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Best Sex Couch Of All Time

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: April 23rd, 2021

Off-topic from our usual sex toy discussions, today I am going to be covering sex furniture, the best one to be specific. Out of all the sex furniture that is available on the market, none of them have the same reputation as the Liberator Esse.

As I mentioned in other reviews, I’m not one to just accept what I hear as fact, but the number of positive reports made me want to try it out myself. There are plenty of toys and furniture on the market that are definitely overhyped but I don’t think Liberator or the Esse belong on that list.

If you came here hoping to decipher if you should dig deeper into the waller and get one, then you are in the right place. 

Liberator has been creating sex furniture since 2001 and became popular for creating products such as the Liberator Wedge pillow, and the Liberator Ramp. Liberator’s manufacturing facility is located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, so you can feel good buying premium local products.

Not only are these products American made, but they are also made with sustainability in mind. The pillow and ramp may have made Liberator popular, however, the Esse sex chair remains their most popular product to date. So what makes this fancy-looking sex chair so expensive but oh so amazing.  Let's take a closer look and break it down piece by piece.

What is the Liberator Esse

Plain and simple the Esse is the most amazing sex couch you'll ever own. This thing is incredible, it is a piece of furniture designed to replace your bed as the best place possible to have sex.  This sex couch is specifically designed to provide the best access, sweetest support, and most enticing possibilities.

Your head, neck, and back are almost always supported in every position you choose, while the added height and slopes of the Esse provide the best positioning for penetration possible. There are occasions when couples are mismatched physically. This isn't anybody's fault, it's just that there are differences in weight,  and height which can cause a little bit of struggling for mutual comfort during sexual adventures.

The included headrest works great at either end of the couch, and it is very helpful when in need of a few extra inches when kneeling standing or trying any bending over positions. Part of Esse’s design includes the ”Mini-scoop”  which will eliminate the centre dip, making the entire couch flatter. The best part about the mini scoop is that you can simply take it off the couch if you feel like using your bed. It provides a perfect platform for giving a little bit of extra lift and stability when making love on the bed. 

As mentioned earlier, physically mismatched couples can find great benefit from the added height and curves of the Liberator Esse. In fact, the curves are so expertly crafted on this couch that I’m confident everybody will find great improvement in the comfort and feel of the positions they choose. Sex is both physical, and mental, finding yourself struggling to get comfortable, and not being able to have sex the way you would like to may end up causing you to feel unsatisfied. 

Black Label

For those interested in turning up the heat even more, Liberator offers the Black Label version of the Esse. This version comes in black and has 28 Cuff ports allowing for BDSM play and whatever else strikes your fancy.

This version unlike the regular Esse cannot be disguised as furniture, its purpose is far too obvious.

It is nice that Liberator gave thought to provide a solution for those wanting to use this couch for their basement sex dungeon.

I say basement because one look at it and everyone will know what this couch is used for and know some of your dirty little secrets. 


The bulk of the sex couch is made of high-density foam making it excellent at dispersing weight but still having enough firmness for more aggressive sex. The whole couch is covered by a machine washable removable polyester liner, which we all know is going to get very very dirty. Again, it's great that Liberator thought through the ease of cleaning their product as well.

These liners are available in 12 different colours and a properly colour matched Esse will fit in with just about any style of decor.  it is very easy to mistake this sex couch as a very modern or ergonomic lounger specifically designed for Netflix binges as opposed to its true dirty purpose of being the most amazing place to have sex ever. 


The Esse measures 5.3ft in length x 2ft x 2ft. The head of the chair rest 23 inches high, the Middle Valley at 9.5 inches, and the foot at 16.5 inches high. Each part of the sex chair is varied slightly allowing for all different shapes and sizes of people to find a truly diverse variety of positions and pleasure in said positions. 

Space and Assembly

Making sure the Esse has space around it, will ensure that you will be able to use it to its full potential. I had my Esse positioned at the foot of my bed for some time, but eliminating the use of one of the sides took away from a lot of the positions that I could take advantage of with my partner. 

I hope all those pieces of Ikea furniture you put together taught you something because the Esse does require assembly. Luckily for you, the process isn't too difficult and the instructions are very clear, even for those less inclined with a screwdriver.

