The Best Aneros Buyers Guide:

The Ultimate Aneros Buyers Guide

Written by: Don Watson | Updated:  April 9th, 2023

our top 3 picks for Aneros Prostate Massagers

  • 1.06'' Diameter
  • ABS Plastic
  • Great for everyone from beginners to advanced users
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  • 1.06'' Diameter
  • ABS Plastic
  • The most popular Aneros toy
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  • 1.3'' Diameter
  • Silicone
  • Has a vibrator inside for added stimulation
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Aneros is a very well known brand in the prostate stimulation game. They are a fan favorite among inquisitive prostate pilgrims such as myself. 

The main complain I've heard among guys who've shopped at and one that I share is that the sheer amount of options available on their website can be a bit overwhelming. Settling on a specific massager can be difficult considering there are 12 different Aneros prostate massagers to choose from in their current product line, some with only minor differences between one another.

This article is meant to provide insight into what the differences are in overall prostate massage experience and to ultimately help you decide which Aneros toy is the right fit for you (or for your bottom, I should say).

Find out which Aneros prostate massager is right for you!

The Best Aneros Prostate Massagers Comparison

As I've said already, with 12 prostate massagers to choose from, Aneros doesn't make picking the right one very easy.

The following table will give you a bit of insight into which prostate massager might be of interest to you.

The Progasm

The Progasm is a fantastic prostate massager. It's fairly large so I recommend it to those who have experimented with this kind of toys already and know they can handle the extra girth.

There's nothing stopping a beginner from giving it a shot and ending up liking it, it's just the longest & widest toy from Aneros so that should be kept in mind. It's insanely satisfying and the tabs at both ends of the handle stimulate the perineum and the lower spine to add a few more worthwhile tingles to the experience. Since it's made from ABS plastic, expect a very firm experience.

I've actually written a full review about the Progasm, click here to read my review!

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The Progasm Jr

For those who like the shape of the original but don't want to commit to such a behemoth toy, the Progasm Jr is just the right answer for you. It's a much better middle of the road option that should satisfy a large section of the prostate milking population.

The width of the tip is 0.9 inches while the second bump comes in at 1.18 inches wide, so the second bump is in fact larger than the first, something somewhat atypical for prostate massagers.

I think this is because the second bulb sits closer to the underside of the prostate while the other bulb sits near the top, effectively channeling the gland into the little valley for a very memorable experience.

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The Vice

Aneros Vice changes things up with the inclusion of a vibrator. Most Aneros toys are completely manual so most of your kicks will be from moving the toy around yourself or internal movements like kegels and other contractions.

Both bulbs are the same width at 1.30 inches wide, those who desire a consistent feeling of fullness should look to this toy for their anal pleasure. The vibrator can be removed which allows for the toy to be washed more completely, the vibrator itself is waterproof but not in a way that I would feel comfortable leaving in the vibrator while submerging it.

The addition of vibrations made this toy stand out for me, as well as the fact that the vibrator is powered by simple batteries as opposed to rechargeables.

I've written a full review outlining my experience using the Vice, read my review here.

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The DeVice

Nearly the exact same deal as the Vice, the DeVice only differs in the fact that it is a solid piece of silicone so there's no inclusion of a vibrator.

This makes for a bit more structural integrity but overall the toy is the same great experience as it's partner in crime. If you had the Vice and didn't turn it on it'd be pretty much a 1:1 replica of the DeVice.

Still, this intermediate level prostate massager has all of the right dimensions at 4 inches long and 1.30 inches wide that I'm glad they gave the option for people to choose to not go with the vibrating one.

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The Helix Trident

The Aneros Helix series by Aneros is without a doubt the most beginner-friendly line of sex toys to get started with. They're small but still very effectively shaped & curved to still be more than worthwhile.

Having a significant enough handle to manipulate the toy while in use makes up for the small size, just know a little more exploration might be needed compared to a more massive toy. Luckily it's stature also makes it easy to insert for wonderful prostate orgasms. This is the regular Trident made from ABS plastic as well, so it's going to be a firm ride. If you prefer silicone, keep on scrolling to the Helix Syn Trident.

