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The Ultimate Sex Machine Buyers Guide

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: June 8th, 2023

  • Perfect for riding
  • Extra features keep the experience fresh
  • Fair price for what's received
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  • High speed with no awkward mechanical noise
  • Easy to change settings on the fly
  • Most possible positions out of any individual sex machine
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  • Real silicone dildo that can extend 3 inches
  • Much more portable than most machines
  • Succeeds where other thrusters fail
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The meteoric rise of the sex machine can most likely be traced back to the Sybian, a fucking machine that goes all the way back to 1987 and has shown us that yes, we are more than willing to make a robotic machine that can thrust away just like the real thing.

Many years have passed since 1987, and the sex machine hasn't gone anywhere.

In fact, the sheer range of different sex machines has exploded in recent years thanks to more and more private consumers purchasing them as well as an influx of money from the cam industry.

Like most other sex toys, the sex machine industry has more than enough interest and money flowing through it for there to be options in all every single category a woman would want.

Every price range and every kind of motion is represented now, and I'm personally very thankful for it.

Of course, this means that there are now dozens of different options out there but not a whole lot of information as to why one machine might get chosen over another. At first glance, they all look like different means to the same end. So, after purchasing, being gifted, or otherwise coming into possession of a myriad of sex machines over the past few years, I'm here to show you what sex machines are out there and what they can do.

Most of these descriptions will be relatively brief, but some of the more noteworthy ones you should expect a full review on soon enough.

What Are Sex Machines?

A good old fashioned sex machine, or fuck machine for those who don't want to keep things PG, are larger sex toys that can be used by both men and women.

Depending on the particular machine in question, it can vibrate, stroke, thrust, or move in just about any way you can imagine all in the aims of replicating the motions we all know and love consistent with real life sex. They're a huge improvement over regular handheld toys in that they can use their speed and motion to bring a new dimension to your sex life.

Often a sex machine comes with a place to secure an attachment or two that can be swapped out depending on the situation at hand. A sex machine might be able to take a dildo, a butt plug, or even a male masturbator and thrust it around for automated fun.

The reason why they are so appealing is that they offer tailor made consistency and power for those who want to make sure they can have a high fidelity sexual experience whether or not they have a flesh and blood partner present.

Without a sex machine, all of the thrusting movements need to be done manually. This can be extremely tiring on top of the fact that masturbating is a lot like trying to tickle yourself, part of you knows that the stimulation is coming from within so it takes on a much less intense vibe.

It should be noted that a thrusting sex machine will take up more space than average sex toys do and will likely require a dedicated source of power, but besides that they're a fun way to try something new. There's now enough diversity in the type of sex machine you can get to the point where finding one that's perfect for you in power, size, or range of motion is a pretty simple task.

My Top Rated Sex Machines (by Category)

#1 Sex Machinedctblv2-table__imageThe Hismith Premium Sex Machine
  • High speed with no awkward mechanical noise
  • Easy to change settings on the fly
  • Most possible positions out of any individual sex machine
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Best Riding Machinedctblv2-table__imageThe Tremor
  • Perfect for riding
  • Extra features keep the experience fresh
  • Fair price for what's received
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Best Handheld Optiondctblv2-table__imageThe Velvet Thruster
  • Real silicone dildo that can extend 3 inches
  • Much more portable than most machines
  • Succeeds where other thrusters fail
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The Most Populardctblv2-table__imageThe Sybian
  • Stellar vibration that has held its weight for years
  • Very fine controls for a personalized setting
  • Good attachment variety
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Lets go over 
each machine!

The Best Vibrating Sex Machines

#1 - The Tremor

The Tremor, which is advertised as the Rock & Roll sex machine, has a lot going for it that makes it noteworthy right off the bat.

First off, there's an included silicone comfort pad on the area in which you ride to make things a lot more comfortable as well as easier to clean, check one in favor of the Tremor.

It also comes with a full two year warranty, so you will be covered for some time. It's also about half of the price of the Sybian yet compatible with any Sybian attachment as well as the huge library of Tremor made attachments sold separately. Just about any size and shape of dildo is available to keep things fresh even after using it several times.

The frame is also very comfortable compared to the more rounded options above, I personally found it easier to squat down and acquaint myself with this toy which had me sold immediately.

Attached to the frame is the corded remote so there's no need to worry about having difficulty staying in control of the Tremor.

It isn't light on power, either. It can rotate at a speed of -160 RPM as well as vibrate up to 7000 RPM, there's some real strength here that is all easily controlled by the single-hand remote wired straight to the toy. It's easy to keep everything together since you have to try pretty hard to lose any of the individual pieces.

It's comfortable, it's got a lot of power, plus it's rather affordable.

All in all, I think it is the best sex machine out there for rideable sex toys.

#2 - The Sybian

Vibrating sex machines are meant to be rode hard and put away wet, plain and simple.