Using the Esse, and why it is the Best


Firstly, I just wanted to start by pointing out that actually sitting in the Esse, being cradled by its curves, makes me feel extremely sexy. I mentioned how important the mental state of being is when having sex, lying down on this sex couch, especially dressed in something sexy just makes you feel like a sex god.

Compared to a flat surface like a bed, being able to press yourself naturally into the curves of the Esse just screams seductiveness. Feeling good when having sex is the most important thing, it is most of the reason we have sex as much as we do. Having a product like the Esse increase your comfort and self-confidence in the bedroom can lead to fantastic changes and improvements in your sex life. 


No matter how sturdy your bed is,  when you're going to town on your partner with everything you got, I guarantee you're making a whole bunch of noise. Having sex on the Liberator Esse is a whole lot quieter than on a bed.

The stability of the sex coach allows for the roughest sex without letting everyone else in your neighbourhood know what you're doing.  Seriously, this thing is super sturdy. When I think about how sexy this couch makes me feel and how free I am to go as hard as I want without worrying about noise, single-handedly makes this purchase worthwhile.

My Experience

I am so overly impressed with this sex chair.  maybe it's because it makes me feel like a sex goddess, but this couch has really opened up a lot of possibilities in my sex life. not all of us are super flexible, I know I certainly am not. Getting into some of the positions that you or your partner fantasize about can be very difficult, but with the Esse, a lot of the difficulties and awkwardness in the more exotic positions disappear.

I can't stress enough how important it is to reduce anxiety and stress when trying new things in the bedroom. The comfort that comes with being on the Esse, along with the ease of positioning, has allowed me and my partner to have some crazy nights. We were able to get into a lot more Kama-sutra inspired positions which felt super hot, but we also tried older classics that were improved by the design of the sex couch.

Doggy Style

When getting into the doggy style position on this chair I can put my knees up on the high side of the couch and bend forward onto the mini-scoop.

This lifts my butt up into the air at a much better height for my partner to go to town. The angle created by this chair significantly helps with G-spot stimulation so you might suddenly notice that average feeling doggy style now feels incredible.


Yes, I know it's simple, but like I said the Esse makes everything better. Lying down on the sex couch with your crotch in the dip allows for your partner to slide into you while your pelvis it's perfectly supported in the dip of the chair at the best angle for your partner to penetrate you.

A lot of folks say that missionary sex is boring,  but let me tell you in combination with the Liberator Esse, missionary sex is a lot of fun,  and it's the best position to make as little noise as possible while plowing as hard as you can. 

Oral Sex

Oral sex is usually a bit uncomfortable and pretty taxing to perform. The Esse makes everything easier by simply lying back and letting the curves of the couch position your body give your partner a much easier time to do the deed.

If you don't feel like having sex on the couch and find yourself elsewhere in the house, remember at the mini scoop and the pillow are both removable and make for great places to kneel.

Black Label 

As mentioned earlier,  The Liberator Esse comes in a Black Label version which has 28 ports available for affixing various handcuffs or restraints.

The asymmetrical design of the Esse can allow for some creative and interesting positions during sex and bondage play. Whether you are a beginner you're already very experienced, the Esse has a lot to offer everybody in the field of bondage play.

Overall Opinion

It may be difficult to tell, but I very much like the Liberator Esse. as somebody who feels experienced, knowledgeable and comfortable in the bedroom, I was surprised by how much further this product improved my sex life. The increased pleasure from even simple sex positions makes sex mind-blowing. The pleasure from penetration on this couch is one of a kind and is the kind of product we need in our everyday life. 

From just feeling comfortable and sexier when being on the couch, to increasing the amount of pleasure I get from the act itself I cannot recommend this sex couch enough. The Liberator Esse is a mind-blowing piece of furniture and I firmly believe everybody should have one at home. That being said I know the price tag is fairly high, but I feel like any serious couple looking to improve their sex life should find a way to get one of these. There are other limitations such as space and privacy to consider, but if all those permit, then I highly suggest getting yourself this piece of sex furniture. It will change the way you have sex. 

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