All the same, this prostate massager has duly earned its place in the huge landscape that is anal toys.

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The Helix Syn Trident

As my first Aneros toy, the Syn Trident showed me that a smaller toy can provide all of the pleasure of a larger one, and maybe even a little more with the right technique.

Aneros was previously a medical supply company, they know about the body's shape. The Aneros Helix series is in my opinion where they best demonstrate that knowledge, it's a seriously powerful toy perfectly cast for some raunchy prostate fun.

I personally prefer their silicone toys to their ABS plastic ones, but different strokes, right?

You can read my review of the Syn Trident if you'd like to learn more.

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The Helix Classic

MGX Trident has one noticeable difference from the other Aneros toys, and that's the textured stem. In practice, these ridges have the ability to help keep more lube wicked between the grooves which should reduce how much lube you burn through.

It's not the widest toy at the tip, but that's not what it's going for. It's all about pinpoint and targeted stimulation meant to tease & slowly bring a man over the edge.

The MAMA contouring allows for motion in any direction so know what you're getting into before taking the plunge.

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The MGX Trident

Now, this toy has a whole bunch more going for it than you'd think. Part of this toy uses what they call MAMA contouring which makes for a much more dynamic experience compared to other toys.

Instead of just in/out and up/down movements, the shape of the toy allows for some serious side to side movement as well. It's more or less 1 inch wide throughout and makes for some interesting bedroom play.

The Trident arms help anchor the toy in place for it to pivot within the user, I personally think it's a nice touch because it shows off the side to side movement much better thanks to them.

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The Maximus Trident

Now, this toy has a whole bunch more going for it than you'd think. Part of this toy uses what they call MAMA contouring which makes for a much more dynamic experience compared to other toys.

Instead of just in/out and up/down movements, the shape of the toy allows for some serious side to side movement as well. It's more or less 1'' wide throughout and makes for some interesting bedroom play.

The Trident arms help anchor the toy in place for it to pivot within the user, I personally think it's a nice touch because it shows off the side to side movement much better thanks to them.

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The Eupho Trident

The familiar trident design is back on display again with the Eupho. The point of this design is to have one of the beads touching the perineum (the area between the genitals and the anus) and another touching a pressure point near the base of the spine.

Regardless of how you feel about the handle, the ABS plastic Eupho Trident is firm and ready to scratch your most fiendish of itches. It's on the smaller side with a diameter of 0.75 inches and 0.93 inches for each bulb, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in comfort.

Such small toys make for an extremely straightforward insertion and removal process.

Normally the small size would hamper the pleasure potential, but the anatomically geared shape of the Epho keeps it in my good books.

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The Eupho Syn

Another tantalizingly petite offering from Aneros, the Eupho Syn puts a silicone spin on the usual Eupho.

The Aneros Eupho looks very similar to an old prostate massager that Aneros no longer makes called the Helix Syn, however, it's a bit skinnier.

The gentle curve helps the toy to rest precisely on the pleasure zones as well as make for a comfortable experience for those who plan on using the toy over a longer period of time.

A wide second bulb helps anchor the toy in place while you shimmy and shake your way to a prostate orgasm.

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The Peridise

You'll receive two anal wands with this package, the difference between the two is that one is 0.7 inches wide while the other is 0.85 inches wide. That's still fairly small in the grand scheme of things, but the Peridise uses it's smaller stature to great effect.

Not sure what I mean? Well, the Peridise is designed to stimulate the peristalsis response from the body. What this means is that the toy will begin to move back and forth due to the muscle contractions it was designed to stimulate.

Essentially, you're exploiting push/pull phenomenon controlled by the anal muscles.

It's a good toy for couples as well since it's a two-for-one, on top of it all it isn't angled whatsoever so there's no overt bias towards hitting the prostate. 

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Which Aneros Prostate Toy Is Right For You?

