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We-Vibe Ditto Review

We-Vibe Ditto Review:The Perfect Butt Plug For BeginnersWritten by: Angela Watson | Updated: January 16th, 2019 Table of Contents What Is The We-Vibe Ditto?Our Time With The DittoWhere I Bought ItLast Words We’ve had this site for about a year now and we were thinking to ourselves, is there anything we’re neglecting as far as […]

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Butt Plug Safety Guide: How to Stay Safe

Butt Plug Safety Guide:How To Stay SafeWritten by: Angela Watson | Updated: January 3rd, 2019Butt plugs have burrowed themselves deep into the psyche of the sexually initiated for some time now, whether it be for added stimulation of the female anatomy or the bone-crushing intensity of the male prostate orgasm. The prostate orgasm is so […]

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Lovense Hush Review

Lovense Hush Review: ‚ÄčThe World’s First Bluetooth Butt PlugWritten by: Angela Watson | Updated: January 16th, 2019This review is going to go in a bit of a different direction, namely, into the anal cavity. That’s right people, this toy is all about butt stuff. Rectal cork, butt plug, fecal fastener, or whatever you wish to […]

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