The Sybian has enjoyed a spot as the premier vibrating sex machine saddle out there for decades now, few toys have the kind of longevity and social clout that the Sybian does. While it is expensive, it does have a full five year warranty so if you do manage to use it every day for the full five years, it ends up being around a dollar an orgasm.

The kit comes with four different attachments right out of the box depending on what you'd like to enjoy.

There are some stubbier attachments for more of a dry-hump type action while riding a full sized dildo as the Sybian putts away is also a fantastic option. Each of the included dildos have their own special place depending on what you want from any particular session.

The two dials control the vibration as well as the rotation settings of the toy, it isn't just vibrations we're dealing with here. The rotation can bet set anywhere from 0-120 rpm while the vibration rate goes from 0-6500 rpm.

All I can say after using it is that there's a reason this toy has been culturally relevant for over two decades, I've used it alone and as an adjunct with my husband so he can take a little break to last longer. Smoothly changing the dials while there's a few inches of toy inside of me has become an art form for me.

#3 - The Cowgirl Premium Riding Sex Machine

If you have a burning desire to ride but no steeds in your stable, the Cowgirl will be your best friend when it comes to getting over the finish line.

It comes with two interchangeable silicone attachments, one that's a full dildo with the other is more a nub for external stimulation. The vibrations can go up to 1200 RPM and can be controlled either with the wired remote control or even through your phone with their app! 

It has a bit more variety than the Sybian in that there are six different vibration patterns, so it isn't just a matter of choosing vibration intensity, but also a matter of choosing vibration style. It has quite a lot of power at the maximum setting, try to work your way up to a higher speed instead of going for the gold right out of the gate.

There are different rods that can be placed inside the dildos for differing levels of sensation, so it goes do a good job at trying to please as many people as possible without doing a poor job with any.

If you're worried the Sybian might be a bust for you if you don't get into how it works, the Cowgirl is a good choice specifically because of how much the extra bells and whistles make for a wide range of possible experiences.

The Best Thrusting Sex Machines

#1 - The Hismith Premium Sex Machine

The Hismith sex machine is the absolute be-all-end-all sex machine out there, period. As far as making a fully functional and insanely personalized sex robot is concerned, the Hismith has hit every single expectation of mine and more. In addition to all of that, it's middle of the road in price, there are much cheaper but there are also much more expensive options.

It even comes with a wonderfully sized 8 inch dildo, but any vac-u-lock dildo is compatible out of the box while suction cup dildos can be used with the purchase of a special adapter. The motor is of extremely high power, it has a 100 watt mute turbine motor with enough torque to have the rhythm and power reminiscent of sex.

The real engineering genius here is in how easy it is to angle and re-position. The main body of the machine is the black part and either end on the metal poles can be moved up or down to change the overall angle of the dildo being thrusted. The huge range in angle is represented easily without any change in functioning or structural stability. Just about any sex position you'd like can be accomplished with this Hismith machine and a little bit of tinkering.

The rods aren't hollow, they're full chrome plated steel rods for maximum stability while in use. Overall I found that assembly wasn't a whole lot of work as I had mine completely built within 20 minutes or so.

The powerful motor allows for up to 240 strokes per minute or 4 strokes per second, while the stroke length itself can be as little as 1 inch or as much as a full six inches.

Surprisingly, it is awfully quiet, coming in at 40dB, no louder than a refrigerator or a gentle running stream. That's because of the mute turbine motor that absorbs most of the noise.

When I bought mine shipping was prompt on top of the fact that it arrived in an extremely discreet box that had no revealing information about what was inside.

Besides the semi-open design that you should avoid getting hair or body parts stuck in, I can't really think of something bad to say about this machine. Hismith clearly thought out everything they could before bringing this to market, and boy, it shows.

#2 - The Hismith Supermatic Sex Machine

I have a tender spot for Hismith machines, in more ways than one. Besides their fully sized sex machines they have a lot of smaller and less expensive options that are still at the top of their class overall. If you want a sex machine that's compact but powerful, the Hismith Supermatic has a lot going on underneath the hood to make it worthwhile.

A 7'' dildo with a diameter of 1.4'' is included with this toy so you can get to enjoying it pretty much straight out of the box. It is fastened into place with four suction cups on each corner, the cups attach well to things like wood or tiles so long as you aren't attaching them to any part where the surface is uneven.

Much like their bigger machine there's up to 240 strokes per minute (4 per second) except on this machine the potential stroke length is smaller due to the smaller size of the machine. The machine moves back and forth with a maximum range of about 2.5'', so a little bit of riding and adjustments on your part will be necessary to get that balls-deep feeling.

The angle can be adjusted anywhere from 0-90 degrees, so missionary, doggy, and even cowgirl are all pretty straightforwardly accomplished with the Supermatic. It also looks pretty classy in person, as far as sex machines are concerned.