Now comes the part where you actually try and pick one of these out. If it still isn't apparent, that's no issue. Just follow along!

First, you should take inventory of how experienced you are in prostate play.

There's more than just size & insertable length that needs to be considered. Shape and how the toy is expected to move inside the anal also plays a huge factor in these types of toys since a huge amount of what sensations you'll feel will be modified by those parameters. 

For beginners, any toys from the Helix line (my favorite being the Helix Classic) do wonderfully as they are on the smaller side but still show off what's possible with a good Aneros toy. They're very safe to use and great for the occasional slip-ups and mistakes associated with getting your footing.

Intermediate level anal aficionados do well with the Progasm Jr and either the Vice or the DeVice. These toys are a pinch bigger than the beginner options and are still easy to control. Those looking for a sensational feeling of fullness will love any of those toys to bits.

Advanced users should use either the Progasm if they're seeking the biggest toy on offer at nearly 5 inches long or the Eupho Trident if they want pinpoint stimulation and aren't afraid of exploring around in there. The Eupho may be smaller in size, but the small end bulb can create some sensations a bit too intense & foreign for new users, so that's why it belongs in the advanced category.

I'd highly recommend heading over to the Aneros Discussion Board if you have any questions at all, there's hundreds of daily active users that are ready and willing to answer questions and give advice. This is invaluable in my opinion and I wish more sex toy companies had areas on their website like Aneros does. It also just goes to show how much brand loyalty is behind this company, it's really cool to see.

How To Use Aneros Toys?

Using a prostate massager made by Aneros isn't any different from using any other prostate stimulator.

The only massive difference I can think of is that the Aneros Vice makes use of a vibrator while the others do not, the experience is still more or less the same regardless of added vibrations.

When starting out, it's important to go slow and use lots of lubrication. Anyone who's gone through the process of seeking out a prostate orgasm that's back-breaking in intensity will tell you that slow and steady wins the race here. Set aside at least an hour, when it comes to inserting foreign objects up your butt being in a rush is the last thing you need. 

I've actually written an in-depth article about how to use a prostate massager if you'd like to learn more!

Something I love about Aneros is the community they've built over the years. The Aneros forums are a great repository of all things milking related and I think it's pretty cool there's a community out there where men can get together and discuss techniques, toys, and everything in between. 

You can read what hundreds of customers had to say about their experience shopping at Aneros by reading verified customer reviews at Aneros.

Why Choose Aneros?

Lots of companies out there will promise you something nice and fancy to shove up your ass, so why go with Aneros?

I'm not going to lie to you and tell you they're the only prostate toy manufacturers worth a damn because I know for a fact they aren't, the Edge by Lovense is proof enough of that.

I'd say a lot of work has gone into Aneros products enough for them to have rightfully earned a place on the list of worthwhile prostate massagers. I'm convinced everything in their power has been done to make sure these sex toys provide the most pleasure in the easiest to use package. Aneros wasn't always a sex toy company, you see, they were once a medical supply company. That means that all of their products are medical grade. I feel like their experience in the medical field and making silicone & plastic equipment for a hospital setting has translated into an adept understanding of human biology and how to make toys that last.

Simply put, their toys are durable, insanely pleasurable, and won't break the bank either.

That last part plays a huge part in why they happen to be so worthwhile. The dollars-to-orgasm tradeoff with the toy is very fair in my opinion, and as a sex toy reviewer, it's always nice to see some more fairly priced toys in a world full of "luxury" sex toys.

Here's a short video of the Aneros product line-up:


Aneros has done a great job making a name for themselves in the business of prostate stimulation, many men rave about Aneros toys and after using their toys myself, I now know why that is. All of the toys I've bought from Aneros have been amazing.

They offer reasonable prices and their toys are top notch. You really can't ask for much more.

Well, that's about all I got for you today folks.

Got any questions? Comment down below and I'll answer as best I can! Have a favorite Aneros toy? Tell me which it is and why in the comments!

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