If the fact that the head itself rotates is unappealing to you, the Lovense Domi is a wand vibrator where the vibrations come from motors underneath a silicone top as opposed to from a head that rotates (you can read my full review on the Domi). This is the OG wand vibrator, in simplest terms. Want to know why this style of vibrator took off? Look no further than the Hitachi Magic Wand.

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