For such a small and inexpensive toy the performance is absolutely unmatched, I really wasn't expecting a sex machine to be able to leave me sweaty and drained the way it did, if I was still in my old apartment I would have gotten lots of angry knocks on the door to stop having loud, rambunctious sex complete with almost banshee-like moans.

#3 - Hismith Pro Traveller

If you're interested in a sex machine which has been designed to be portable enough for travel, listen up.

The folks at Hismith have done it again with the Pro Traveller.

This product features a remote control which makes controlling the sex toy ludicrously easy. It has a high power motor which has been specifically designed to be very quiet. In fact, I'd say it's a close contender for the quietest sex machine I've used.

The angle is completely adjustable allowing for intense pin-point stimulation, throw that in with the remote for on-the-fly speed corrections and you have a recipe for a memorable evening with your favorite dildo.

The suction cup is very sturdy and sticks to most surfaces. It's so sturdy in-fact that you might need to use some force to remove it once you've stuck it in place. Also, the patented KlicLok system makes assembly and disassembly super easy.

This toy has 3 different speed patterns along with 8 different thrust patterns, allowing for a totally customizable experience. It's definitely one of the more popular sex machines, likely due to the price and also the hundreds of positive user reviews.

#4 - The Fuck Machine 3.0

This is a toy made by Forttroff, a manufacturer that specializes explicitly in gay sex machines. However, there's nothing stopping anyone of any gender from making use of any sex machine, it isn't like you need to supply a DNA sample before the thing turns on.

This option is the perfect middle of the two Hismith machines posted above. It's not as big as a full-sized machine, nor is it hampered by being too small. The stand that comes with it is also more significant than the stand on the Supermatic, so people who would like to fiddle around less to get the perfect angle of penetration should be delighted by this machine.

It can trust up to 210 times a minute (or 3.5 times a second) with a stroke range between 1''-5''. It is secured to whatever surface you'd like with the use of four suction cups attached to the main body.

What makes the Fuck Machine so nice is that there are two points of customization. Firstly, the angle of the toy can be easily changed within a 90 degree range, and secondly the height itself of the toy can be changed to better suit your living space.

So, that means everything is possible thanks to this toy and there's lots to look forward to, each of the settings provides a different sexual experience, so whether you'd like to get loved tenderly or pounded into oblivion, the Fuck Machine 3.0 has what you need.

The Best Handheld Sex Machines

#1 - The Velvet Thruster

My absolute favorite thrusting dildo is the Velvet Thruster. This handheld sex toy is extremely satisfying. It gets the job done for me, every time.

We're dealing with a thrusting dildo that's 11'' long with 6.5'' of that being insertable, all capped off with a diameter of 1.5'' at the widest point.

That accordion-like structure at the bottom is what is responsible for the moving action. There's a full three inches of penetration at a maximum rate of 140 strokes per minute or 2.3 strokes per second if that illustrates the speed better for you.

There are ten adjustable speeds, so assuming each setting goes up by the same amount you can enjoy barely any thrusting to the more inspired thrusts of the higher settings.

The silicone is firm yet somewhat squishy at the end for a realistic penis-like feel and I honestly really enjoy how it moves a lot. It's a straight shot back and forth for a thrusting dildo that performs exactly as advertised.

The shaft can be slightly bent as well, something I got all too acquainted with after I learned I could have this thruster hitting my g-spot like clockwork.

It's rechargeable as well with up to an hour of use time and is even completely waterproof! Yes, that means the Velvet Thruster need not be a stranger to shower time.

#2 - The Stronic Surf

If you want something with a bit more mobility and control, a handheld sex machine like the Stronic Surf is the way to go.

Fully constructed from body-safe silicone, this rechargeable vibrator will go for about an hour on a single charge.

It's a 8'' long vibrator with 5.6'' of insertable space and a diameter of 1.85'', so nobody is laughing the Surf out of the room for being too small, that's for sure. The Stronic line of thrusting dildos work to pull the toy backwards and forwards instead of the simple vibration typical of most toys. No force is required from you to take advantage of each thrust, either. If you turned it on and left it on a table it probably wouldn't be where you left it by the time you came back.

There are 7 different speeds for each of the 3 different rhythms, it is far from a one trick pony which I'm thankful for. I was worried all handheld fucking machines would be poor imitations of the bigger ones, but these are different toys in the same class meant to be used a little differently than the full sized machines.

Whether you use it alone or with a partner, the bumps and ridges of the outer shaft slide fantastically through the vagina for a kind of sensation I never thought possible from a vibrator.

#3 - The Hismith Handheld

My love affair with the Hismith company grew ever stronger after I figured out they also have handheld options.

The Hismith Handheld is actually one of the cheapest actually worthwhile options for sex machines in general, so I absolutely couldn't pass up the opportunity to try it out.

