We-Vibe Touch Review:

My Thoughts After Using The Touch

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: May 27th, 2023

Lately we've been on something of a We-Vibe bender and thus far we're liking what we've been receiving. Its been a while since I've gotten a toy specifically intended to work around the clitoris, so for that I've decided to delve back into the whimsical world of bullet vibrators.

The bullet vibrator is now a bit of a misnomer since any of them that cost more than $30 have a bit more going for them than a AA in a bullet-shaped vibrating case. The same applies to the We-Vibe Touch.

There's a few things that make it a bit different than most clit toys, and I'll make sure to go over all of them in depth. It offers a few different ways to hold it and to channel the vibrations, making it an excellent choice for those who like versatility when it comes to their clit.

Let's get into what makes the Touch so different.

What Is The We-Vibe Touch?

As with nearly all We-Vibe toys, the exterior is made from 100% medical grade silicone so as long as you make sure not to use any silicone based lubricants there's more or less nothing to worry about as far as safety is concerned when it comes to this toy.

The Touch is 3.9 inches tall, 1.8 inches wide and 1.3 inches deep. Overall that makes for it to be a very small toy, but that's all because of what it has to accomplish. It's shaped much differently than other clit vibrators I've picked up over the years as it is shaped roughly like a slightly bent finger.

On the inside of the tip there's a little circular concave indentation that I affectionately refer to as the Pleasure Platform. It is essentially shaped like a thumb being pushed backwards at the very top.

The motor inside produces vibrations that are rumbly in nature, perfect for penetrating deep into the layers of tissue that make up the clitoris. There's eight different vibration mods on offer with the first four being pretty vanilla and only ranging in intensity. The rest are all patterns made up of either pulses or waves to keep things fresh and exciting.

What else does this toy have going for it? Well, it is entirely waterproof which is a plus, and a full 90 minute charge can get you up to 2 hours charge time. Something I'm starting to notice on a lot of newer We-Vibe products is the inclusion of a low-battery indicator light which is way better than the old method of waiting until the toy conks out mid session and having to finish things the old fashioned way.

Noise wise, these rumbly toys tend to fare a little better than their more shaky counterparts, but I'd still put this at around a moderate noise level. So, make sure to put on a little bit of background noise or get a thick blanket and you'll be alright.

My Time With The Touch

Now comes the time to see how well it works in action. After giving it a full 90 minute charge out of the box I was interested in seeing what this little guy had to offer.

The first thing I noticed was that this toy didn't come with any sort of remote control, it is manipulated exclusively through a control button at the base of the toy. You press the same button to turn it on as you do to cycle through the settings, with only the option of going to the next setting as opposed to being able to go back one if you accidentally press it twice.

Holding the button for two seconds turns it off. Rudimentary, but functional and ultimately I might just be spoiled by expecting more.

What's interesting about the Touch is that is exclusively for external use only. The manual even says not to let it anywhere inside of you and as tempted as I was to give it a shot It is awfully small overall and not really the right shape for internal use, so I took it on the cheek and went about my day.

How much I was able to do externally was more than impressive. The carefully sloped tip was great for stimulating my clitoris as well as running the toy around the rim of my vagina and giving my labia all of the attention it has been missing for the past few years. As far as being able to get into every nook and cranny goes, the We-Vibe Touch really steals first prize. 

I found that there's two ways to hold the toy to get some good use out of it. One is by taking your index and your middle finger and placing them behind the tip and kind of using the toy as like an extra, rumbly part of your body. The other is holding the bulbous base and honing in on all of your sweet spots one at a time.  Personally, I stick to the consistent rumbly vibrations offered by the first four settings and just ramp up in intensity as things go along, but I do occasionally use the other four to help create tension.

That's where the Touch really shines, in that it can give you a very wild ride from beginning to end. I start off on low and then slowly tease myself more and more until I gradually crank up the intensity. All of this eventually culminates in me having to wash the sheets for the second time this week.

So besides the lack of internal use and simple controls, the Touch gave me an experience I'm more than happy to have available at a moment's notice.

Where I Bought It

I bought buy We-Vibe Touch directly from the official We-Vibe store

It's where I've bought all of my We-Vibe toys in the past. They offered the lowest price that I could find online on the Touch.

If you do decide to purchase the Touch, wherever you decide to buy it from, make sure you buy from a reputable retailer. The reason I say that is because I've heard stories online of retailers selling knock-off sex toys and it seems common enough.

In Closing

This toy is fantastic if you're looking exclusively for some clitoral stimulation to throw into your solo or partnered sexual experience. It's strengths lay mainly in how it can be used to create a full push-and-pull type sexual experience for some really good tension and of course tension relief. The controls being at the very bottom make for slight awkwardness in use at times, but with time you'll be able to figure out a way to change things on the fly without having to take it off of your sweet spots.

I'm interested in seeing just how far I can take myself with this thing without having to go over the edge, as teasing my labia and clitoral hood has never been this simple.

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