The smooth silicone shaft that measures 10.5'' long with a diameter of 1.4'', it is a dildo that has a lot more going for it than its low price would suggest.

There are ten different vibration modes and three different speed settings. The fastest setting is just a pinch over one stroke per second, so it isn't necessarily the fastest gun in the West, but it still works great.

The total stroke length is 1.8'', while that isn't necessarily far the smoothness of the toy makes it really easy to add in a little bit of thrusting effort yourself to make up for whatever the toy can't do for you. The tip has a bit of give as well that makes it nice for g-spot hunting.

A 2 hour charge will result in about a full hour of play, although since lithium batteries don't have the dreaded memory effect there's nothing stopping you from proactively charging after a session to keep the good times rolling.

For the price, you can't go wrong. Even if it was closer to $100 dollars, it would still have made this list for all of the amazing features it has going for it.

How Do Sex Machines Work?

Since these can be a bit of an investment there are a few things you should know about what you want before taking the plunge:

Setting Up Your Sex Machine

Depending on what type of machine you settle on you need to make sure that you search out a toy that's within your skill level when it comes to assembly. There are DIY style machines that allow for a lot more possibilities but these often comes with the caveat of needing some technical skill.

If you just want something you can whip together with some Allen keys in under half an hour, that's completely doable so long as you make the right choices when shopping. Any toy will clearly state the set up burden before you buy it so just make sure to read carefully before checking out.

Discretion/Size Considerations

Perhaps the biggest attribute worth figuring out is whether or not you have enough space to keep your new sex toy. There are smaller toys that can fit on a table can easily be stored hidden away in a closet when not in use all the way up to large piston based machines that require enough space to gyrate around without causing any damage to your home.

Besides the actual amount of space it takes up while in use, being able to make sure that you can store the item when you aren't giving it the old college try is equally as important. Sure, you can disassemble most of these toys to be more compact for storage, but it's most ideal when you can just fold it up a little bit and tuck it away. So it's for this reason that I recommend looking for a machine with the right mixture of power on top of compactness so you have an easy experience each and every time.

Motor & Movement Style

The next thing to look out for is whether or not the sex machine can move the way you'd like it to. Something that can be moved into a multitude of different sex positions is the most desirable although you will have to contend with space issues the more versatile a machine you choose.

Looking into the power behind the sex machine in question is an absolute necessity since you won't always be able to make up for lackluster strength by playing with what kind of sex toy you attach.

If it's a thrusting sex machine you're looking at you should absolutely try to find videos of the machine at work to make sure it has the speed and range of motion that you're looking for. You wouldn't want to order one of these just to find out it only moves the tiniest amount at a glacial pace.

Added Sex Machine Features

Getting a sex machine that has the ability to swap out the attachment in use and also custom tailor the settings is an extremely important aspect of the shopping process. When looking at a machine meant for dildos to be attached you should look at how the sex toy sits on the machine on top of whether or not your current collection of toys will be compatible.

Many machines go the route of being Vac-U-Lock compatible which should allow just about any dildo to be hooked up with a little bit of extra work.

Other times it might be a matter of something like being able to control the toy remotely so you can either have a partner decide your speed or just be able to comfortably adjust the settings on your sex machine as you use it.

It can also be a matter of finding something that is compatible for both men and women if you're shopping for two. A large portion of machines are explicitly gendered however if you keep a watchful eye out you can easily get something that can be converted into a source of pleasure for just about anyone.


So there you have it, the grace involved with these toys means that these are sex machines that can walk between rain drops come rain, blizzard, or gale. Depending on how you are and what you're looking for, certain types of sex machines will appeal to you more.

The thrusting sex machines are great for someone looking for that sensation of pounding sex, the in-and-out carnal pleasure of a product designed for fucking and fucking only. There's enough range of motion and different settings to allow for nearly all positions, with the only real downside being the pricey nature of these toys. A sex machine is mainly enjoyed by someone solo but it isn't uncommon for people to use them in a way that gives them the feeling of a threesome without having to bring someone else into their private life.

A handheld machine is best for solo as well as coupled use, since the person holding it can indirectly take credit for all of the fun being delivered. They can be used to keep the tension and flow of sex high while the risk of ejaculation goes down a little bit, ultimately leading to a lot more time in the bedroom, a lot more intimacy, and of course, a lot more orgasms.

The vibrating saddle sex toys are best for women who want a girl-on-top type of sensation. A lot more focus is placed on the clitoris with these toys so if you absolutely need clitoral stimulation to get off, a vibrating machine is the way to go.

No matter what your tastes, I hope you've found something on this list for you. If you have any questions whatsoever about sex machines in general or the particular toys on this list, or even things such as my experience with shipping times, don't hesitate to leave a comment below!

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